1. Luann

    What Fad Diets Put In Their Coffee

    Not that Peat is a fad diet. But I have noticed that you can tell a persons diet by what they put in their coffee. Take a look: SAD = fake cream, low cal sugar Peat = sugar, gelatin, mayb some salt Paleo = ghee, coconut oil, MCT my no-meat holmes = soymilk, rice milk, nuts milk, all non-milk...
  2. E

    Sugary Drinks Correlated With Increased Risk Of Cancer

    This study doesn't seem overly rigorous, but given the Peat perspective I have to wonder how the results are so negative? https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2016/04/160405182105.htm
  3. postman

    Seeds In Tomatoes

    Do these contain pufas? Is it important to remove the seeds from tomatoes before you eat them?
  4. beachbum

    Fox And Friends About Coffee

    Hi All Just was watching Fox and Friends news this morning (segment was called " why you shouldn't give up coffee") they had a Physician saying drinking coffee is very good and said everything Ray peat says it does for the body- good for dopamine (Parkinsons), heart, diabetes, liver toxins and...
  5. S

    What's The Peatarian Attitude To Beets?

  6. B

    I Don't Really Think RP Is As Anti-vegetables As Everyone On Here Thinks

    So long as they are well cooked. I love veggies - you can't make a stew without some veggies.
  7. B

    Fibromyalgia (FMS) Through The Ray Peat Prism

    Glad to see this again. About my fibromyalgia (FMS)... I've possibly had this my whole life. Had polio as a child. Wasn't left with any disablity that showed. My first real problems occurred when I got married and pregnant. I didn't connect the physical problems with the polio back then...
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