1. D

    Greek Yoghurt...

    Hi all, yes I know it's not very peaty due to it's bacterial profile but I have a question about Greek Yoghurt... I've always been told you're not eating real properly prepared Greek Yoghurt unless the protein content is pushing 9 - 10g per 100g of Yoghurt. Up until now I had never actually...
  2. Ulla

    Lactic Acid In Yogurt - Less Sugar, More Lactic Acid?

    I was just thinking if yogurt has a small amount of sugar if this could mean that has more lactic acid? Or less? Or it doesn't matter how much sugar is inside. I see in the store different yogurts (low fat,full fat...) and some has 5.1 g/100 g or 4.3g/100g and some only 3g of sugar... I wonder...
  3. beachbum

    Yogurt allergy

    Hi all Just wondering if I m the only one very allergic to yogurt. I get a massive headache/ head pressure, breathing problems, and other things I can't remember. Totally afraid to eat it. My main problem was a massive headache lasting a good 2-3 days. My reaction to it is almost...
  4. sprinter

    Greek Yogurt?

    I'd like to get some opinions on making Greek Yogurt a major part of one's diet (around 3-4 cups a day)? I've been trying to digest low-fat milk for years, trying different brands and different methods, but I've never been able to consume without upset. It could be the added vitamins...
  5. C

    Greek Yogurt?? Confused.

    Hi Everyone, first post. I have searched and found a lot of conflicting messages about Greek Yogurt (strained). Is Greek Yogurt (ie. Wallaby brand) fine? Would like to have 1-2cups as part of breakfast meal. Do I get 2% or Whole? I know Peat says "no" to regular yogurt, but haven't heard a...
  6. D

    yoghurt+kefirgrains= lactosefree?

    After searching a bit on Google,I couldn't find anything on this (though I highly doubt I'm the first one to ever think of this.) (free&too much) Fructose is a problem for me (for my digestion&liver),which is probably why I also don't do that great with lactose. All cowdairy is a no-no for me...
  7. N

    Yogurt/Probiotics after a round of Antibiotics?

    There is a bit of a gap or disconnect on this particular point in The Peatdom. Peat has said sterile guts (animal studies) do fine, even better, until they come up against bad bacteria. He has said our guts have evolved an equilibrium between good bacteria and bad. He has said something to...
  8. F

    Nutrition of strained yoghurt

    I'm straining yoghurt to get some protein without excess water. Let say one cup of yoghurt has 9 grams of protein, 11 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of fat. What happens when you strain it? I guess strained yoghurt contains less carbohydrates and calcium just like homemade farmers cheese.
  9. F

    How to make greek yoghurt from plain goat yoghurt?

    I love sweetened yoghurt but I can't find a good greek yoghurt where I live. Can someone explain for me how to make greek yoghurt from my organic plain goat yoghurt? Thanks!
  10. P

    Fermented Diary Instead Of Milk?

    Ive been trying to 'adapt' to significant quantities of milk ie 2 pints or more per day for 5 months now and still have bouts of bloating and diarrhoea, however I digest fermented diary fine eg yogurt and kefir, although ray says of yogurt, consuming more than an ounce per day is not good, he...
  11. D

    probiotic dairy.....yes or no?

    Diets such as gaps and scd are also big on gelatin/broth to heal the gutlining but they also advocate probiotic dairy such as. yoghurt,soft curd cheese,kefir to repopulate the gut. Hpwever i heard that ray says something about thr. Lactic acid in it being detrimental? is it really that bad...
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