Altering Fatty Acid Availability Does Not Impair Running To Fatigue


Nov 7, 2012
Altering fatty acid availability does not impair prolonged, continuous running to fatigue: evidence for carbohydrate dependence.

"Blunting the exercise-induced increase in FFA via [nicotinic acid] ingestion did not impair intense running capacity lasting ∼85 min, nor did it alter patterns of substrate oxidation in competitive athletes. Although there was a small but obligatory use of fat-based fuels, the oxidation of CHO-based fuels predominates during half-marathon running."


Jun 20, 2015
Nice find.

From an article about the study:
"Competitive runners should focus on dietary strategies that will increase carbohydrate availability before and during competition to optimize race performance in events lasting up to 90 minutes in duration," according to Leckey.
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