Ahoy Mateys!


Mar 20, 2013
...Because I tried typing "Hello Everyone," but it said it was too common, and pirates aren't very common these days.

What's your age and gender?

24 year old male.

How did you find the forum?

Googled "Ray Peat forum." Lo and behold...!

How did you find Ray Peat's work?

Through Matt Stone's 180 Degree Health blog. I was doing low carb for a while, ate a *ton* of almonds and cashews on a regular basis, was intermittent fasting and exercising very, very heavily (lots of sprinting), and I ran into problems with that within a year. I blew my knees out somehow too. I believe it was from doing a lot of Hindu squats - now that I know better I only do heels-down squats, and moreover, since I injured my knees I've had a severely reduced capacity to squat any other way. I just remember getting up one morning and my knees felt like they were painfully frozen solid and locked up, and it took several months for the pain to start to go away.

I found 180 Degree Health, I think through Mark's Daily Apple, which I was a fan of at the time. I saw people talking about it on the forum and I think I just started reading 180, and somehow it clicked with me and I started following it, and started to understand how over-exercising and under-eating had seriously damaged me.

Matt would talk about Ray Peat a fair amount but it wasn't until recently that he really seemed to accept more of his ideas, and at that point I decided to buy Danny Roddy's book "The Peat Whisperer," and that's when I got serious about it.

How long have you been Peating?

1 year.

What is your favorite part about Peating?

That it works for me :) I also like how comprehensive and cohesive his approach is, and that they're presented in such a clear way that it makes doing independent research a lot easier.

What is the worst part?

Only having this community for support. I already had a lot of my own ideas about health that are in serious conflict with mainstream society, and the couple people I found to talk to about health and nutrition are no longer in contact with me. My family and my friends have no interest in health or nutrition. I feel very estranged most of the time.

What are your health issues?

This ties into me feeling very estranged most of the time, actually. I have a long history of major depression, severe anxiety, self-mutilation, forced hospitalizations, prescriptions for psychiatric drugs (e.g. Zyprexa, Lexapro, Buspar), being suicidal, and dealing with very long periods of extreme social and emotional isolation.

I was anorexic for a while and dropped down to 118 pounds (I'm 5'11"). I don't remember much of anything in chronological order these days, so I don't know what year that was in or how long it all lasted. I do remember when I started out with Matt's work at 180, it took me a *long* time to be able to eat normal amounts of food. For a long time I was actually choking on my food regularly because I would swallow and then it would just be like my throat would turn off. It was bizarre and also very scary because every time I sat down to eat I had to focus all my energy on swallowing properly and fully to avoid getting food stuck in my throat.

As a side note, I did find the work of Dr. Mew very helpful. He talked about proper oral posture and proper swallowing and learning about both of those and putting them into daily practice went a long way with helping me recover, in addition to forcing myself to eat as much food as I could stand (for a long time the idea of eating 2,000 calories in a day seemed physically impossible to me).

I might've been anorexic at other points in my life, but I don't remember exactly. I think a lot of times it was accidental, too -- like just having nothing to eat and feeling too tired to go out and get anything, and not knowing what to eat either. I do know that after I dropped out of college and before I was back in the mental hospital for being suicidal I was spending most of my days completely isolated and lying on the floor doing absolutely nothing and having panic attacks and things like that and I literally felt like I was living in hell. Although I did manage to record an album called Synergy that you can find and download for free at md101089.bandcamp.com! :) An album which to this day I actually still feel proud of, although I've gotten better since then and would like to eventually get back into writing and recording stuff...and with better equipment.

I've been working in a retail warehouse for a few years now and especially since last year when I started "Peating," things have been getting better. I'm up to 178 pounds, feeling much less anxious and a lot more stable, and I'm taking small and slow steps to try to get a career going with guitar repairs and building and selling parts for guitars.

I've also been working on quitting porn and taking a long-term break from masturbation, inspired by yourbrainonporn.com and the book Cupid's Poisoned Arrow by Marnia Robinson. I think following Ray Peat's work has indirectly helped me a lot with this. Balancing out my mood with diet and supplements has been going very well and has been a tremendous help in easing the feelings of loneliness/pain from social isolation. It gives me a sense of purpose and I'm also very passionate about nutrition and have been since I was 15 and started doing research on it when I first became skeptical of the medications I was being given.

Why aren't you staying on topic?

See the answer to: "What are your health issues?" XD

Seriously though, being scatterbrained and anxious is one of my biggest health problems that I'm aware of, in addition to feeling tired and worn out and lethargic most of the time. The anxiety has gotten better, but I'm still experimenting and seeing what else I can do to help level it out. I've found a lot of things that've helped, though, such as epsom salt baths, low blue-spectrum lights/blue-blocking glasses at night, bright light therapy during the day, getting plenty of salt to balance out my fluid intake, etc.

I just wish more people who are suffering through the things I've suffered through could know about these things. Peat's work might be called diving down a rabbit hole, but to me the real rabbit hole is modern psychiatric treatment. To me Peat's work has been more like finding an oasis in the desert.

Dan Wich

Jan 22, 2013
Welcome aboard, Jib!

It's funny, I think I also became aware of Matt Stone from marksdailyapple. To think that he got so many readers from a pretty anti-carb site.
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