A New Study Examining The Heavy Metal Content Of Bone Broth


May 26, 2018
For lead, the overall mean dose for commercial broths was 1.73 μg, based on a mean 500 g serving size. This was compatible with a lead level of 7.01 μg/l found in the broth that had been made from chicken bone. Unfortunately, the method by which the chicken-bone broth was prepared in that study was not described [5].

Hsu, Der-Jen et al. “Essential and toxic metals in animal bone brothsFood & nutrition research vol. 61,1 1347478. 18 Jul. 2017, doi:10.1080/16546628.2017.1347478


Oct 5, 2014
Basically I consider anything that comes from taiwan or china as potentially poisonous. Not only food, even kitchen cookware is full of poisonous chemicals. Not worth even looking at the study because they claim they brought the bovine bones from australia but god knows in which pots they prepared the broth. Sorry Logan it is nothing personal, keep it in mind.

These kind of things only lead to more orthorexia.
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