A Dweller On Two Planets

Cliff Myles

Apr 27, 2016
Strangely enough, I found the book published in 1905, ==> "A Dweller on Two Planets" (.pdf here) <== weathered a bit with canine (coyote?) tooth marks on it, out in the middle of the Sonoran Desert while hiking somewhere between Tucson and Nogales, Mexico back in 1973. - - - Weird circumstance to say the least !
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It is a pretty fascinating book, as it was written in the late 1800's by a simple, but seemingly psychic teenage amanuensis who could not have imagined all of the contents in such futuristic technical detail. It's the "type of book you can't put down until you've read it to the end".

It reminded me a bit of psychic Edgar Cayce's visions of Atlantis and reincarnation which is a very interesting parallel to compare with the book.

- CM
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