Afternoon Exhaustion

Discussion in 'Messtafarian' started by messtafarian, Aug 5, 2014.

  1. johnwester130

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    Aug 6, 2015
    Sometimes it sounds like a lower metabolism is a good thing, get by on less.
  2. SQu

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    Jan 3, 2014
    For myself I think it would be dangerous to go back down to lower metabolism as I feel much better for the limited improvements so far.

    The problem seems to be getting the body to actually use the sugars the diet provides. MCT oil is said to do this and I have been experimenting with it. Cautiously, because I expected, and got, some digestive irritation from it. However, knowing that fats seem to be important in my case it was worth trying MCT.

    (Clues: l do badly on low fat ie less than 20-30g a day; and I need an egg or two and a little butter daily or I get hit with big cravings for cream; and I have a history of chronic fatigue, for which haidut posted studies on the usefulness of sat fat)

    The MCT is helping afternoon and evening energy. I usually take a teaspoon after breakfast and lunch, but not after supper to protect against sleep disruption from gut irritation.

    I'm happy to be getting better afternoon energy, because my approach is to get improvements where I can and so put more puzzle pieces together, rather than keep running into brick walls on the major things. For example, I can't budge stomach fat, every effort rebounds on me. But if I can have better energy during the day I improve quality of life, have more energy for some gentle exercise, gain a bit more muscle, get some improvements in strength, stamina and body composition. Gradually my situation has improved but it's taken years and there's a long way to go still.

    But I would not try MCT oil if I knew my gut was very inflamed, and I take gelatin twice a day, and the other things I know help my digestion, which are coffee, taurine and cascara. And I watch for signs of inflammation generally, and use progesterone and aspirin.

    I no longer drink coconut water, it no longer appeals to me and so I think I'm getting enough potassium and manganese from other things like fruit and tea.