1. TruffleGnocchi

    DHEA levels in young children? And how to prevent it's conversion?

    There are papers talking about DHEA decline and supplementation could resolve a lot of problems related to aging. I see some sources say DHEA levels are low or significantly lower in childhood than in teens or young adults. Is this really the hormone of such importance if this is true? When I...
  2. P

    Baby face, masculine body

    Hey guys, how can I keep my face youthful while getting bigger? I mean with the help of PEDs All the bodybuilders gain that “roided out” look on their face, which other than being really disgusting, that seems really stressed out I’m looking to get a David Laid-esque physique, so without getting...
  3. NewACC

    Why do children have so good health if their androgens low?

    After thinking about peating, I wondered: why are children so metabolically ideal that they even overtake elite athletes by this factor, if their androgenic level is very low? Is it strange that everyone on the forum is talking about the rejuvenating effect of androgens, if children are the...
  4. haidut

    Young people are lonelier than ever

    The actual title of the article, covering recent studies about loneliness rates in Western populations. It dispels the convenient excuse that the "pandemic" is what caused this true epidemic of loneliness by showing those rates were high years before any talk about virus/lockdown entered the...
  5. haidut

    The Lower Your Cortisol Levels, The Younger You Look

    Peat has this quote popping up on the forum every once in a while. “The main features of aging can be produced... | Ray Peat Forum "..."...The main features of aging can be produced directly by administering excessive amounts of cortisol. These features include atrophy of skin, arteries, muscle...
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