wisdom teeth

  1. SonOfEurope

    Wisdom teeth erupting!

    Hey guys, So.... I'm 29 1/2 years old.. .. Relatively healthy male, well, if you've read my posts. I struggled with a lot of issues between 20 and 25, I finally found Peat and gradually incorporated his principles (Reduced PUFA, Reduced Iron, quality protein, light, pro-thyroid substances...
  2. J

    Treatment for pericoronitis

    Hey So I’ve had this pain in the gum next to my wisdom tooth that’s been erupting, had it for a week now, the pain is only there when I swallow, as if the swallowing motion causes pain to that part. The gum is quite swolen there too. Have not been feeling too good and have had colder temps...
  3. Spartan300

    2nd Phase Of Wisdom Teeth Eruption?

    I've been experiencing some significant pain/pressure on other teeth for a few days in the corner of my jaw on the side where I still have my wisdom teeth and on inspection it looks like they have erupted further. Previously they were only barely visible. I'm 53! Does this happen? Not sure if...
  4. I

    K2 - Impacted Wisdom

    Hi all, Received my Thorne k2/D3 drops in the mail this morning. Tried maybe 10-15 drops over my body throughout the day (scrotum, throat, wrists, jaw, cheeks, brow). Maybe over the top but it’s my first time with k2 and i was excited after reading everybodys’ experiences with it. Later in the...
  5. J

    The Best Way To Approach Wisdom Teeth

    Hey guys, i posted a month or so ago about dental pain from wisdom teeth coming through (I think it was from that anyway).. Well i went to the dentist then and they could see that it looked like there was an infection in my gum that was right next to where the wisdom tooth is coming out (Looked...
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