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A New Day, A New Start

  1. I wanted to make a new blog so I don't have to muddle through all the pages I wrote when I started here at the RPF. A lot that I wrote about back then, doesn't apply to my life anymore. I've worked on myself as a person, as a Christian, and as a woman. But as far as I'd like to think I've come, there's a long way to go. So here is a mile-marker of where I am and what I'm doing these days.

    Diet: I am open to many foods. I get about 2100 calories a day from several glasses of skim milk, as well as vegetables and root veggies, salted white rice, mushrooms, liver, fruits, orange juice, sodas, and my favorite: fruit slice candy. Not to mention fat-free cheese and yogurt.

    The supplements I take: K2, biotin, copper, glycine, silica, and mixed tocopherols.

    Cosmetics and chemicals: I try not to use unhealthy things on my skin. I have a couple makeup tricks, like artist's charcoal for my eyes and coconut oil "chapstick". I use shampoo but want to make my own using less ingredients and incorporating collagen or glycine. Baking soda is a great deodorant and toothpaste.

    Other influences: Some tense family relationships but mostly things are pretty normal. Not in a relationship right now, my fiance and I broke up, am interested in dating again. I work full time retail, which means lots of blue light and WiFi fields, but that's about the least healthy part of my life. I listen to positive music and try to avoid degrading or offensive stuff.

    General health:
    My dental health could be better, and I have some cavities. Hopefully they will improve with my diet. Other than that, everything's good. I am at a healthy weight and I eat enough and have a pretty good memory.

    The most helpful things I have done for myself since starting the Ray Peat diet:

    Buying a car. The esteem boost and the independence of getting more foods and supplements when I need them, has been immeasurable. Starting silica: my skin is better, my mouth feels cleaner, and I feel that so much harmful stuff is being released from my body. Washing my hair and ending no-shampoo. There really is nothing that replaces feeling clean and attractive.

    I hope to see you guys around both in my updates and on your logs and new findings. I've learned so much from this community. Will be back soon to make updates.
  2. I'm excited about your new blog! Congratulations on all the positive changes.
  3. Thanks for your update and I'm glad life is going well. I agree that being able to drive is great - I had a DUI car crash and lost my driving privileges for a few months. It was psychologically torturous.

    I'm curious - how much silica do you take and why do you take glycine instead of something like a collagen hydrosylate supplement? Also, I'm taking a multi EOD that has 2mg copper (cupric oxide) with my 50mg zinc sulfate. I always think about copper in the context of balancing with zinc. Do you think this is enough copper?
  4. I see you've taken to the digital confession box, I can respect that...

    Nice to see you post again Liubo
  5. What things do you think could be improved upon? (I don't know your history at all). Sounds like you are doing well.
  6. Haha. Well I hope I don't sound too works-based, I know I reference my personal growth but I have to give the credit and the glory to God.

    It's nice to be back.
  7. :claporange:dancenanner:partydance
    That's beautiful.
  8. I'm not sure if you had seen what Peat had to say about silica, I think he said a person can get all the silicon they need from liver, eggs, etc I think same with copper and biotin. Have you checked out that supplement interview from awhile back, I thought it was really good;

    RAY PEAT: Well, the FDA recognized that problem 60 years ago. And the literature is full of published reactions to all of those gums Carrageenan and alginate from seaweed are probably the worst of them. Carrageenan is recognized to be carcinogenic to the intestine and liver and it produces information. It’s a standard lab method for producing arthritis or inflammation of any organ that they want to study, but the assumption, I guess, is that if it only irritates the intestine and causes cancer in the liver that is tolerable, but what they’re neglecting is that these particles or fibers, even much bigger than the molecules that have the gum function, particles of that size are fairly massively passed through the intestine. If you imagine that when a person is under stress, even bacteria and larger particles, up to size of a red blood cell or larger, can go right from the intestine into the bloodstream where then the immune system has direct interaction with them. And if the particle is big enough, it can stop the flow through a capillary or arterial. So small additives aren't going to stay entirely in the intestine. The particles of silicon dioxide, people say, ‘oh, that’s just harmless, sand-like material,’ but when it's produced by vaporization or precipitation, they might call it fumed silica or colloidal silica.
    JOHN BARKHAUSEN: What’s it used for?
    RAY PEAT: Almost everything. They can use it to create a viscous consistency in cosmetics and soaps and any food that needs a new texture. It’s almost all vitamins and drugs are now using that or something like it to make the powder flow nicely when they run it through the machine. And it’s basically a very finely powdered glass. With the powder, it’s much smaller than the particles of starch, for example, that can be preserved across into the bloodstream. And at a certain size, they very easily go from the blood into tissue cells. And at a certain size range, they are very able to cause sensitization, so that something like silicosis – even though it’s supposedly being amorphous rather than crystalline, supposedly they aren’t going to cause the silicosis -like reaction, the things that people get from the silicone implants and so on. But there is an actual immunological similarity and overlap when the particles are of a certain size. And there are various names for that, but silicon dioxide or silica is the basic description.
    JOHN BARKHAUSEN: Yeah. And so, that gets into your tissues and it causes...
    RAY PEAT: Chronic inflammation.
    RAY PEAT: Degenerative inflammatory changes such as lupus-like symptoms, scleroderma is probably the most common thing caused by the silica reaction.

    From Email Advice:

    "i asked dr peat about silicon" :

    Dr Peat said:
    "I recommend many foods containing considerable amounts of silicon, such as meats, liver, shell fish, bamboo shoots, and mushrooms, but there are many products on the market that contain silicon in forms that can be harmful."

    -Ray Peat Email Advice Depository

    "asked him about silicon's nutrition value for connective tissue health and he replied":

    "I don’t think silicon is safe, or has value as a nutrient".-RP

    -Ray Peat Email Advice Depository


    ANDREW MURRAY: How about graying hair? Most commonly you see that as a sign of aging but not necessarily so?
    RAY PEAT: Yeah, I have seen DHEA correct it pretty quickly. The enzyme that creates the melanin pigment uses copper as a catalyst. Probably the best food for increasing your copper, while decreasing your iron — which competes against the copper — is shellfish. Shrimp, clams, lobster, crab, squid — all of those have a high copper content, not an excess of iron.
    SARAH JOHANNESEN MURRAY: I think contrary to popular opinion about shellfish they’re actually lower on the food chain, so they’re lower in heavy metals and other contaminants than fish are. Just from a personal note since I started eating a serving of shellfish once a week three years ago, I haven’t noticed any new gray hairs starting — the same ones that had already started, unfortunately when I was 30, are still there, they haven’t reversed. I haven’t noticed it continuing to spread, so it does work, making sure you get your copper intake balanced. In the form of shellfish it’s quite balanced. RAY PEAT: Iron accumulates with aging. If a person is going to eat foods that are very high in iron, such as meat or liver, I think it’s helpful in the long run to have some coffee right at the same time you’re having meat so you don’t absorb all of the iron.
    ANDREW MURRAY: Yeah, iron is a quite damaging iron itself, isn’t it, it’s very pro- inflammatory and oxidative…
    RAY PEAT: Yeah, it attacks and interacts with the polyunsaturated fats, and it tends to increase your serotonin.
    SARAH JOHANNESEN MURRAY: Isn’t that, you’ve mentioned lipofuscin.
    RAY PEAT: Oh, yeah, it’s formed by the oxidation, chronically, of polyunsaturated fats interacting with iron and estrogen are the main…
    SARAH JOHANNESEN MURRAY: Just for our vegetarian listeners- -are there vegetables that are particularly high in copper? A vegetable source?
    RAY PEAT: None that I know of.
    SARAH JOHANNESEN MURRAY: What about eggs, do eggs have any copper in them?
    RAY PEAT: Not enough to count.
    SARAH JOHANNESEN MURRAY: What about seaweed, does it have any copper?
    RAY PEAT: Yeah but you would probably get a toxic amount of iodine.
    SARAH JOHANNESEN MURRAY: Lead and heavy metals and too much of that.
    RAY PEAT: Yeah, the seaweed is not very discriminatory.
    -Ray Peat

    RAY PEAT: Yeah. And taking a supplement of free metal – iron, zinc or copper in the form of a free metal – it can interact with nutrients in your digestive system and oxidize them. But iron is the worst one to take as a supplement.
    Ray Peat
  9. :goodpost
  10. I do remember watching that video, but unfortunately I just didn't get a feel for why he didn't think that copper supplements weren't safe? Anyway, the copper I take is usually bound to an amino acid...I highly value your warning, though, and actually I"m looking for more information on the safest ways to get more copper.

    I'd be taking liver except I can't get any good stuff right now.
  11. Yeah I know what you mean, bad liver sucks. I think he is saying that supplements of the metals can be dangerous and its safer to get them from food. It seems like shellfish and seafood might be a good source, I think mushrooms had decent amount o actually if you eat the amounts Peat recommends to some people.

    "HD: How about graying hair? Most commonly you see that as a sign of aging but not necessarily so?

    RP: Yeah, I have seen DHEA correct it pretty quickly. The enzyme that creates the melanin pigment uses copper as a catalyst. Probably the best food for increasing your copper, while decreasing your iron — which competes against the copper — is shellfish. Shrimp, clams, lobster, crab, squid — all of those have a high copper content, not an excess of iron.

    HD: I think contrary to popular opinion about shellfish they’re actually lower on the food chain, so they’re lower in heavy metals and other contaminants than fish are. Just from a personal note since I started eating a serving of shellfish once a week three years ago, I haven’t noticed any new gray hairs starting — the same ones that had already started, unfortunately when I was 30, are still there, they haven’t reversed. I haven’t noticed it continuing to spread, so it does work, making sure you get your copper intake balanced. In the form of shellfish it’s quite balanced.

    RP: Iron accumulates with aging. If a person is going to eat foods that are very high in iron, such as meat or liver, I think it’s helpful in the long run to have some coffee right at the same time you’re having meat so you don’t absorb all of the iron.

    HD: Yeah, iron is a quite damaging ion itself, isn’t it, it’s very pro-inflammatory and oxidative…

    RP: Yeah, it attacks and interacts with the polyunsaturated fats, and it tends to increase your serotonin.

    HD: Isn’t that, you’ve mentioned lipofuscin.

    RP: Oh, yeah, it’s formed by the oxidation, chronically, of polyunsaturated fats interacting with iron and estrogen are the main…

    HD: Just for our vegetarian listeners--are there vegetables that are particularly high in copper? A vegetable source?

    RP: None that I know of.

    HD: What about eggs, do eggs have any copper in them?

    RP: Not enough to count.

    HD: What about seaweed, does it have any copper?

    RP: Yeah but you would probably get a toxic amount of iodine.

    HD: Lead and heavy metals and too much of that.

    RP: Yeah, the seaweed is not very discriminatory.

    HD: On what metals it picks up?

    RP: Yeah."
    -KMUD: Hair Loss, Inflammation and Osteoporosis (2012)
  12. I really find the last part of this interview amusing.

    The interviewer is talking about vegetable copper, like..."well what about"...

    Ray Peat: NOPE. And nope again.

    I also have to say that veggies aren't a great source of copper without a pill, or liver, to supplement. And at some point I get sick of mushrooms.

    Actually meatbag, I followed advice I saw on RPF yesterday to soak the liver in lemon juice for a couple of hours before cooking, and then use adequate C.O. to fry with onions. You wouldn't believe what a difference it made! It actually tasted decent, and I 10 / 10 would it eat like this again.
  13. Recipe I want to try! -

    I'm going to call it Feijao rice.

    1 cup of short grain rice
    broth from a can of black beans
    2 tablespoon of salsa
    little bit of lettuce
    some low-fat cheese or sour cream
    1 tbsp of chicken or beef broth
    tsp of coconut oil
    an egg or egg white

    Cook rice, add your bean and meat broths and simmer. Fry your egg or egg white in coconut oil, then chop and stir into your rice. Add cheese or sour cream, salsa, and lettuce. Can't wait to try this!
  14. What experience do you members have with vitamin C deficiency?
    I don't love orange juice but I drink it sometimes. It has been my only real source of vitamin C for probably a year and a half now. I also just found out that its vitamin C content may be lower than I thought due to the processing. I think my ceruloplasmin or copper status is still low and I'm looking for answers, or confirmation that vitamin C is a cofactor I'm missing.
  15. Hi members.
    I'm switching from a B-complex I was taking that had niacin, to one with niacinamide. It's a little more expensive but the complex I took for a week (with niacin) made me feel so tired that I couldn't make decisions, didn't want to get out of bed etc. All else seems equal so the niacin seems likely culprit? Well, let's hope I have a little more energy this week.
  16. First day result from the niacinamide B-complex: I woke up with a headache again! :( I'm taking the supp in the early evening. Maybe should take it during the day so I can eat while it is in my system.
    Caffeine and glycine took the headache away thankfully. Also I don't feel as tired as yesterday after taking the B-complex with niacin.
    I also wonder if being dehydrated has something to do with my morning headaches. Just a hunch.
  17. My above post was about getting headaches, but I wanted to check in to say I haven't needed a sick day from work all year.
    (I called in a couple times, but not because I was sick.)
    I have had headaches, colds, sinus issues, and mild depression / depersonalized feelings at times. I've had fatigue and stomach aches. I pulled a shoulder muscle twice.
    But not once have I needed the whole day to recover.
    I should also add that the highest dose of painkiller I took this year, for any problem, was 2 tablets or 400mg of Ibuprofen.
    I have really been blessed.
  18. While I'm listing good results, whether from eating well, eating enough, or just growing up:
    I used to be really reductionist!! Wow! Looking back (on what I wrote, internet and personal) I keep thinking, chill out girlfriend! That was kind of a weird world to live in. Many things were archetypes of their real selves.
    Although I am not now, and probably wouldn't want to be, overly adjusted to the "real world", I think I handle and adapt to things better these days.

    Thanks for letting me rant and rave haha.

    ETA. The only other thing I can think of that happened to change my thinking is, I must have really cherished the person I lost / who lost me a few months ago.
    Looking back my feelings were fonder than I let myself realize. Relationship is gone now but...not without a good effect that feels like it stretched me, grows bigger even afterwards.

    "I wonder honestly what we did till we loved. Were we just kids til then?"
    john donne, not quite word for word.
  19. I've been meeting calorie needs much better the last week or two. Foods that have helped me: instant mashed potatoes, applesauce, pop, beer, rice Krispies, tomato soup. There are these great wasabi coconut chips at my grocery store too. These foods have been really convenient for mid-day, mid-work, mid-whatever snacks that don't take long to eat.
  20. Good temperatures,but no appetite!
    I've been very busy at work, and I feel good most of the time and sleep deeply! But a small plate of food fills me up :/
  21. Peaty antibiotics experience

    • This post may be a little TMI but I'll do my best.
    • This is my 2nd week or so taking natural antibiotics that I ordered online. I've been taking monolaurin and, more recently, apolactoferrin (iron-free lactoferrin.)
    • After just a few days of taking 1.5 - 2.5 grams of monolaurin I began to show oral thrush, which people can get after taking mainstream antibiotics also. I had sores in my mouth and a coated tongue that bled when I brushed it. The thrush went away after about a week.
    • I have just taken apolactoferrin twice in the last three days. I first took a 300 mg pill at night and noticed a headache and feeling exhausted for most of the next day. A lot like how I would feel taking a whole niacinamide pill the night before. I had a weird smell / feeling in my sinuses that still hasn't gone away - not really pleasant, kind of irritated. I almost want to say it feels like something got 'knocked loose' or disturbed. About what you'd expect from an antibiotic. After the 2nd 300 mg of apolactoferrin (I skipped a day with the apo, on purpose, because of the results I mentioned) I also notice effects on my hormones and my digestion. No headache this time.
    • Placebo effect is a real thing, however I feel that these natural antibiotics are having strong effects on the bacteria in my body and, pleasant or not, are changing things for the better! I will update more as I continue the monolaurin and apolactoferrin.
  22. Antibiotics experience update
    • I have been taking the monolaurin since the day before Thanksgiving, when it arrived. That means this is actually my 4th week with monolaurin instead of my 2nd week.
    • I have had a lot of fatigue recently, and attributed that to taking the antibiotics (among other factors. Who knows, could be job stress, or a hundred other things). But because I have pretty bad quality sleep and often get headaches on waking up, I have started to wonder if my home has some mold in it that's making me feel so run down. There's a lot of duct work near my bedroom so I'd like to check out this theory.
  23. Antibiotics, same day update

    I talked to someone who lives in the same house as me, he does not think that my fear of a mold problem has any basis. It seems there just isn't enough moisture to feed mold growth. I have had really stuffed-up sinuses, some headaches, and blood when blowing my nose sometimes; maybe it's just dry furnace air.
    I took a 3rd 300mg apolactoferrin pill tonight.
  24. I sleep in a carpeted basement and have a dog who sheds fur everywhere. The carpeted basement occasionally floods also.

    When I am healthy, my sinuses are completely clear and I nasal breathe easily, even while living in the above conditions.

    When I am unhealthy, I get congested very easily and react allergenically to everything, ocassasionally having to mouth breath *gasp*.

    I think it's best to avoid allergens, but in my experience, a healthy robust metabolism makes one much more resilient to them, to the point where they shouldn't severely impact quality of life.

    You made a post a while back about archetypes to real selves? Can you further elaborate/refer me to where I can read more about that? I've heard about archetypes but haven't really looked very deeply into it.
  25. Wow, so have you had mold problems in your sleeping area? The doggy allergens seem pretty common but I heard mold can be a health problem for just about anyone. Interesting to note your state of health on how allergies affect you.
    I haven't done much reading on that topic. It seems that I labeled people or things too simply or relied on one trait to identify someone. I did this for concepts too and assumed that viewpoints were at odds with each other. I'm still maturing of course.
  26. Maybe, but I’m not sure the degree to which it affects me. It could be one of those things where I’m constraining how much better my quality of life would be if I slept/lived in the cleanest of environments, but I also don’t feel like I suffer from general malaise or fatigue, and when I do, I’m always able to link it to the food I eat, which in my experience has always been the #1 largest influencer in my overall health.

    I’m of the opinion that it’s best to maximize our own internal resiliency by consuming good foods, managing stress, getting good sleep, receiving that amazing sunlight, etc, etc... because we increasingly live in a worse environment, and aside from becoming a misanthrope and moving to some mountain top to escape, the best I can do is build a robustly healthy and strong body.

    I think I’ll have to dig into some psychology and read Sigmund Frued and Carl Jung, especially because the latter is where I believe the archetype term comes from, and of course Frued influenced Jung, so that seems like a solid starting point. I tried reading Hegel the other day and the concepts and language he used were just way beyond me, so i hope it won’t be the same with those psychologists. With enough progression and dedication I’ll get to understanding those abstract philosophers though :)
  27. i have had similar experiences with animal and environmental allergies. T seems to be very much related to blood sugar for me. I’ve been able to knock out an allergy attack by eating spoonfulls of honey or drinking a coke.
  28. Antibiotics, week 5
    • I'm taking about 2 grams a day of monolaurin, and haven't had an apolactoferrin since my last post. The apo seems like a strong substance and I'm being careful. I might take one tonight.
    • I don't feel too different since starting the monolaurin but am not taking a high dose relatively. I'll keep taking it.
    I've been cutting 50's of P5P into 10 mg a day and I like that stuff. I can focus at work and the pills feel nice.
  29. I woke up with a horrible, lingering headache and tried to think of what caused it. 90% of my headache triggers are excess glutamine and proline amino acids, from what I observe... and I am careful with those, except I'm wondering if the gelatin capsules from my supplements are culprits? Can't think of anything else to blame.
  30. So, my headache on waking up might be a result of carbon dioxide collecting in my room overnight - I sleep with a closed door and towel under it to raise CO2. And this wasn't my first morning headache since starting to sleep that way.
    I want to start eating baked potatoes again for minerals. Instant flakes, while convenient, don't have the same nutritional value according to Cronometer.
  31. I noticed that about the flakes... I brought it up before but no one seemed to know why. For example I was looking at a box of indtant mashed potatoes and it said 0% iron, for fetter or wurst ?
  32. I remember you posting that discovery Michael. Personally I'll be picking up some russets at the store today.
  33. Dinner was 4 baby potatoes microwaved 5 minutes each and topped with coconut oil, green beans, and salsa. I feel so relaxed!
  34. I'm eating microwaved potatoes daily, and am feeling irritation in my cheek near a growing wisdom tooth, an issue I had before while eating spuds. Now I wonder if the phosporus of 3-4 large potatoes is dwarfing my daily calcium.
  35. Today's dinner: potatoes and brussel sprouts with Greek yogurt, coconut oil, rosemary, cilantro, curry, and crushed tomatoes. :relaxed:
  36. So, I might have a concussion. I hit my head hard last night and had a fever and a headache today. My plan is to stay home from the dr. and rest.
  37. I think my concussion symptoms are gone. It's kind of hard to know. Sometimes I misspell (while handwriting or typing) and I don't think I did this very often before concussing myself. Keeping an eye on it.
    I've been taking methyl folate and didn't realize it was a chewable tablet until now - when I took half a crushed tablet and realized it was sweet! Haha. I'm sure they still work if swallowed whole.
  38. Still making spelling mistakes - while handwriting and typing. The typing thing is fine, because I type fast and mistakes are part of the territory.
    But messing up while writing in my journal with a pencil... this is new to me : /

    I used a solution of magnesium threonate and magnesium sulfate (Epsom) on my back, stomach, hands, and feet last night and it helped me sleep.

    I'm taking copper and tiny amounts of methyl folate in the mornings and have decreased to a cup of coffee daily.
  39. I find jello super useful for sleep. I make it with honey, gelatin, and OJ. I am not a fan of any protein except gelatin during the night. Other proteins make me feel hungover especially at night.
  40. Thanks @Cirion! Most gelatin gives me terrible headaches. Maybe I can just try avoiding protein in any form near bedtime.
  41. So, I'm noticing a shift in the foods I prefer to eat these days.

    It's been a lot more Germanic, starch and lean meat, potato-vegetable dishes lately, and less soft drinks, fruit, and liquid milk. Fat-free ice cream and rootbeer a few times a day.

    I seem to get diluted from drinking liquids really easily, so that may be part of my shift toward these foods. I've been doing Peat for three and a half years and not sure how liquids are so much of an issue for me still, except that it may be a genetic thing. My mom actually has a dislike for drinking plain water or eating lots of fruit.
  42. Well, today I'm not feeling good. My face is twitching, it's hard to breathe, I am so tired. Actually the last few days I have needed naps and more sleep than usual. I really think it's related to histamine accumulation but don't want to take any more allergy meds. Think it's just spring time allergies and possibly something in my diet I'm reacting to.
  43. Update to last post and kind of a revelation.
    I think, for me, histamines have been tied up with fatigue and mineral deficiencies to the point that it's all one thing.
    I realize that when I'm hungry, I don't feel hungry. Maybe because some foods give me headaches. Maybe my stomach acid is weak, or there are bad bacteria, for whatever reason, I'm not craving food when I need it most. Hunger is presenting as the urge to conserve calories, not to eat them. Thiamine intake has been low, AMONG other things, so I'll be eating some navy beans daily and daring to stray from Peat foods. Things can't stay like this. Wish me luck.

    ETA I just looked at recent posts and am not the only one to have thiamine on the brain today. It is our mineral of the day!
  44. I made some amazing food today.
    I steamed some peeled red potatoes and green beans, then put them in a runny skim-milk-and-instant-potato broth. Threw in coconut oil, lemon juice, salt, a bit of barbecue sauce for color, and then warmed-up mussels from a can. I was so hungry after work.
    It was really good :)
  45. Refining my plan to detox better and to lower FFA's by an increase in stomach acid and thus better nutrition.

    I think a big part is going to be calcium. I still seem to have low stomach acid (just a theory, but still.) And enough calcium is needed for the body to make that acid.

    So, a big part of getting lots of calcium is making it available to the body by lowering phosphate. So here's my plan really. Lower phosphate through taking niacinamide twice or thrice, up to a gram, through the day. (Studies for this are available online.) Cut out almost all meats and dark sodas but keep the dairy. And get plenty of minerals through potatoes, shellfish, and milk, while staying away from foods that make any of my symptoms worse. These would include high histamine foods as well as eating sugars without protein and minerals at the same time.

    Ok everyone hold me to this. Let's see how much better I start to feel <3
  46. Good luck! I’ve never tried milk in a broth...but I think I may be tempted to give it a shot. I could see it being extra creamy and warming. I usually put lard or tallow in my broth, but perhaps a skim milk + lard mixture could be a power play.... Out of all the foods, dairy makes me the strongest, but it’s tough incorporating milk without the stomach bloat. I made a really good yogurt smoothie today that seemed to digest well and give me plenty of energy and strength.

    Im confused about your hunger problems. Do you feel yourself lacking energy and strength, so you know you need food, but don’t perceive any hunger pains in the stomach?

    Edit: I just tried adding a small amount of 2% milk to my broth and I really enjoyed it. I mixed in lard, egg yolk, mushrooms, onions, green onions, the milk, salt, and some pork chops. Very satisfying. Perhaps some freshly squeezed lemon would be the perfect final touch :)
  47. Your broth recipe sounds amazing, runenight201! Especially with pork chops - oh and I use squeezed lemon almost every day, it's a great flavor.
    Um yes, actually, that is how hunger feels to me a lot of the time. More of a lethargy.
    Why do you like lard? Just curious!
  48. I have found the same. Hunger is a tricky thing. Lately I myself have been eating extremely calorie dense foods to make sure my hunger is appropriate and also that I get the energy I truly need. Calorie dense foods get a bad rap because they "are fattening" but they are the best way to avoid under-eating IMO. If I start eating foods that are not energy dense, I end up getting inappropriate satiety signals, don't eat enough, and then feel awful and low energy, low mood, all the hypo symptoms. I actually stopped eating fruit because it isn't energy dense enough for me, I am drinking super energy dense juices now instead like straight juice concentrate, bolthouse farm juices... and even some "junk" foods like pizza lately. I realized being super orthorexic about my foods made me unconsciously be in a calorie deficit without meaning to. Fruits are great, but even 2 lb of grapes is only like 600 calories and I started to realize it was a massive chore to try to eat this much or even more every day lol.
  49. Yes I found that fruit is a great addition to a diet, but can never be the crux. Fatty foods are the way to go. Conventional pizza is a little sketchy imo, but it’s very easy to replicate with store bought ingredients by eating bread, cheese, and tomatoes

    There was a time I was experimenting with various animal fats for my soups. I kept trying tallow because of the supposedly healthier fat profile, but I hated the taste. Chicken fat was alright, but once I tasted lard, it was so incredibly rich, savory, and delicious, that I knew that lard was the answer to create absolutely delicious soups.

    However today I made a cheesy soup that was reaaaally good. Ground beef, vegetable broth, cheese :)

    I also made my own dessert today that involved melted butter, egg yolk, milk, cocoa powder, and sugar. I dipped bread into that and it was absolutely incredible! I had that for lunch followed by eggs, rice, and vegetable broth. Dinner was my cheesy beef soup with oj; bread dipped in coffee, milk, and sugar for dessert =P
  50. @Cirion, @Runenight201

    Exactly, calorie density or at LEAST eating a couple big meals a day, works better for me than grazing all day on fruit or starch. I've been doing mashed potato casseroles rather than pizza, lol. And many fruit juices give me headaches.

    Haha so lard is the key to awesome soups... good to know!! Your recent recipes sound amazing too. Sometimes I forget that soup can be a meal by itself.

    Random note, I read that thyroid production rises after caffeine intake but then dips after 24 hours. Should I start having a cup of coffee in the afternoon again for thyroid? With my work schedule (early morning days, followed by sleeping in) I often go 30 hours or more between caffeine.
  51. It’s annoying how many calories one needs to consume to keep the energy up. I do big meals AND snack on soda, fruit/fruit juice, and coffee/dairy just to maintain optimal functioning. In fact, I don’t even see food as meals anymore. It’s just energy to me. Whenever, whatever I need, I eat it. It’s certainly socially inappropriate so I’m not sure how to integrate that yet. I don’t like being a misanthrope, but maybe in that one category I’ll have to be X.X
  52. If you had to guess, how many calories/protein/carbs/fats do you intake a day now? Or exact is even better, if you've been tracking.

    And yeah lol. I came up with a parameter that combines pulse/temps/weight loss into a single metric and the only way all 3 turn out good is when I eat like 1,100 grams of carbs lol

  53. Errr that’s a difficult one. My whole thing has always been to not count because I never enjoyed viewing my food intake in that manner. I try to abide by bodily intuition. That and when I make smoothies or add sugar to things, they add calories but it would be a pain to track all of that. I often sip on some juice or something too, which would be annoying to calculate.

    If I had to guess, I go through about 400 calories worth of sugar a day, 2-4 cups of oj, 2-4 cups of milk, 2 cups of yogurt, 1 cup of rice, 6 slices of bread, 6 eggs, 4 oz of cheese, 4 tablespoons of butter, some veggies, 2 bananas, and a half pound of meat.

    I’m back onto being unsure about meat. I may ramp up milk/yogurt/sugar/coffee consumption in lieu of meat. Sugar and dairy make me feel happiest, so I know those can never leave my diet. One day I’ll figure it out lol, I swear I change my mind every day...
  54. Lol, you and me both. I know you dislike tracking, but it's help kept me honest as to what actually works.
  55. My problem is I get halfway through logging an experiment and then start logging something else entirely haha.

    So, I ate gelatin candy last night, a headache trigger for me, and had to take 2 aspirin today.

    Half hour after the second 325mg, I started to feel better and suddenly had the feeling I was wearing something on my head or face.

    It was the weirdest sensation, very distinct and I think caused by loosening of whatever caused the headache - blood vessels, sinuses, or muscles. I was literally trying to remember if I had sunglasses on my head or something. But then I felt better after that.

    Weird right??
  56. OK, I'm having cavities again. They are gum line cavities and I have a weird theory that I'm not eating enough protein to prevent them. That's just a wild guess though...

    I get about 75 grams of protein a day by my estimation. Think I need more though. There could be other little deficiencies involved too.
  57. Good news, after raising my protein, raising fats, raising calories in general, I am back up to a "normal" BMI. Amazing, considering how much I walk on campus. :balloon:
  58. How’s your energy, clarity of thought, motivation, etc?

    Protein and fats def pack on the weight (which is why most American men are overweight) buuut i have a sneaky suspicion this comes at a cost of those aforementioned categories...
  59. Hi runenight, it's hard for me to tell, some days are definitely better than others. Super stressed atm but who isn't??

    Log: Just realized I'm under-dosing the dessicated liver I am taking. Been taking a tablet a week...pkg says to aim for 6 / day. Lol
  60. The only stress free people I know are those who either figured “it” out or those who take on no responsibility.

    While I think the former is ultimately more rewarding, Diogenes seemed to have been pretty content with life!
  61. @Runenight201 What a life, just read Diogenes' wiki page. warren buffet said that the mystical "it" is being loved or liked... " the ultimate test of how you have lived your life"

    Hi rpf! Hope everyone is well.

    I am thinking about trying to eat a lot more saturated fat. Like, fully-saturated fat, or as near as it gets. This would be in order to get more calories in, basically... anyone had negative effects doing too much sat. fat?
  62. Yes, being in communion with social acceptance is good. Having intrinsic worth valued is great. Contributing extrinsic value is euphoric!

    For your saturated fat experiment, have a go with placing butter on everything. I personally am a huge fan of toasting bread, then melting a huge slab of butter in a bowl, then evenly dipping BOTH sides of the bread in the butter, and then munching it down.

    Of course there’s always the mashed potatoes, pancakes with butter and whipped cream, pasta with Alfredo sauce. Rice is kinda hard to tastefully make fatty...haven’t figured out a pleasant way to do that one.

    Oddly, I find saturated fat negatively effecting me only when I consume it on its own or with meat. For instance, if eating a steak, and I bite into the blobby fat, or eat bacon, i feel very nauseous. If I have some starch though it inhibits the nausea and makes it taste quite great.

    I would def recommend. Idk how anyone does low fat, it’s quite unappealing to me now to eat anything without heaping gobs of animal fat. Everything else is so...plain.
  63. I will try the butter! Am also making use of gas station coconut oil snacks like Bugles and banana chips.
    I haven't figured out fried rice either!! Weird, as I grew up on affordable stir-fry dinners. I will try the animal fat route of getting in some fats.
  64. Reclaiming meat

    Hey RPF
    I was revisiting the topic of endotoxin as a cause of low body temperature. I have been using jerky and some frozen ground beef as sources of iron and protein... I found studies showing that bacterial counts in frozen ground meat double by the 6th day in the freezer. Meat and cultured / preserved dairy are major sources of endotoxin, and I know to generally stay away from the latter. Obvs some are more bothered by it than others; my symptom is migraine / low temps.
    I'm going to experiment with using up meat within four-ish days of cooking it or discarding the rest. I will also do this with liver. Meats feel like an ancestral food and hopefully they'll fit back into my life soon.
  65. I made calf liver twice this week. The second time I fried it in coconut oil and gin with thyme, pepper, and sea salt. It actually tasted good!
  66. A note on texture:
    So, recently I've been noticing that a lot of my food is pretty gummy, homogenous in texture. Like even if I make potatoes and veggies, by the time I add some milk, coconut oil, and stir them up, I don't have a lot of good chunky texture to my food. It's all kinda runny and not so appetizing. You guys ever experience this??
  67. The ultra-processed food industry has been paying attention to this aspect for a long time. There are various attempts to explain what's up with it, it's easy to find information on these.

    - Critical Evaluation of Crispy and Crunchy Textures: A Review

    The definitions are confusing at times, and crispness "is usually evaluated by biting with incisors and crunchiness is generally determined by chewing with molars." "Food textural properties, such as crispness or crunchiness, are largely auditory sensations, and the product acceptability is often judged by the acceptable or expected sound level." "Air conduction is predominant when biting with incisors and with lips opened, while bone conduction is predominant when chewing with molars and with the mouth closed. Bone-conducted sounds are typically of lower frequencies because some sound is absorbed by soft mouth tissue and by the jaw."​

    - Crispness in food - A review

    - The Science Behind Why We Crave Loud and Crunchy Foods

    "Noisy foods correlate with freshness," the "fresher the produce, like apples, celery, or lettuce, the more vitamins and nutrients it’s retained." "The noise draws attention to the mouth in the way something silent does not. If you’re eating pâté, your attention can drift elsewhere, to a television or to a dining companion. But a crunch will draw your attention to what you’re eating, making you concentrate on it. Noisy foods make you think about them."​

    - Why Humans Are Crazy for Crispy
  68. Huh, that's super interesting. I love that theory of it being fresher in sound. Thanks for the detail and sources amazoniac!! How do you add texture to your foods?

    I really appreciate all the people that drop by my log to give advice : D

    Really unrelated, but is anyone eating turnip, collard or mustard greens at all? They seem to be quite a good calcium source given their oxalate and phorphorus content, from data from this site and nutritiondata.
  69. I go back and forth on the greens. Out of all the vegetables, I would say that collard greens and broccoli are my favorite. Collard greens I just put a little bit of salt and I seem to enjoy them, however last time I had them I got the squeaky teeth feeling, so I’m not sure how good that is. I do very much enjoy my lemon broccoli though. The lemon juice neutralizes the foul sulfuros smell of the cruciferous vegetables and turns it into quite the delectable treat. I usually have a couple of boiled stalks with my meat; It makes my meal and brain feel very balanced while loading up on the animal flesh.

    I think that if I had never encountered milk I would naturally want more greens for the calcium, but then again who knows. I’ve been watching food addiction videos lately and people seem to develop on a diet of solely French fries or cola...
  70. I like your idea of eating greens with meat, runenight, that does sound very intuitive. I worked at a restaurant where asparagus was a very common side dish with steaks & meat-centric dishes. And heck yeah, lemon is AMAZING with cruciferous veggies. Delicious

    Haha I don't know why peole do that to themselves though.

    So, i'm sort of on the bandwagon - vitamin A not so good! maybe!

    Idk. I stopped eating liver and taking A supplements about a week ago and might just go toward 2% milk for the little bit less palmitate that's in it. I could cut back on coconut oil to balance out the PUFA intake from a higher fat milk than my 1%. why do I overthink this stuff haha : )
  71. planning to start taking a thiamine supplement tomorrow.i'm just having a flashback to dr. peat talking about B1 improving his memory of French vocab and I'm trying to finish up midterms and stuff. good night rpf :loveletter:
  72. I'm liking the thiamine, although 100mg will be too much to continue long term. I will start cutting tablets

    Discontinued taking copper glycinate. Even 2mg daily had some weird effects for me. I am experimenting with Lo-A and might add copper again later. Too many factors at once.
  73. here's a brief summary of what i'm looking to accomplish in the next few weeks!

    1. get rid of a minor infection somewhere around my molar tooth (dentist xray didn't find the infection or any decay, so he at least gave me antibiotics. he is a good guy)
    2. put on some weight. my job is so physically active this time of year, but now that i am in online college due to covid it should be easier to gain weight. i've been eating ice cream, bugles, white chocolate, and fatty stuff and taking B1.
    2b. younger skin. it's clear of acne but my face looks tired and a little older, which is probably 90% caused by losing weight
    3. figure out which supplements I feel best on. i'm stopping all niacinamide as even tiny doses like 1/10 of a teaspoon of powder knock me out for hours - NO energy. it's actually a known issue and i've had to leave more than one event early and crash at home because of taking even a little B3 in the previous 12 hours. copper works for me in very small doses; any higher like 4 and 6mg just did not work out. aspirin just gives me headaches and, i feel, serves to raise myK2 requirements.
    3b, a list of what i do enjoy supp-ing: K2 and E, as well as magnesium threonate and methylfolate very occasionally. And - my favorites - B1, B2, and B6 P5P. These particularly make me feel great.

    well i'm looking forward to gathering more information and editing this framework as I find out more; here's to optimism, learning, and good health!
  74. Unpopular Opinion: Wait until your late twenties to deplete PUFA

    We know that children require polyunsaturated fats for development. Since the brain is not fully formed until the late twenties or later, I think that serious PUFA restriction should be attempted only after that point. My experience was that once I started eating more calories, which was Peat-inspired actually, I grew an inch or nearly so in height. But that new growth came with new demands for nutrition. Then, my wisdom teeth came in while I was on my Peat diet plan as well, and actually I am still dealing with dental difficulties from them. I made some mistakes concerning my teeth, most importantly trying and failing to eat enough and supplement as needed. (I was taking supps, but not all that was needed.) I am also 7 or 8 pounds lighter than before I started, not an intentional or welcome change. We can say 'Eat enough' all day but the physical changes of young adulthood require a lot of energy and I don't advocate any eating pattern now that restricts food or makes a twenty-four year old have to plan carefully or otherwise obstruct their meals. Especially since young people are on the go so much, with school and jobs and internships, and generally we think ourselves indestructible and tend to miss meals. No need to make eating any more complicated. I don't know if PUFAs are required for young adults like they are for kids but the calories sure as heck are. It's probably a good idea to minimize polyunsaturated intake to 5, 10 grams a day and deplete them later but I found that actually depleting them at that age was far too costly for me despite trying hard to eat enough and I wouldn't go to those lengths again. Before you're fully an adult it is also harder to calculate risks, vocalize to yourself that something doesn't feel right, and make your world accomodate you. Problems got swept under the rug because I thought depletion was what mattered most. And to further complicate things, different genes can mean maturing at slightly different times. But the bottom line is, Ray Peat's research is best applied to full fledged adults.

    Edited for clarity
  75. I found a 400mcg capsule of MK7 that I plan to order when I run out of my 100 mcg's!
    and, I ordered magnesium malate that is 20% mag. that's higher than any other magnesium supplement that I calculated except oxide
  76. Do you have a certain routine of what you take when you need to get into a focused and productive mood?
  77. eech. I just woke up from nap. starting this post over for clarity haha.

    I take thiamine and low-dose magnesium in order to focus, and caffeine if it's not at night. 800mg thiamine helped me through the last paper I had to write in a hurry.
    Niacinamide and supplemental amino acids may help other people to focus but I DON'T take them for various reasons.
    And I save higher doses of magnesium, like the product I referenced several posts ago, for when I don't have to focus because it can be too calming.
  78. Fat amounts

    This morning, I did some quick math on how much coconut oil it would take to make up for the lower fat in 1% milk. I use hydrogenated coconut oil. What I got was, if one's main fat source was coconut oil, you would need to take in about 3 tablespoons per half gallon of it in order to match the macronutrient intake you'd get from whole milk.

    It's important to remember that calcium and magnesium intake, and having a diet that's very low in polyunsaturated fat, have been shown to lower fat absorption. So it might take more coconut oil than 3 tablespoons, but probably not too much more.
  79. Need. To. Eat. More.
  80. subdued a migraine pretty quickly this morning. here's what i think helped for this major win, in the form of a timeline.

    2 days earlier: having migraine shadows on and off, started to strictly avoid the worst foods that affect me. NO gelatin, citrus, aged cheese, and as little chocolate as humanly possible (haha)

    this morning: woke up feeling very migrainey. head pain and behind an eye, prickly all over, nausea. had coffee, missed class, went back to sleep.

    2 hours later: i took 200mg ibuprofen and 100 of thiamine, as well as about 300 magnesium malate powder. took a shower in case pollen or something allergenic from last 30 hours is on my skin making it worse. was able to go to my next class. had some Dr. Pepper and the migraine went away completely!

    I really think avoiding the migraine trigger foods for 48hours made the biggest difference in having a headache that I could control. probably the second most important was the B1 and magnesium. often 200mg of Ibuprofen is not enough to help me. I read that it can take over a week to eliminate the antibodies from trigger foods, and I am hoping things get even better with time.
  81. I am wondering if anyone else has noticed this since doing Peat for a while.

    It seems like sometimes the rest of the world is moving extremely slowly or inefficiently. I, though a patient person by practice, get frustrated by how long things seem to take. Technology, driving sometimes, a lot of conversations, policies at work that seem like they slow things down. To the point where it's like, practicing restraint doesn't work because it's like hitting a stop sign around every corner. At some point you're going to hit the roof lol.

    My metabolism is still not the best / fastest it could be, but I almost wonder if the people around me are worse off, judging by how impatient I usually feel in public. Or is this just a normal thing to feel like things are taking too long?
  82. I’ve noticed when this happens in me it’s usually because my mind is running at a very quick pace. If I’m in such a state where I’m planning several moves ahead and my movements are sharp and precise, than I become especially aware at people who don’t move up to par. Self-check out lines at a Walmart? The absolute worst. That’s when I first noticed truly how slow a debilitated human being moves. I forget how I usually get in such a state, but coffee, milk, and sugar is probably involved.

    When I’m well and grounded though everything is fine. Even if people are moving slow Im there, patiently letting it all happen. While the external events don’t change, I do believe our internal reaction to the events are entirely driven by our underlying states.
  83. Yeah, self check out is a headache of its own. (Actually, I think more check outs should be self-serve. But it is definitely an example of a situation that gives you anxiety just from waiting!) Right, like when you're in the zone and other people just...aren't hahah. Idk. I just like to move fast generally.
    So you think that patience is the right response to observing of slow-moving people. I think that's true, and also really the only possible response. But sometimes I act facetiously. I work in customer service and it's hard not to let impatience show through sometimes - just a glimpse -, and arguably it's no worse for the workplace culture.
    Also, having to use lame technology absolutely grinds my gears. And so many workplaces are running on old tech. Even the large chain I used to work at, the computers could be very frustrating.

    E N D R A N T

    Coffee milk and sugar you said - have you tried agave sweetener? Here is my evening pick-me-up. edit to add, it's my first time using the calcium acetate!

  84. lol I mean there’s a lot of different games I’ll play. For instance, there’s choosing the shortest line among the various options, analyzing line length, cart volume, clerk speed, of those make the choosing game a little more fun. However, once stuck in a situation, I’m only truly patient when I’m super zen mode. Any other time I think distraction is a useful tactic. I’ll either browse this forum, or people watch, imagine what people’s various lives are like, their persona, how life chose to express itself in this one individual. I’ll observe the little sub conscious decisions people make, where their attention is at, body language, it can all be interesting. Or read a magazine from a shelf or something. Just let my natural interests drift until something catches my eye.

    I have tried the agave sweetener, but oddly enough I’m starting to lose my sweet tooth? I use to want sugar all the time, but my tastes have been shifting. Most fruit is just too sweet now, I’ve been craving that dense warmth that meat and starch give me (although eating these foods without causing problems has been a long investigation). I’m starting to crave different flavors, sugar has been losing its appeal!