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A Timeline of “The Great Reset” Agenda


Sep 24, 2016
Food and energy costs soaring for the hitherto relatively secure middle class means making it defunct as a Sociopolitical factor. Taking away food, energy and money as a form of stored energy - every Peater knows what that means for an organisms perspectives.

Social scoring will soon be introduced everywhere. Slowly, creepingly, steadily. Some day, you will get scores for voting the right parties and people (and vice versa) and 75% of the People won’t realize any longer what that really means in terms of democracy and liberty.

It’s always and every time again breathtaking to see how perfidious they are. Take the EU regulations against big US tech now.

For years people - among them many a leftist liberal - have (rightly) criticized the unregulated power big tech and social media wielded, fearing and unhealthy and unduly influence on liberty, rule of law etc

Now this issue got twisted and perverted into such a narrative that big government (in league with big tech from the get go) finally „regulates“ the platforms and sell it as a success for rule of law and democracy.

While in reality they now give the platforms the legal pretext and foundation to censor and influence in their tried and tested woke-authoritarian manner, fortifying big government.

Many a leftist is so deranged they celebrate this „success“

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