about glycated end products, starch


Jan 22, 2013

a short but relatively informative video about glycated end products, starch, and cell signaling / waste removal I stumbled upon...probably nothing new to most of you
but I'm still researching the round about

I guess its not too Peatish, but it really seems to simplify that sugar, starch, protein...not an issue if the person is well fortified, and that glutathione removing
glycated end products is what tells the cell its ok to take in more energy and utilize it...so the lack of nutrition and cell signaling could be behind insulin resistance...or denial of cells to take in more energy...the main culprits probably being electrolyte minerals, b vitamins, and glutathione derived from proteins. The main point I found interesting...which I sort of intuitively felt, and Jenn seems to really encourage people to do, is to chew starch well in the mouth, because it really takes a burden off the gut and whole hormone regulating system by telling your body what's coming in and how much

people sometimes think its strange that I swish even a plain tea, or coffee around in my mouth before swallowing...but it makes sense to me, a pre signal to the body as to what's about to go down the hatch...in chemical speak

perhaps rushed eating and not having a grasp of what the food contains is throwing off people's signaling systems? (coupled likely with not enough nutrition)


Jun 12, 2013
Thanks for posting this. I just saw it. I don't know how much CM and RP align but I did notice CM talks about how it's natural for humans to consume glucose, and that it's not AGEs from sugar that are the problem.

I have had experience with insulin resistance, so the rest of his talk was interesting as well. I think my problems stem from some kind of malabsorption of some vitamins and minerals, at least taken in the regular quantities from foods. Maintaining good glutathione status seems like one of the big keys, and I see how the lists we've come to know of certain food and supplements from RP's work is important for this.

I've been reading more on pyroluria. I don't know if that's what I have, but I do know when supplementing B6, I really saw improvement in symptoms that have been plaguing me.

This all seems connected to me and I'd have never figured out the connections between things, I doubt, without having found Ray Peat. Thyroid and estrogen, big deals yes, but almost like it comes down to a genetic defect to absorb and utilize certain nutrients, or some kind of disturbance from within the womb or environment growing up.
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