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Ray Peat Interview 3/25/20 - Politics And Science - Coronavirus Interview Part 2

  1. About halfway through and his brilliance and depth of knowledge is just CRAZY my God.
  2. The first part of this interview was incredible. Can't wait to listen to this. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Can any body else hear John? I can only hear Dr Peat, none of the questions being asked? Am I doing something wrong?
  4. This is a stereo recording. Ray is in left channel, John is in right channel. Put both of your headphones in or swich both of your speakers on :):
  5. Thank you
  6. You are welcome :):
  7. I'm so grateful Peat exists
  8. Fantastic interview. Nice to see Ray mentioning vitamin B1.
  9. My macbook keeps blocking those files as if there's a virus on them?

    You're a regular poster here so I don't believe they're some kind of spam.
  10. So Ray's recommendations at the end were:

    Aspirin, fruit, B1, E, a high calcium : phosphate ratio (to quiet the immune system), and vitamin A (needed for tissue protein turnover in the eyes, nose, lungs). Loosely mentioned progesterone as helpful.

    Hes previously mentioned vitamin D, and serotonin blockers if the infection shows symptoms (Losartan in particular, and he thinks cyproheptadine would help too)
  11. Thank you so much!
  12. What I appreciate most about this is that Ray hasn't deviated what he normally suggests for everyday health, minus the Losartan.

    That should be a shining example of the FACT that we can't skip the basics and expect to be in good health.

    I believe he mentioned having a daily carrot salad in an interview, might have been part 1, when asked about what we can do to stay safe.

    I hope someone wakes up to the above. Peat has been saying this stuff for decades.
  13. Agreed. But I think some people don't find this 'sexy' (for lack of a better word) and want some special supplement or secret mystical medication.

    Turns out just do what Ray has been saying for years lol.
  14. Such a good interview. Ray is da man!!
  15. @JanP Nevermind, I figured out the issue. Thank you!

    @Inaut The part about hypoventilation being more supportive is a shot right in the "nuts" of healthcare. They tried that ***t with my wife during delivery and we fought off the doctors for as long as possible. My wife fortunately knew about retaining CO2 so she ignored them while I gave them the "death stare!" :sour:
  16. He said a few political things I found interesting:

    "I've always been considered crazy for pointing out that Trump in many ways has been less harmful than the so-called "progressives" like Obama, that he tends to be withdrawing from wars for example, and I think im inclined to see his reluctance to go ahead with war on the virus as a virtue even though everyone considers that crazy. The pentagon wanted to go back into Iraq heavily in retaliation against a couple of soldiers getting kiled and he used the virus as an excuse, an argument against renewing the war in Iraq. So, even though hes being criticized again, everything he does against the grain, so far, I think hes justified in."

    "Its too bad he isnt a pleasanter personality to do some reasonable things."

    "He proposes to stop the clamp-down on society by Easter, which hes being criticized for again, the so-called health "experts" are saying that its foolish and dangerous to consider restoring freedom in just 2 weeks"
  17. Question:
    I get how coughing and spitting can spread a virus, but how does diarrhea spread a virus?

    He mentions that around the 15:00 mark.
  18. In modern times it wouldnt so much, because of toilets and sanitation. You poop often, and animals and insects, if not humans, touch/eat it, and spread from there. Fruit relies, for example, on animals pooping the seeds to proliferate. I would assume similar principle
  19. Haven't had a chance to listen yet and probably won't until later but what was the reasoning for B1 supplementation? does it help with the immune system?
  20. Makes sense! I think I was trying to make it more complicated than it is! :handfist:
  21. The best part of this interview was when Ray Peat said that healthy people have a lot of T killer cells. They don't have to tap into their B killer cells. And because only B cells produce antibodies, often healthy people don't have the antibodies.

    Vaccines use B cells to produce antibodies, and the antibodies are associated with most of the problems involving auto-immunity. Females have more auto-immunity issues because of their tendency to have high estrogen more than men.

    People who have received plenty of vaccinations will thus have chronic disease, arising mostly from auto-immunity.
  22. at 19:12 Ray talks about someone he thought was at the CDC who blew the whistle on the flu vaccine and subsequently appeared on Phil Donahue. Anybody know more about that particular person?
  23. Not sure if this is the one here was referring to......

  24. Yeah that's it, the guy in question is the third doctor to be interviewed. Cheers theLaw.
  25. Has anyone got any studies / info that could corroborate the stuff Peat said about the ventilators? Is it really possible that people are going in with minor issues and the ventilators are killing them through inflammation?
  26. I forgot whether it was a Chinese journal or a Korean journal but I saw in patients testing negative for Corona Virus after being cleared, medical staff were still able to detect various parts of virus in stool samples indicating another route for possible not being detransmission despitetectable via normal testing
    I read in a Chinese journal article from Wuhan that medical staff were still able to find active virus in stool samples even after patients were technically cleared of the virus by other mainstream tests. They made it clear that stool was an active route of transmission.

    I can't find the paper, I'm officially overloaded with articles at this point.
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  28. B1 has favorable impact on Renin Angiotensin System here's a nice schematic on HIV and B1:


    Article itself:

    The role of thiamine in HIV infection - ScienceDirect
  29. This is wonderful.
    Prof Bhakdi is a treasure:
  30. In the video he discusses his open letter to the German Chancellor. Here is an English version of that letter.
  31. Those are very reasonable questions. We should be doing everything we can to answer them.