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white rice

  1. L

    Rice Vermicelli / Rice Sticks

    Does anyone here consume rice vermicelli? It’s made of rice and water. Seems like a good option for people who cannot tolerate eggs and gluten. The downside is, it’s all starch; hence it can feed bacteria in the gut, increase endotoxins, intestinal permeability, inflammation etc. Thoroughly...
  2. Twohandsondeck

    White Rice Gave Me Tooth Sensitivity

    For about 2 weeks I achieved a great stability in my diet by only eating: -milk -pineapple juice -orange juice -bone broth -lean meat, usually red -canned tomato or tomato paste -liver and oysters 1x/week~ Then I added in creatine for about 5 days, everything was still fine. THEN I added in...