Acid Reflux/Possible Hiatal Hernia

Feb 3, 2021
I am 29 and have been suffering from acid reflux like symptoms for several years now. My issues started from what I think was incorrect breathing, constantly tightening my abs and poor posture (something I’ve been dealing with my whole life). I’ve been trying to incorporate more Peaty foods in my diet to improve thyroid function, but many of these foods causes issues for me (coffee and OJ) as my acid reflux seems to worsen. Should I continue trying to consume these things or back off since they aren’t agreeing with me at the moment? Any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated, kinda struggling on where to go at the moment with my dietary approach


Nov 23, 2020
Have you tied a bit of sodium bicarbonate and see how you feel after it? I mean you use OJ and already have high acidity you could try it in various doses.


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Feb 3, 2021
Have you tied a bit of sodium bicarbonate and see how you feel after it? I mean you use OJ and already have high acidity you could try it in various doses.
Should I focus more on acid reduction in the diet or overall support of the thyroid? Hard to know the right approach


Nov 23, 2020
I was just asking if you maybe have tried it and how have you feel after, after all it is no big deal to try a couple of times a bit of sodium bicarbonate.
If you really have high acid reflux this can help instantly, unless you have already irritated greatly the area above the stomach.
You could at least try to reduce your acid consumption to see if it really related to that.
There is no focus regarding sodium bicarbonate to simplify.
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