A Non-micelized Oil Based Vitamin A Recommendation?


Jun 18, 2013
I see vitamin A is not so popular like vitamin D ,there are fewer products available and not so many reviews under them, I could not count even 5 different brands of it. Vitamin A seems to be forgotten.
I see they sell some vitamin A (Now and Natures Way) bottles for like 3 or 4 dollars on iherb, thats very cheap, it makes you wonder? Its probaly a byproduct from cod liver oil destillation.
Has anybody tried those or do you have any other non micelized vitamin A to recomend? Someone said he had allergic reaction to Carslon and I did found some people complaining in the iherb reviews.


Re: A non micelized vitamin A recommendation?

My next one to try is Dr. Clark's Vitamin A drops.

I tried 3 non-micellized and they all gave me allergic reactions: Carlson synthetic and natural, and Country Life natural.

Dan Wich

Jan 22, 2013
When I was experimenting with vitamin A, I finally decided on NOW brand because of the high concentration and the halibut liver source. I think there have been different batches because of the bottles I received actually using different fish, but I had no issues with it, other than wondering if the vitamin A content was overestimated.

That said, I've become very cautious about taking tons of vitamin A based on Lucy's experience (and her subsequent research). She had long-term bad health issues that started after high-dose vitamin A, and thinks such reactions might not be uncommon.
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