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Nov 18, 2019
up, will contact my gp soon, may see an endocrinologist


Jun 18, 2021

Any updates?

~ I also don't know much about blood work, so this is educational for me. ~

And are those supplements working (esp. the B-Vitamins), how about just 1 teaspoon or 1/2 teaspoon of Beef Liver per meal?

Actually I have some Lung Fibrosis but I don't know how much different it is to CF (as far as the day to day is concerned).

As with my suggestion, it might sound dumb but Systemic Enzymes (ie. Neprinol, or supplement its ingredients separately so you can customize the dose way more) worked for me -- takes a long while though before you can see the difference, 'cause the 1st part of taking it probably around 1-3 months are just noticeable pain or just sensation from these fibrosis in my lungs as well as mucus issues and also other internal injuries that you might have forgotten (just by feeling/imagining it), after that you'll start to notice that taking it doesn't bother you that much anymore; but then again that's just my experience.

I also gained a lot of health from being strict with my diet for quite sometime, so to me a diet that really works for you is number 1 (coming from: The Usual Diet that mostly everyone went through, Vegan, Plant-Based, Paleoish, Low-Carb, Keto, Carnivore).

Also just to add, using a Rebounder all through out the day helps with everything (from my experience), I use it a lot for: warm-ups, or when taking a break from using a computer, etc; but mainly I use it to 'charge' myself (if I'm to theorize how it feels).

Now as with my usual diet (I'm also practicing on lowering my protein consumption to a minimum):

- Top Round Beef
- Beef Heart
- Beef Liver
- Pasture Raised Egg (1-2 max per day, just for Choline)
- White Rice (just 1 cup or less for Manganese)
- Potatoes
- Oranges (or any 'Peaty' fruit)
- Skimmed Milk
- Coffee
- Carrots *mid-day (grated, juice squeezed out until just the pulp remains)

~ I mainly avoid: Greens, any Probiotic related, Gluten, High Fat, & sometimes even Spices. ~

[Though lately I've been eating junk/anything goes here and there again, just because I'm experiencing some surplus of health...]

As with my Supplements at the moment:

- Policosanol (they say it's a PUFA displacer, at the same time it lowers Cholesterol?)
- Vitamin-E (been planing to lower my weekly dose, like 2x a week)
- Taurine (just to counteract Tryptophan)
- Shilajit (Fulvic Acid?)
- Niacinamide (I'll probably stop this soon as I'm already getting it from food, or just lower the dose way mroe)
- Aspirin (practicing the lower dose, ie. 35mg, 'cause I'm getting Eye Bags from taking the normal dose, especially with Niacinamide)
- K2 (MK-7) *just a low dose to accommodate Aspirin
- Calcium D-Glucarate (1x a week) *otherwise I start feeling my Thyroid swell if taken consecutively
- Olive Leaf Extract
- Magnesium
- Progesterone *just to get a better sleep, kind of like taking CBD if I were to compare it
- Oil of Oregano *not all the time, also recently I just tried nebulizing it
- Protease Enzyme w/ DPPIV in it *only when 'Cheat Day' strikes

And as with supplement(s) that I've recently stopped:

- Glycine ('cause every time I take it, after 2 days straight or so, I get some nerve pain at the back of my head, close to my ear)
+ I've also heard that it's related to Cancer... but I have no clear idea so far
+ That's probably why Ray Peat doesn't approve supplementing Isolated Amino Acids
- Cacao
+ 'Cause I've started to notice a trend that after several days of consuming Cacao, my liver gets inflamed
+ But I do feel great when consuming Cacao, it's just that my liver can't deal with it?
+ I also remembered Cacao is toxic to Dogs, but I don't know how that relates to Human Consumption

As with the supplement(s) that I'll try soon:

- NDT (ie. Ancestral Supplements)
- Thyroid Drug (ie. Cynomel/Cynoplus) *and I still don't know where to confidently buy it from

But to cut things short, I think what would help you are (without the exact scientific knowledge):

- Beef Liver instead of supplementing B-Vitamins
- Taurine
- Raw Thyroid or Thyroid Drugs (I have no experience on this one yet)
- Progesterone (I think the Pregnenolone & DHEA are for older people, maybe context they could apply)
- CDG, Olive Leaf Extract
- Carrots (grated, juice squeezed out until just the pulp remains)


Excuse me for TLDR'ing, 'cause I sound like I'm in the wrong thread -- 'cause I'm actually looking for a Diet Log Thread that's for everybody, but I found none....


Jun 18, 2021
- Systemic Enzymes *taken on a fasted state (forgot to mention this earlier)
- Beef Liver instead of supplementing B-Vitamins
- Taurine (for every meal containing Tryptophan)
- Raw Thyroid or Thyroid Drugs (I have no experience on this one yet)
- CDG *I take this mid-day before eating Raw Carrots (for Glucoronidation)
- Olive Leaf Extract *I take this on my end of day meal (to lower BP for better sleep)
- Carrots (grated, juice squeezed out until just the pulp remains)
- Progesterone *just for more relaxation right on bed time


May 30, 2018
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