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4 food groups, 7 food groups, or a nutritional pyramid?


Nov 25, 2012
Ray Peat said:
In this environment, most people have felt that subtleties of definition, logic and evidence weren’t important for nutrition, and a great amount of energy has gone into deciding whether there were “four food groups” or “seven food groups” or a “nutritional pyramid.” The motives behind governmental and quasi-governmental nutrition policies usually represent something besides a simple scientific concern for good health, as when health care institutions say that Mexican babies should begin eating beans when they reach the age of six months, or that non-whites don’t need milk after they are weaned. In a culture that discourages prolonged breast feeding, the effects of these doctrines can be serious.

One of my favorite bits of Ray Peat humor!

So what do you think? Are there 7 food groups, or is there a nutritional pyramid?

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