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  1. Makrosky

    Ray Peat On Iodine

    Ok, so many people is talking about iodine now. A user called visionsofstrenght over the old peatarian.com forum posted this, so I'm copying it here as well. Original thread (http://beesandbutterflies.org/52426/iod ... 426#q52426)
  2. I

    Ray Peat 1996 Interview

    Just came across this here: http://beta.landofbrokendreams.com/vj.php?id=3471. No idea where this was from... NULL: Nice to have you with us, Dr. Peat. PEAT: Thanks. Could I comment on intermittent claudication and how it relates to thyroid? NULL: Sure. PEAT: It's very common for...
  3. J

    An Interview with Dr. Raymond Peat (2000)

    http://www.thyroid-info.com/articles/ray-peat.htm An Interview With Dr. Raymond Peat A Renowned Nutritional Counselor Offers His Thoughts About Thyroid Disease by Mary Shomon Raymond Peat, Ph.D. is editor and researcher of a popular and well-known monthly newsletter on nutritiona and...