1. Bartu

    PUFA vs Wheat/Seeds

    I wonder what is worse for our health, eating wheat white bread or using sunflower oil for frying your food? Its hard to stick 99% to raypeat or carvinore/paleo diet when your friends and your family don't. So if you had to choose which one would be worse and why?
  2. cs3000

    Starch calories replacement without milk?

    how do people on low/no starch who don't tolerate milk proteins hit enough calories? seems like all those missing starch calories are hard to replace fruits don't have much calories apart from avocados (mostly fat calories not replacing much carbs). what other foods are good for replacing...
  3. P

    Vitamin C testimonial - pollen allergies, nosebleeds, and gluten intolerance

    Hi all, I'm writing this post as a record of my recent experimentation with high-dose Vitamin C as a treatment for hay fever (seasonal allergies). In short, it has worked surprisingly well and had strong beneficial effects on some other seemingly unrelated health problems. I continue to dose...
  4. D

    Why do people like wheat?

    Why do people love wheat so much? Ray said that the liver "likes delicious foods", or something similar. It seems that Ray generally thinks tasty food = good food. But I do not understand one thing, why then people love wheat so much? I don't think there is a single person who would prefer a...
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