A Warning On Mewing

Oct 8, 2016
Colorado, USA
In most mewing instructions, people talk about where to place the front of the tongue. I think this is harmful.

The tip of the tongue will naturally find a comfortable spot if the back of the tongue is in the right spot. By providing instructions on the tip of the tongue, (unnecessary) focus is placed on the tip of the tongue -- to the detriment of focus elsewhere in places that matter. Most people, when first hearing about these ideas, think their tongue posture is already perfect because one part of their tongue is touching the palate. Of course, they have a downswung face so they're utterly mistaken as to what they are actually doing with their tongue.

In fact, I don't think any force from the front tip of the tongue is necessary to form a good face. It's all directed from what the tongue does in the back. When "mewing", nobody is placing any force on the bottom portion of the mouth, yet the bottom portion develops harmoniously with the top portion. Likewise, no force is necessary to form the front in harmony with the back.


Oct 11, 2016
Did you focus on the front teeth too much? The tongue is supposed to put pressure on all of the teeth (teeth at the back and middle, fully touching all) and pressure on the hard palate.

I don't think it is necessary that the tongue presses on the front teeth. There is biodiversity here, but the requirement is that the tongue is *resting* on the roof behind the front teeth - whether it is just the tip or more of the tongue.

If you're actually trying to reshape the palate, then having the tongue in the right place will slowly do it over many years - but not completely. The only nice way to do it quicker is rolfing - yes they cna rolf your upper palate.


Oct 6, 2020
It does nothing past puberty.
Thats like saying you can't grow muscles after puberty ...

Puberty is just the best time to fix this as you are in a constant growing and adaption phase, that's what i can agree with.

The question is why are teeth and jaws messed up in their position in the first place?

Straightening my teeth in the last two years with braces led to insane pain, cracking in my jaw joint, numbness, temporary hering loss, chronicly tightened neck and trap muscles and its also when my tinnitus started.
Now they are out and my teeth are moving like crazy but my shoulder mobility, jaw joint issues etc. improved massively (probably because they are going back to their "messed up" but "balanced" position)
A friend of mine had braces too and he never had my issues at all and his teeth stay perfectly straight.

Based of my experience i'd say posture work from the base (feet) to the top (head) and adequate nutrition (vit d, k, magensium/calcium) are important facors for proper developement/changes in our structure.

I just don't believe that like 80-90% of the population has broken genetics that cause displaced/missdeveloped teeth/jaws. My orthodontist tryed to pull that argument ... i swear ... if my eyes couldve rolled any further behind he would've called the church for an excorcism.
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