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Judd Crane

Feb 7, 2017
Yes that is the ONLY way I would use it (WITH Pansterone). Tried solo and was not a favorable response at 5mg. Much better with combo!
Could you describe your unfavourable response to 6-keto p4 without pansterone please?


Apr 5, 2016
Good morning, @haidut what is the maximum dose of this product of yours that can be considered acceptable?

You will not get a specific answer from haidut because this is a substance for "research purposes" and it is legally questionable to recommend things like this when you're not a doctor or if it has not been approved to treat a specific issue.

Also in terms of dose it is going to vary a lot person to person, you should look through the thread and see what other people are doing. You can use the search function to search a specific thread for things like "dose".

Personally I started off with a very low dose of 1 drop and built up over a number of days and weeks. Eventually I was up to 5 drops twice per day and felt great but this lowered my cortisol too much and left me with joint and muscle pain which was intolerable. Now I use it when i'm experiencing high levels of stress. Again everyone is different depending on weight, age, gender and level of stress.

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