12 Experts Question The COVID-19 Panic


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Aug 11, 2015
yes it sure does I rater listen to the top experts in the field then news anchor man lol


Aug 14, 2019
This video is old. He says not even 3000 have died yet. With 38 000 dead diagnosed deaths now from corona and kina likely hiding numbers. Yearly flu deaths is between 12000-61000. How can this be a normal flu then. 2 months killed more than the flu does in a whole year.


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Aug 11, 2015
I dont know what numbers you talking about but there way off... theres different numbers per country you can view here
Coronavirus Update (Live): 784,381 Cases and 37,780 Deaths from COVID-19 Virus Outbreak - Worldometer

you should follow the link and read from the other experts as well. These are some of the top experts in the world

Also we done more testing then ever before so numbers are going to be higher who they consider actively have it thats why you see USA as having the most active
and we only have 350 million population and china like 1.5 billion China is not accurately reporting your news anchor friend will even tell you that

on top of that the tests were using are not accurate and have never been proven.
bottom line there has been no abnormal death rates this year than any other year for the flu


Dec 28, 2014
Dallas Texas

FYI - Talking to my medical examiner client yesterday. He said if they have a CV positive test, they are required to put that as one of the causes of death on the death certificate. He also said they are not allowed to do an autopsy on the CV positive dead.
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