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womens health

  1. CosmicDancer444

    Staph Infections/Skin Infections

    How to prevent/treat: 1. Staphylococcus skin infections generally 2. Spots/pimples/rash/white pus bumps that appear after shaving/waxing & high friction activity (like saddle sores from cycling)... 3.Reason for high vaginal swab culture - Heavy growth of Staphylococcus Aureus only (No...
  2. CosmicDancer444

    Vaginal Health

    How to deal best with vaginal discomfort as a result of regular hormonal changes/imbalance & often occurring after intercourse? Symptoms include: vaginal itching & vulvar inflammation & irritation, soreness, white lumpy discharge, sometimes dryness. Is this a result of Candida overgrowth or...