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38 Male UK. Tired Of Being Like The Walking Dead

  1. Hello,

    I’m starting a log here, hopefully I’ll keep it up, apologies in advance if I go awol. I do keep a paper diary but it makes more sense to keep a log here and maybe get help from or help others.

    I’m a successful financially free 38 year old 6ft 80kg male. My whole life I’ve struggled with depression, low energy, no libido, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, anhedonia etc etc.

    I sleep easily and long but wake up regularly to urinate regularly. Voice is nasal and weak. I suspect estrogen dominance being my major issue.

    I’ve taken roaccutane for acne and ssri for depression in the past but both over ten years ago.

    thyroid function seems good. Bloods are fine 1.5tsh.

    Waking temp this morning was 36.5c 68bpm.
    I eat a portion of minced beef/salt and a apple and quickly I am now up to 36.8c.

    My temps seem to come up better in the evening and I often see 37C+ after a decent evening meal if I have been eating plenty in the day.

    It is UK Winter time atm and despite being a mild winter its cold, so I am pretty satisfied with my temps as a starting point. I dont think my thyroid is in two bad shape.

    I have a athletic heart rate which at times has been as low as 40bm.

    I have been dabbling with Peats ideas for years on and off, but I am here to have a decent attempt to correct my issues. Ive always suspected diet to having a large part of how I feel. Ive done all the usual low carb, no carb, paleo, primal diets in the past, but nothing extreme for years. I am borderline ortherexic probably, and often consider I am going mental focusing on my health so much.

    Generally speaking I feel best when I eat nothing! The more I eat the worse I feel in general. I have zero appetite, could go days without eating if I let my appetite control. Occasionally when I force down massive amounts I feel amazing for a day or two and then crash to even lower than when I started.

    Caffeine an make me feel great after the first dose, but after a few days of a few cups it leaves in in complete HELL. Headache depression nausea etc.

    I am a muscular lean build, you can see all my abs. I have been my whole life. I used to lift weights but haven’t done in years and I maintain an impressive physique for a 38 year old. I dont do any exercise accept for the physical work I do running my carpet cleaning business part time.

    I suspect a estrogen problem. I have no gut issues, I just tried two weeks of strong tetracycline and it didnt do anything for me at all.

    I never get strong stress feelings from not eating. I am focusing now on a high protein adequate sugar, a little fat diet. Ive done this for a few days and my morning temp come up from 36.3. My theory at the moment is I haven’t been eating enough protein for my liver to detox estrogen, and I have some what of a build up of it. Anything that increases metabolism like eating a lot, caffeine, exercise leaves me feeling like ***t. Since Ive been eating high protein for 4 days (about 150grams) Ive been feeling like ***t despite my waking temp going up.

    Is this a possibility? Pushing metabolism whilst estrogen dominant makes you feel worse? I guess I need to keep going focusing on the protein/carrots/charcoal and hope my estrogen lowers.

    I have extremely high SHBG (120nmol!) , decent total T levels, low free testosterone. I have tried injection Testosterone for 6 months, with my levels going from normal to sky high and everything in between. I can honestly say that I could feel no effect from injecting T! It might as well been water I was injecting. This despite my higher test levels being confirmed by blood tests.

    Currently sat in bed feeling like ***t, waiting to feel some reprieve. I’m force myself to go on a walk though as the sun is out.

    I’ve taking aspirin, have tried almost all peat supplements but no success. Going to focus on consistency with diet.
  2. Does the body need protein to deal with estrogen?

    Could quickly increasing protein cause estrogen to be flushed out of liver causing an increase in symptoms ?
  3. No bueno. What's your fruit intake? Fruit is very effective at lowering SHBG.
  4. Hey man I can relate to the high SHBG and low free testosterone. I think it's maybe a protection for high estrogen?
  5. 8 Ways on How To Lower SHBG Count Naturally

    Here’s some good info how to lower SHBG. I would avoid the boron suggestion though. I’ve seen some uncompelling blood tests of other people who have used it. Likely works for SHBG but also seen it lower T and raise estrogen. And also be carefull of zinc suggestion aswell. With supplements I believe its easy to cause a unbalance between copper, zinc and iron. Instead get your zinc from meat and other natural sources like oysters and seafood. Be sure to eat liver and get iron and copper. You get many recommendations against iron here but for me I find it crucial not to avoid it from diet. Low iron is shown to cause mitochondrial dysfunction, increased lipid peroxidation and the worst thing low dopamine.

    Beyond trying to fix your SHBG I would aim to try and raise dopamine. Dopamine from my experience is the most important factor for feeling happy, relaxed with good energy and motivation. If fatigue, sleeping for too long, unmotivation and unhappiness is part of your symptoms you struggle with I can say with certainty that you’re struggling with low dopamine. Do you haves restless legs and concentration symptoms? Coz thats also dopamine related.
    Most effective ways of fixing dopamine dysfunction is getting vitamin D. How is your vitamin D? Also sunlight and light in general should be strived after everyday. A light dysregulation will cause your brain to release to little dopamine in the morning and serotonin will take over to rapidly. Serotonin isnt supposed to rise untill the evening so that it can convert to melatonin and put you into sleep/hibernation. Thats why serotonin is called the hibernation hormone. Dopamine gets released in the morning to counter the serotonin and give you energy and happiness through the day. As said earlier iron dys regulation can also be a major cause of low dopamine. Its very crucial for tyrosine hydroxylase which is the rate limiting step to synthesize dopamine. Both too high and too low iron can cause problems with dopamine signalling. So if you have or can get blood test on iron, ferritin and other markers of iron hemeostasis that’s good.
    Theres some drugs that also can help increasing dopamine. I’ve used bromantane and I have to say its amazing. It’s easy to get hold of as most nootropic websites sell it. It works by upregulating tyrosine hydroxylase aswell. Reddit has lots of good information on bromantane. Its a game changer totally. Generally no side effects from it and you can quit it coldturkey.
    Other things like cortisol reduction could be worth looking into. I think it might be an issue in a case like yours. Cortisol increases SHBG. Not eating enough carbohydrates and overworking yorself is what causes increased cortisol and SHBG.
  6. I’ve always had some fruit. Eating a lot more of it now I’m peating. Grapes, apples, oj.
  7. That’s my thinking, I have a lot of estrogen symptoms. My blood estrogen results look ok although not a accurate test. I assume the shbg is binding the estrogen to protect as you say.

    I’ve always had high shbg, and has increased with age as have my symptoms.

    I’m reasonably masculine looking. Muscular, good beard etc.
  8. Hey,

    I’ve tried all of that to lower it. Nothing shifted it. Injection test, lowered it a little then shot it up. I took proviron which is meant to lower it but did nothing.

    As mentioned in previous reply I suspect it’s estrogen being bound. Points me to improving my liver which is my main focus.

    ive spent years in the dopamine hunt. Nofap, phenibut, cocaine, mucuana pruiens etc. Anything that gives me that dopamine feel is short lived then does nothing.

    bromantane sounds interesting though thanks.

    Phenibut at start was amazing I felt so good, but very hit and miss now and tolerance is there after one dose.
  9. cortisol, estrogen, serotonin and prolactin all go hand in hand. Many people experience symptoms of estrogen and cortisol even though blood tests seem normal. What you have floating around in your blood is not the same whats stored in your tissues. Have you tested prolactin?
  10. Yes but those dopamine boosters you’ve mentioned work directly by releasing dopamine so the high is short lived. The only real way of improving a low dopamine state is by fixing the underlying cause of it which usually is specific lack of nutrients which is needed for the tyrosine hydroxylase enzyme. Thats also the nice thing about bromantane. It doesn’t give you and immediate high. It takes a few days to start working because it has to increase tyrosine hydroxylase first. Then when you stop it you have higher levels of that enzyme for awhile but it will likely go down to normal levels again eventually. But I think I’ve read that bromantane eventually helps the brain make new dopamine neurons that produce tyrosine hydroxlase so long term it can change the brain to become more dopaminergic. Just like SSRI can make you more serotonergic long term.
  11. I do have some arimidex in the draw. I got it when I was on T. I felt it made me feel worse at the time.

    Makes sense to have another go and experiment with it now i am off test and natural.
  12. I’m sold, can you tell me where to buy?

    I did buy memantine but not sure if I tried it. Heard of that one?
  13. yes memantane is another adamantane derivative but its pharmacology is more of the NMDA antagonist. It does promote dopamine aswell but people report they are rather different. I personally have not tried memantane.
    Buy Hydrapharm Bromantane | Nootropic | Great Price | Great Reviews

    Heres a UK source. Never tried their bromantane but used other things from them and its always worked and been of good quality so suspect that it should be good. Just google ”bromantane nootrpic UK buy” and you get many results

    Ive use this one since I live in Sweden and they are swedish company. But they send to the UK aswell.
  14. I would not take estrogen inhibitors. I’ve used them in the past and they always make me feel like crap. Better to use low dose vitamin E or aspirin. But their blood thinning effect tends in the long run make me iron deficient. Always when I used them for a longer time I notice on lab tests my iron drop and I start getting fatigue symptoms.
  15. Could a stimulating lifestyle boost dopamine? Like living a fulfilling, thrilling, happy, interesting life?
  16. Thanks for being generous with your time.

    I’ve tried vit e, asprin, b vits, etc. I’ve read some are very sensitive to arimidex so I guess I’ll just try micro dosing it again when I get desperate enough.
  17. maybe, but I try I really do but I am dead to everything. Exercise, sex, travelling it’s like I’m not even there. I travelled California last year on my own to try and do something exciting and break me out of ortherexic routine. Not one positive emotion.
  18. I'm currently in a phase when I want to go partying a lot. It's weird, I get a short brief spell of high energy & good mood, and want to do something stimulating. Though my energy quickly fades out and I need to recover.
  19. I don’t know man the more i fiddle with the dopamine subject I’m starting to come to realize that unless dopamine is there in the first place you wont have the drive and energy to do it. I mean the whole point of doing activities to raise dopamine does not sound legit if you have a dysfunction of your dopamine system. How are you gonns get a hit of dopamine if your brain cant make enough of it to produce that hit. Once your tyrosine hydroxylase is up your brain will be able and the drive will come back. Im certain about it that if you have a dopamine dysfunction you cant fix it by forcing yourself to accomplish things. Its like trying to get a boner without hormones. Its not possible. Im sure that our mood, energy and drive is not personal traits. Its controlled by these neurotransmitters and when they are optimal thats when people tend to say that they are really feeling like their trueselves. An example is that most people who do take bromantane which helps upregulste tyrosine hydroxylase describes it as having the energy to be more like your true self. Like you always wanted and imagined it to be. And ofc. Lying in bed and not having any motivation to do anything sure doesnt feel like a fullfilling life anyone wants to live. I’ve become so sensitive to when my dopamine is good and when it’s low its silly. I know exactly the symptoms. When dopamine is high i dont even have to think about getting stuff done. I just start working automatically and get stuff done. Nothing feels hard everything is a breeze. And your mood is always up. So many people suffer though from low dopamine.
  20. Try the Bromantane and let us know if it worked.
    Am in a similar state as yours, btw...
  21. it seems bromantane isn’t available any more. Every site says it’s out of stock. Even the Russian ones. Appatently it all came from
    China and there has been a strict ban it recently.

    must be something bad about it if it’s been banned.
  22. I agree. But still, forcing yourself to get ***t done when not in a so good mood seems preferable to just procrastinating.

    Do you know how aspirin's effect on tyrosine hydroxylase compares to bromantane in terms of strength?
  23. I am in the UK and we sound similar, but have slightly different issues.

    I was 37 when i discovered an issue with thyroid. Before that i was on anti d's for years. Now aged 48 and doing better than ever.

    My issue was thyroid, but low testosterone was also involved. In the last year i have seen my SHBG climb (not as high as you but enough to make things not so good). I have started on the Test gel and doing well. Also using HCG which is very useful. Some people find HCG on its own useful.

    I will link to DR Robert Stevens in Poole, UK. I think he is the best UK doc working in the testosterone field. I would have seen him, but i am in Yorkshire and i ended up seeing Dr savage in doncaster who is also very good. He told me about Dr Steven and i think he uses his blog and Utube vids to educate himself on this topic.

    This is just one of his random vids that he posts most days. He looks a bit amateur, but when you get into his style his knowledge is very good.

    There are loads of supplements you can look into, plus the hormones, but i would ask have you used specifically pregnenalone before ? If not it is worth a shot, but it needs to be tried in small doses first. 5mg per day for 5 days then have a day off. It may really help with anxiety. The key to using supplements is to find the level your body needs. Trial and error is your only way to work out how to move forward.
  24. whats your vitamin D status?
  25. it’s very good, I take it daily also.
  26. The website I get it from has it in stock. Dunno the source of it though but the same risk you take with any substance and its purity. The safety of the actual compound is up for discussion but the adamantanes have been around for 60 years now with tons of research on its benefits and safety. Bromantane has long been used as a medication for parkinson. Bromantane itself been around for 40 years. Russia gave it to their soldiers to improve recovery times in battle and strengthen the mind. Then extensive research of it was made in the sports medical area with great results but 1996 it was banned as a doping agent since it improved performance so well. 2005 It was reintroduced as a medication against neurasthenia which basically is a diagnosis of weakeness of nerves and the nervous system giving rise to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, neuralgia and heart palpitations. Thats when it became a perscription drug named ladasten. Haiduts product diamant which contains adamantane claim to have some of the same properties as bromantane since is based on the diamondoid structure. So is memantine you mentioned earlier. Anyways its my opinion thay compared to many other nootropics people buy and use where theres absolutely no research on its safety, bromantane on the other hand and the other adamantanes been around for 60 years with extensive research on its safety. I personally is not concerned about the safety of the actual substance. But purity can be up to debate. My source of bromantane has a long reputation of giving good results to people with no ill effects afaik. Optimal would probably be to get the actualy pharma grade ladasten product.
  27. have you had issues your whole life?

    ive played about with test and hcg for 6 months and didn’t get anywhere. Sort of written it off. My test was up to 100 at points on the uk scale but I literally felt no different. Don’t think it’s my answer.

    Taking preg at 100mg a day.
  28. For sure lying around procrastinating is not gonna get you anywhere. I always had a bit of trouble with procrastination. That’s why I’ve the past year made it my mission to figure out the source of it. And that’s how I’ve reached the conclusion that dopamine is probably the one biggest factorthat governs motivation in life. I’ve made a lot of progress defeating my own procrastination issues along the way thanks to me researching the subject.
    Aspirin has so many mechanism of improving the organism that i’m not suprised that it upregulates tyrosine hydroxylase. Many things can help you do that. But I can’t compare aspirin even close to bromantane in its effects on motivation from my experience. Whats good though is that you only need a very tiny dose aspirin to get an increase in tyrosine hydrox. Think it was 20mg or something like that. Anyway they are not comparable. And I think for aspirin to work you have to fix your underlying problems why your tyrosine hydroxylase is not functioning properly. For me I did find out about the connection between tyrosine hydroxylase and iron and thats when I did find out I had low iron. Once I got my ferritin levels high enough my motivation came back, brain fog went away. I started to only need 7 hours of sleep instead of 10-11 hours. A very common drug to treat for example restless leg syndrome is pramipexole which is a strong dopamine agonist. I did suffer rls for a long time. Google iron and rls and you find out that people with rls display low brain ferritin. All research points to this as a cause. The low brain iron causes a disruption in dopamine synthesis. They treat it with pramipexole to increase the dopamine again. Same with ADHD. Its a dopamine diagnosis. Thats why they treat them with amphetamines. But research shows that most people with ADHD suffer from low iron. The fact that low iron causes fatigue, brain fog etc has nothing with oxygen or red blood cells to do. Iron as a mineral has so much more functions in all animals. Cytochrome C oxidase cant exist without iron and its the last step into making ATP in cells. Low iron has been shown to reduce cytochrome C thus impairing cellular respiration and energy metabolism. Low iron is linked to increased lipid peroxidation and higher levels of maldonialdehyde. Actually there’s studies showing its worse to have low iron than moderately high iron. Only very high iron was able to cause more damage than low iron stores. Then for proper dopamine function you also have vitamin D is another extremly important player. Copper also important but I believe it’s because its relationship with iron metabolism. Then several of the B-vitamins such as B6, folate and B12 deficiency can also cause dopamine dysregulation.
  29. Issues started age 21.

    Any hormone out of balance is not good. High testosterone is not a good thing.

    100mg preg per day is way to much. Sounds like you go for big supplement usage generally. Much better to go small. Small is better because you can move upwards and see what is happening a little better.

    I would try see the UK doc i mentioned or at least review his vids. Very useful stuff.

    What doses of HCG did you use and what about testosterone ?
  30. Your line about eating making you feel bad makes me think you have diabetes/prediabetes. Has a doctor ever measured your fasting insulin? You can have metabolic dysfunction and still be lean. I've dramatically reduced my A1C and fasting insulin by introducing a lot more cardio. 60-90 minutes of zone2 cardio 3-4 times a week made huge difference in my blood markers and my ability to eat and feel good afterwards.
  31. I read somewhere that prolactin blood test is better to get a good indicator of high estrogen levels
  32. never had fasting insulin measured.

    however I do fail glucose tolerance tests going far to low blood sugar. Doctors I’m uk told me it’s nothing and I’ve got chronic fatigue syndrome. Spent money on a private doctor seeking insulin resistance he put me on the diabetic drug glucophage? But did nothing...
  33. I can’t remember but I experimented with lots of dosages.
  34. I’ve ordered it I think. Just waiting for payment to go through.

  35. Interesting. My doc offered me iron infusions. I might try it. If it feels bad I can always donate blood.

  36. That can often be related to a zinc deficiency.
  37. Seeing as I have memantine unopened in my draw I’ll start taking while I’m
    Waiting for bromantane - 10mg a day. Hoping for a miracle. Sounds great reading this thread.

    Diamant - Adamantane Solution For Lab/R&D
  38. yeah memantine likely has some similair effects but not fully. Bromantane has been shown to be much stronger dopamine agonist in that sense than memantine which act more as an NMDA antagonist. Other NMDA antagonists are ketamine and many of the opioids. Obviously the effect if memantine is not similair to ketamine but so you know just because they are diamondoid drugs doesnt mean they are all strong dopamine boosters. MDMA, mescaline and methamphetamine are all phenethylamines with the phenethylamine at its core. Still they produce very different effects.
  39. Iron infusion!? How come? You must have severly low iron if he offers infusions?

    i have a supplement combination I use when I feel my brain iron is getting low and I start experiencing symptoms again.
    I take a iron supplement combined with copper and vitamin A. The copper and vitamin A increases ceruloplasmin. Ceruloplasmin converts the Fe2 to Fe3. Transferrin has high affinity for Fe3 and its transferrins job to shuttle iron to where its needed. Magnesium i take also it has been shown to increase both iron loading and loading capacity of transferrin protein. So they all work synergestically. Absorbing iron, converting it and transporting it to where its needed. The brain. The nigra striatum is the brain region responsible for most dopamine synthesis. Its named nigra striatum as in black substance in latin. Its because its darker in colour than other brain areas. Why? Because its also the most iron dense brain area and the iron makes it darker by neuromelanin synthesis. So obviously if its the most dopamine synthesizing brain region and its so iron heavy its because it needs a lot of iron to synthesize dopamine.

    like to add vitamin C is needed for iron to be loaded onto transferrin. But supplemental ascorbic acid is not good because it opposes ceruloplasmin synthesis. Get your vitamin C from food.
    Same goes for high vitamin D can long term deplete retinol so should be used with caution. And zinc supplements oppose copper much more heavily than copper oppose zinc.
  40. [QUOTE="Diddleum, post: 488503, member]
    Spent money on a private doctor seeking insulin resistance he put me on the diabetic drug glucophage? But did nothing...[/QUOTE]

    He, just like that, put you on glucophage (metformin) because you told him you're, supposedly, insulin resistant???
  41. No, it's not that low (will post my blood work today or tomorrow). He's a CFS doctor and offers more unconventional treatments. From what I've read here iron infusion seems preferable to a supplement because the latter can lead to bacterial overgrowth.
  42. Hi @Diddleum! You mention having dabbled with Peat ideas for years, did this include thyroid supplementation? I ask because so much of what you wrote screams thyroid (and adrenals) to me, but I won't waste your time with a long post if you've already experimented with it.
  43. What???
    He, just like that, put you on glucophage (metformin) because you told him you're, supposedly, insulin resistant???[/QUOTE]

    he ran a few blood tests like c reactive protein , he may of done insulin but I don’t remember... neither result was significant and yeah whacked me on metformin. Did nothing but make me constipated...
  44. Hello,

    My temps pulse and bloods are pretty good but yeah I’ve tried taking thyroid.

    It is like eating sugar pills, I get a little pulse temp increase the first few doses but then they just do nothing and I can take 400mcg t3 and it does absolutely nothing!
  45. Yes that is true. Some people have hard time tolerating oral iron anyway. I never had a problem. If you suffer from CFS I would actually give it a try. Then you know. Like you said there’s many effective ways to de-iron yourself if you wish to do so.
  46. 1800 temp is 37c 68bpm

    just eaten meat and fruit. Had a carrot and some charcoal.

    feel a little clearer maybe about an hour after 10mg memantine.
  47. Did you ever try low doses when starting on T3 ? What was the start dose ?

    It sounds like your system is shut down. Usually it is cortisol which is switched off. In CF patients this is quite common.

    Do you go to bed at normal times and wake at a usual time. Sleeping before 11pm and waking at 7-8am is very important. A regular routine is a must.

    Ever tried prednisolone to help with adrenal fatigue ?
  48. Have you seen Dr Myhills website ? She is a CFS specialist and is based in Wales. She has some really good info on her website.

  49. this is the peat newbie guide

    Simple Newbie Guide To Peat's Work :

    generally the best supplements are

    b complex
    a thyroid supplement
    red light exposure
  50. Started off petrified of t3 sane as test. I started with a nibble of a 10mcg tablet and worked up until
    It did nothing, like nothing at all.

    same with test, I went up to bodybuilder like levels and felt nothing.

    my cortisol always measures as top of range or slightly above and follows a healthy daily curve. If anything my cortisol is too high so I don’t think I should be supplementing it. I supplemented liquorice once to increase it and I felt awful.

    im familiar with my hill and followed a diet she reccomend a other the years but nothing really.
  51. Well, don't know what to say..... the world has gone mad....
    You don't say if you still take it, I presume not. I lack deep knowledge of it, but generally people here, are trying to get off it, not to get ON, you know...
  52. no it was years ago took it for a month or two then stopped.
  53. UPDATE

    36.4C 68bpm

    Woke feeling normal/***t. Woke once in the night to urinate about 4am. Had some nocturnal boners.

    Temp dropped a point. Eat high protein yestarday but a bit less sugar. Slept in just my under shorts. Eat more sugar today. Keep protein high. Dress a bit warmer in bed.

    memantine made me feel a little spaced out last night. Hard to say if it was positive or negative. Will re dose after I’ve done my work for the day.
  54. I am not sure what is the Peat way to treat diabetes (type 2). Probably PUFA depletion. However, type 2 diabetes is easily put in remission by a Ketogenic Diet. You can not know this in 2020. It's unnacceptable.
  55. Keto does not solve insulin resistance, and will make it worse. Diabetes is caused by elevated free fatty acids and can be treated with things like aspirin, niacinamide, thyroid, progesterone
  56. It will quickly bring HBA1C and fasting blood glucose down to safe levels, though.
  57. Estrogen estrogen estrogen

    thinking much about estrogen and my sky high shbg and estrogen symptoms.

    Im very lean and don’t store fat at all. Most people can store excess estrogen as fat? Could gat storage act as a sort of buffer to estrogen clearance ? Similarly shbg is protective and perhaps a buffer to estrogen clearance? Mine is sky high maybe as I dont store fat and my thyroid and metabolism is real good.

    also over the Xmas period I have been sitting around as I’ve had no work. My symptoms have been worse. Looking back my worst times have been when I had a desk job and sedantry.

    im wondering the importance of movement or exercise for estrogen removal?! There’s plenty of studies saying movement and exercise are critical to estrogen metabolism.

    I feel worse when I eat carbs usually. I suspect my thyroid is good. A low carb diet quitens most of my bad symptoms. Perhaps eating carbs ramps up my metabolism creating more steroid hormones but more critically adding to the pile of toxic estrogen that I’m just not clearing?

    So I am walking while I write this, I have a cleaning job after and I’ll hit the gym for some light exercise till bed time.

    the theory makes sense to me ?

    I’m focusing on estrogen clearance before I try and push metabolism.
  58. Having a desk, corporate job is the worst for health. Lack of freedom, lack of sunlight in the morning, sitting indoor, not enough oxygen. Oh boy, I'm so gonna leave it behind.
  59. Amen to that. I’m much happier out and about doing my cleaning business.
  60. Speculating here on my last post but maybe fat gain is mainly the body storing excess estrogen?

    plenty of healthy happy fatter people about is that because there bodies can store excess estrogen with fat rather than let it circulate?
  61. Proviron is one of the most exaggerated things talked about on the internet, there is so much myth and so much regurgitation around this drug.
    You know on the internet if 1 person experienced something positive from something and 5 others experienced nothing or negative from the same thing, it is enough for 20 other people to recommend it and talk about it in a positive manner.
  62. It moves you further away ftom oxidative metabolism
    m2 it’s terrible; it really kills dopamine
  63. just thinking out loud, if your thyroid would be good, you wouldn’t have an estrogen problem .
  64. Sure. I guess in a perfect peat world but that assumes other organs like the liver are responding to it normally.

    I mean my thyroid works as my temps are ok and go up after sugar but I tend to feel worse pushing it with sugar or caffeine. I’m hoping I’m just missing the nutrients (protein) or some other lifestyle input like movement to clear the estrogen.

    maybe my steroid hormone pathway favours estrogen despite thyroid healthy. Sometimes I feel great for a day or two after pushing metabolism with calories or caffeine then it quickly turns to pot and I feel awful whenever I keep pushing it and I end up eating little as it feels better.

    Metabolism ramps up, more steroid hormones are created inevitably more estrogen.

    if liver is broken and estrogen increase isn’t dealt with then eating more will make you feel worse.

    I took roaccutane for acne, maybe my liver is screwed. I have zero alcohol tolerance. Liver markers are always good though.

    perhaps I just create too much estrogen genetically? I’ve taken the normal peat anti estrogens. Perhaps pharma aromatise inhibitors might work.

    I will support liver and estrogen clearance best I can for a while before pushing metabolism again. If that fails I guess I might try ai again.
  65. yes when I say thyroid I mean more then the organ. Probably working fine. Estrogen can block thyroid from reaching the cells. I have the same problem. But I have signs of high estrogen now. Before starting with Peat I didn’t have those but now with all the carbs my liver is having difficulty processing it. I’m trying everything but all these liver support things are pro metabolic and if you use too much you’ll end up in a worse place then were you begun, which is where I am now
  66. So what are your symptoms?
    do you get frequent need to urinate small amounts? Waking in middle of night to just pass small urine?
    no morning erections? Fog? Fatigue? Anhedonia ? No libido ?

    ive felt pretty good today, been moving about a lot. Are you active?
  67. pretty much all those things and something worse, terrible muscle weakness and atrophy. Which I am not yet able to stop
  68. I feel weak like a strong wind would blow me over sometimes. But no wastage. I look like a athlete.
  69. yeah i think your shbg will come down once lowered your cortisol. Same there best way to lower it is getting plenty of carbs. Starches are good. Imo the extra glucose tends to be more effective than getting the carbs from fruits and sugars.
    Not suprised regards to memantine. Its a NMDA antagonist which is similair to ketamine and PCP. In high enough doses you can apparently get same effect as ketamine. But its duration and effect will be much longer which sounds kinda off putting.
  70. Felt really good today. Been motivated doing things. Took another 10mg memantine and no spacey feeling +3 hours.

    just eaten an egg, 2 litres warm milk and a little honey, a couple of carrots blended. Not many calories but I feel good.

    Lying down for a break before gym and temp is 37.1 hr is 88bpm. Really good and I’ve only eaten mostly milk!?

    Either my liver is getting on top of the estrogen or memantine is picking me up... probably nothing to do with either.

    Had a couple of empty stomach feels like hunger pangs. Not my normal feeling.
  71. Waking update

    36.6C 72Bpm

    hit the perfect waking thyroid numbers this morning in bed. This despite eating only mostly 3 litres skim milk yestarday. My temps hit 37.1 yestarday so my thyroid seems to be happy. Went for walk, worked for 2 hours and did light gym for 2 hours.

    I wore pyjamas and socks in bed last night. Didn’t sleep well really, woke to urinate etc. However upon waking I feel good. Notably I had a brilliant morning wood, like it was there as I stood up and walked to bathroom to pee. That happens like a few times a year usually. Looks like something is changing.

    Weirdly a gland in my neck is pumped up sore and rock solid. Only on one side. Can feel it when I swallow. Might be getting sick but it feels different.

    no negatives of memantine after second dose. I will keep dosing at 10mg per day until my improvements plateau. And try going up.

    I’m going to try and repeat my day yestarday. Less screen time in the evening to try and help sleep. Maybe more salt as I was urinating a lot of clear urine from all the milk.

    not really having any bowel movements despite a couple of carrots a day. I’ll try a capsule of cascara.

    things feel on the up. I’m pleased.

    edit - popped a cascara soon had a BM

    Drank almost litre of skim milk, a little salt and orange juice and my temp is up to 37c! Perfect!
  72. Doubt thats the case. Proviron is a great drug works well for some people I guess. Definantly gave me all the upsides of DHT and I’ve tried andractim as a comparison. I got more benefits from proviron than real DHT. People just don’t know what effects they should expect from DHT hormones. They have very high expectations that It’s gonna turn them into an muscular hairy alpha male with a raging libido. Thats the users fault not the drugs fault. DHT imo has gotten too much attention without backed up science. People just try to increase it based on assumptioms of what they have read on the internet. It’s a positive hormone but if people think it’s gonna turn their life around like that they are being naive.
  73. You have to admit that there are so many that got nothing from it in terms of mental effects, erection or libido.
    We cannot disregard these experience and just choose the ones that were positive.

    For me, my expectations were in this order of importance:
    - being more relaxed (or maybe more confident)
    - some sort of effect on erection quality or orgasm quality ( I did not even want that raging libido, uncontrollable thoughts of sex, etc. which some say they get from DHT)
  74. Lisuride could be an option?
  75. For what to be an option?
  76. Yeah sure. But you never know the sources of all these peoples proviron. For me I did get pronounced effect on my mood. Made me much more relaxed. It did give me a libido boost but not raging. And my sperm density did increase. If its related I dunno. But you cant disregard the fact that many people do also get positive results. Only negative is that long term it likely shuts you down. But yeah imo testosterone likely has a much more pronounced effect on peoples mood etc than what DHT snd similair derivatives have.
  77. huh?
  78. For Alzheimer you should use something else.
  79. I was pointing that idea towards the OP, looks like you thought I was jumping in on something you were discussing...
  80. Thanks. I do have lisuride and metergoline. Neither seemed to anything at all for me in the short term I tried both.
  81. What dosage and how many times per day of each?
    Lisuride half life is very short, 2-3 hours. Metergoline much better at around 10 hours.
  82. proviron monotherapy made absolutely no difference to me. May of made me worse. I was bedridden most of that time.

    test, hcg did absolutely nothing also. I couldn’t beleive I felt nothing. Not even in the gym did I notice much. Blood tests confirmed test levels over a 100, yet I felt my same shirt self. Hcg was legit as it restored my shrunken balls from test.

    Looking back at my journal from the time I can’t beleive I felt nothing. Everyone expects test to turn you into a alpha male beast and it solves everything. Nope I was an impotent bedridden emotionless zombie.
  83. have you ever felt less numb from using 'street' drugs or alcohol?
  84. alcohol I used to enjoy but nowadays just makes me tired and depressed. I get 4 day hangovers so I don’t bother with it.

    Ive not done illegal drugs for like 15 years. Ecstasy was alright, weed ok but nothing anazing.

    phenibut has made me feel perfect at times and still does very occasionally. But I’ve grown tolerance it rarely works now.

    if I have to be sociable and everyone’s drinking I’ll take phenibut and hope for the best!

    thyroid t3 or desiccated does nothing after a couple of doses. I got up to 300mcg+ of t3 and did nothing.

    can take 4gram of asprin and feel nothing.

    it is my experience of most supplements and I’ve taken them all.
  85. Sorry I can’t remember. Probably wasn’t very strict just tried it for a week and nothing. Knowing me I probably mega dosed it too confirm it does nothing for me.
  86. Went to work on just a litre of skim milk. Got a long lasting hunger pangs which I never get. Turned into a slight stress response. Got home and drank a lot of milk and a little honey. Resting my feet are cold but my temp is 37.3c! Hr is 72Bpm.

    feel a bit more tired and flat now. I think my glucose reserves are dropping with more physical activity and the sugar I’m getting from milk is not enough. Need to increase.
  87. Felt tired all after noon like I just want to sleep and nothing else. Might just be tired from first day back at gym yestarday.

    on a positive note I’m hot! Had a minced beef and orange juice for dinner to change from the milk. And I’m hot hot, temp is consistent 37.3c?!

    maybe I’m sick as my gland is swollen in neck. Can’t beleive this temperature increase is from focusing on protein! I’ve done that before I swear.

    Or maybe temp increase is from memantine - anti cortisol - anti serotonin?

    relaxing watching tv I noticed a very slight feeling in my crotch. I never get any feels there ever.

    looking forward to what tomorrow brings. Hoping for a miracle.
  88. Ok something is very different. I think this is gonna turn into a memantine thread for a while...

    woke up 37c 77bpm! I feel lovely and warm from head to toe. I feel ok but I didn’t sleep last night well at all. Usually I’ll sleep much more solid. I woke with a rock hard erection at 3am and from then I was awake every 20mins it felt like. I feel sort of wired in a relaxed way. A little uncomfortable but not bad.

    morning temp is unnatural. Either memantine or possibly I have a fever as I have a painful swollen neck gland. I can feel it when I swallow.

    memantine has a long half life so with 10mg everyday I’ve actually been increasing. I’m gonna skip today’s dose and then restart at quarter dose at like 2.5mg.
  89. Woke feeling a little better still didn’t really sleep much. Temp still 37c 77bpm on waking. Neck gland still sore. Gonna skip mem again today. Still plenty of it in me. Really no idea what’s going on with the temp and swollen gland. But am gonna take it easy still it subsides.
  90. With all the mentions of estrogen all the way from opening post, i am shocked no-one has mentioned progesterone in this context. Forget all other approaches to "controlling" estrogen, progesterone is the natural "anti-estrogen". Go get a bottle of progesterone cream and you can be sure estrogen is not your problem from then on out.
  91. progest-e seems to of had no effect.

    think I am sick atm. Hard enough trying to work this stuff out without a virus coming along unexpected
  92. Oh, i did not see it mentioned. Did you use it orally or topically? I remember reading orally it converts into pregnenolone on first pass so it must be taken topically for a strong progesterone only effect.
  93. I tried both, topically in multiple places, gums, lips, wrist, scrotum!
  94. Soo I’m somewhat embarrassed about my log so far. Turns out I’ve got tonsillitis! Hence my high temperatures was a mild fever rather than amazing metabolism!’

    log will resume when I’m over it!
  95. In my non medical opinion, I would bet you are suffering from Vitamin A toxicity due to the Accutane. Please note, this is a very unpopular idea on this forum so I encourage you to read the three free ebooks on Ideas, Concepts, and Observations and draw your own conclusions. He is not selling anything and there are no ads. There is also a forum as well. In addition, there are Facebook groups that talks about the long term negative side effects of Accutane and Vitamin A toxicity. Good luck to you!
  96. So I’m over the worse of tonsillitis, temps are normal and good..

    36.9c 76bpm time 1430.

    been eating peat mostly protein without pushing metabolism. Despite having tonsillitis I felt pretty good last few days even had good sex with my gf without any viagra.

    So I’m in a half decent place, mood is good energy ok, no libido or drive though. I restarted memantine at 2.5mg this morning, I’m also taking a crumb of arimidex every other day.

    @Kingpinguin i have received bromantane - thanks. I can’t resist starting it.

    I know I should be patient but I can’t. So my supplement to my peat diet daily is

    one asprin
    2.5mg memantine
    0.25mg arimidex every three days
    50mg capsule of bromantane

    @Kingpinguin how much bromantane do you take? How quickly did you notice the benefits?
  97. Man start taking it. It will take a week before you start noticing. I take 100mg everyday. Two capsules in the morning when I wake up. I can feel earlier than a week but its quite subtle at first. After a week my motivation is much improved. I feel more rested without sleep. And more over all calmness.
  98. I would experiment with 50mg first 3 days. If you cant really tell a difference happening than go up to 100mg and wait another 3 days.

    btw any effect from arimidex? You enjoy it? Low dose imo is key with aromatase inhibitors. They also have sucha long half life. Think arimidex is good tho because it is reversible. I used exemestane and started with way too high dose too often. Its affinity for aromatase is so strong that once it binds it never lets go so it completely disables aromatase untill you have actually synthesized new aromatase enzymes. So the effect can stay for a long time. Took 20mg exemestane daily for 5 days. Probably completely killed all my estrogen to 0. Got sucha bad migraine headache from it that lasted 5-7 days. At one point had to go to the ER because it was too intense vomiting and feeling like total crap. They gave me strong pain killers and sedative. Never doing that again. Aromatase has other effects than just estrogen control. Think like neurosteroid synthesis something with progesterone cant remember exactly. So completely blocking it = A really bad time.
  99. Thanks man. Yeah I popped a 50mg. Plus 4 hours I feel the same. I read some people see the difference within several hours but I’ll be patient. Only got 30 capsules though so hopefully I’ll feel it before I run out!

    I’m on the fence with arimidex atm. I bought it when I was on TRT and my my gut feel was that it always made me feel bad. But I was all over the place at the time.

    With my recent thoughts going to my high shbg and estrogen symptoms I been gradually taking larger bits every three days. I have seen some mild improvements. But might be memantine. I took a whole 0.25mg yestarday and I’ve felt decent, nothing great though. Not on trt anymore. I got a rip off arimidex from a decent source. Not the real deal.

    I’ll keep experimenting and will continue to post here.
  100. yeah some people might be hyperresponders to bromantane. I didnt feel anything at first also read some do feel straight away. But most sources says it has to build up. Makes sense since its not a direct dopamine releasing agent. Thats why its not addictive. Take some time for it to act on the tyrosine hydroxylase gene which needs to be activated to upregulate the enzyme synthesis. Like the overall effect is not crazy dramatic but it does make a quite noticeable difference in me after awhile. I also come from a background off quite heavy drug use which I think screwed my dopamine system a bit. Looking for anything that can long term upregulate, regenerate and boost the dopamine system. So far so good. Been using Bromantane for 1,5 month now. Hope the effects stick around after discontinuation. But thats at least what most human trials have promised. Have some other upcoming trials with nootropics ill be experimenting with. Like 9-me-bc, uridine, citicoline, modafinil and gonna try tianeptine aswell. Already used uridine and citicoline previously. Did like their effect but also very subtle nurturing the brain sort of thing. Modafinil I will not use for any reason than just getting more stuff done. Not like everyday use. Only when I feel like Ok I got lots of work to do. And tianeptine just seems like fun if used responisbly since its sort of an opioid. Use it with care I hear good reports. Some people claim it to be the devil im terms of withdrawals but thats only when you abuse it. Think normal dose is like 15mg. People complain about withdrawals after using 2 grams daily for long time. I mean common... people so dumb
    haha funny how i keep playing with drugs to tru to fix drug abuse damage...
    I guess once a drugy always a drugy