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Oct 10, 2013
Hi all

I am contemplating the diet for my son Sebastian 3.5, which in itself will be downright difficult to do for him. Now I am fine with the foods suggested however I don't want to give up bacon :) (does this include pastured forest dwelling pigs?) I stopped being a veggie, salad, and nut person a LONG time ago I am assuming when I became really hypothyroid. I will really miss our Weston price farm order ice cream made with raw milk, raw cream, egg yolks, stevia, and maple syrup. Our store bought popcorn is cooked in salt and coco oil but I think that will come later on. Overall giving up the grains will be the biggest struggle really for my son. I have decided to keep the white fermented sourdough bread in because I believe he will lose weight if his options are rice tortillas and then eventually potatoes too. He needs to gain weight and has low muscle tone right now.

I am just getting a hold of the ideas. I am COMPLETELY confused about Peat's food ratios and what to eat with what. This is one of the most complex diets I have seen.

So I am still eating some old foods till I get a jist of it and some recipes. There's nothing worse than not knowing what the heck to eat when your next meal comes up. With a 3 yr old I have to stay on meals because I know like a lot of you id love to snack on coffee, cheese, ice cream all day but he won't do that. He is also very cane sugar sensitive so we are sticking with honey.

This morning I ate:

2-3 organic peanut butter cups upon waking (ok I know no nuts and soy leichtin) but my temps were fine after

Danish rice pudding (white rice, grass fed cream, sherry, cane sugar, van extract, gelatin)

a large coffee with a ton of sugar and raw milk

grass fed raw cheddar and a few grapes

some orange juice with a drop of D3

(as you can see im a grazer)

by lunch time I felt rushed to get my son down for his nap so we ate an applegate hot dog - his on white sourdough bread with Annie's organic ketchup (a few dots), and mine on some crappy Udi's white hot dog roll with ketchup

The drop in my temperature was astounding. By the time we made it upstairs to lay him down my hands were so cold they were slightly burning. What caused this? I'd like to know so I can avoid this for the future. His hands seemed semi cold but warm as he laid there for the story and when he drifted off his hands were very warm.

Im sitting here with a blanket for my hands


Nov 1, 2012
"But hypoglycemia also tends to decrease the conversion of T4 to T3, so heat production often decreases when a person is hungry. First, their fingers, toes, and nose will get cold, because adrenalin, or adrenergic sympathetic nervous activity, will increase to keep the brain and heart at a normal temperature, by reducing circulation to the skin and extremities. Despite the temperature-regulating effect of adrenalin, the reduced heat production resulting from decreased T3 will make a person susceptible to hypothermia if the environment is cool."

Obviously you weren't hungry, but maybe you needed sugar with the protein. The bread is a carbohydrate, maybe not enough? The protein in an egg is known to cause hypoglycemia. Some need large amount of orange juice to prevent hypoglycemia. This might not be reason for your cold hands but it is the only reference in Ray Peat's articles I could find similar to your experience.


Nov 1, 2012
"2-3 organic peanut butter cups upon waking (ok I know no nuts and soy leichtin) but my temps were fine after"

"A few years after the first experiments, Burr put one of his “essential fatty acid deficient” rats under a bell jar to measure its metabolic rate, and found that the deficient animals were metabolizing 50% faster than rats that were given linoleic and linolenic acids as part of their diet. That was an important observation, but Burr didn't understand its implications. Later, many experiments showed that the polyunsaturated fats slowed metabolism by profoundly interfering with the function of the thyroid hormone and the cellular respiratory apparatus. Without the toxic fats, respiratory energy metabolism was very intense, and a diet that was nutritionally sufficient for a sluggish animal wouldn't necessarily be adequate for the vigorous animals."

Maybe eat some coconut oil with the peanut butter.

"It's the stored PUFA, released by stress or hunger, that slow metabolism. Niacinamide helps to lower free fatty acids, and good nutrition will allow the liver to slowly detoxify the PUFA, if it isn't being flooded with large amounts of them. A small amount of coconut oil with each meal will increase the ability to oxidize fat, by momentarily stopping the antithyroid effect of the PUFA. Aspirin is another thing that reduces the stress-related increase of free fatty acids, stimulating metabolism. Taking a thyroid supplement is reasonable until the ratio of saturated fats to PUFA is about 2 to 1."


Nov 21, 2012
A Peat inspired Health practitioner once told me,that grains can cause temps to drop especially in persons with low metabolism.


Nov 1, 2012
Dutchie said:
A Peat inspired Health practitioner once told me,that grains can cause temps to drop especially in persons with low metabolism.

This is more likely the reason than what I quoted above.

I had great temperatures from eating chili dogs on white buns several months ago but I had been working on my metabolism for quite some time.
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