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  1. skuabird

    Skua's Weightloss and Health Problems Log

    7/18/2021: 252lb 5’9”, F, 34 Current/recent Problems: Blurred vision with subtle headaches sometimes becoming migraines in evening, especially during middle of menstrual cycle Feel like my blood sugar is all over, especially after high protein meal Severe fatigue, worse after any activity...
  2. Razvan

    Pufa Deplition Is Amazing

    Hello ,for the past year i ate a peat inspired diet with sometimes pufa cheats, pretty high calorie i gained some weight (muscle and fat) and a 2 weeks ago i decided to do a pufa deplition to lose some weight. I'm eating 0 fat from skim milk,bananas, homemade beetroot juice ,orange juice and...
  3. Tristan Loscha

    The Impact Of A Vegan Diet On Pregnancy Outcomes

    The impact of a vegan diet on pregnancy outcomes Tomer Avnon 1,2 ● Efrat Paz Dubinsky3 ● Inbar Lavie2 ● Tali Ben-Mayor Bashi1 ● Ronit Anbar3,4 ● Yariv Yogev1,2 Received: 21 April 2020 / Revised: 28 July 2020 / Accepted: 25 August 2020 © The Author(s), under exclusive licence to Springer...
  4. Harryedgar

    This Seems Weird! - Tryptophan Apparently Increases Fat Loss?

    Hey there all, Names Harry - First-time thread-er but long time reader...god I enjoy this stuff and would have been posting much much earlier were it not for my two mad kiddies! - little spare time to put it mildly! Anyway - for now - I have been doing a lot of reading lately on Tryptophan and...
  5. Philomath

    “All You Have To Do To Lose Weight. Turn Fat Into CO2 & H2O

    Just ran across this TEDx vid on YouTube. It started out sounding like it could be a very Peat-like explanation to fat loss. However, the final take was “move more, eat less and breath”. Are there nuggets to take away from this? He says the #1 question he gets is “can we just sit around and...
  6. Tarmander

    Gut Protocol For Insulin Resistance, Metabolism, And Energy

    I wanted to share this amazing gut protocol that I have been on for the last few months (results below) I am in a unique position as a type 1 diabetic in that my pancreas produces little to no insulin on its own. This gives me an insight into what supplements and herbs do to insulin needs in...
  7. Velve921

    After 5.5 Years, I Finally Started Losing Weight. Key Has Been Strictness

    So, I know many people have been looking for more stories and understandings of weight loss through these ideas. I’ll share mine and take it for what’s worth. 6 years ago I was doing the following: Paleo Fasting High Lactic Acid Weight Lifting Consumed under 2000 calories a day Extremely low...
  8. ecstatichamster

    I'm Finally Losing Serious Weight

    I've said that I am against fast weight loss, and I am. So I wanted to update you. I was at 170 for a long time, a US size 32 or 34 waist, then in my middle age creeped up a bit. I was following low carb most of that time Then I started a Peat-inspired diet. By then I was more at 190, and I...
  9. haidut

    Personalized Diets Based On DNA/genome Analysis Are A Failure

    I am sure by now everybody has heard of the much-heralded approach of the so-called "personalized medicine" - a world in which every person will be treated uniquely based on the complete analysis of their genome/DNA. From specific drugs and dosage, to interventions like radiation, diet and...
  10. haidut

    Low-fat, High-carb, Ad-libitum Diet Leads To Fat/weight Loss In Women

    About 2 years ago, I posted a controversial rat study which showed that the addition of large amounts of sucrose to the diet of rats did not lead to any weigh gain. Drinking Coke Freely Quadruples Calorie Intake WITHOUT Weight Gain The diet in the rat study above can be considered a high-carb...
  11. Koveras

    Honey-based Diet For Fertility And Glycemic Control (in Rats)

  12. michael94

    Resistance To Slimming... Adaptation Or Illusion ?

    A bit of both, but mostly the latter https://www.facebook.com/download/1154932114534414/Miller.ResistancetoSlimmingRealityorIllusion.pdf ( downloads pdf )
  13. Giraffe

    Dietary Protein During Caloric Restriction

    A Systematic Review of Dietary Protein During Caloric Restriction in Resistance Trained Lean Athletes: A Case for Higher Intakes This review included only studies with adult lean athletes who performed resistance training during weight loss. " Training experience ranged from elite athletes and...
  14. NathanK

    For every 10% loss of body weight via underfeeding lowers metabolism 15%

    Interesting study. For every 10% of body weight lost due to underfeeding the subjects lowered their metabolism 15%. Changes in Energy Expenditure Resulting from Altered Body Weight Full text: http://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NE ... #t=article "....Many obese people who lose weight have...
  15. Y

    1600IU Of Vit E Safe During Fat Loss?

    I have gained some weight, would like to lose 3-4kg slowly by still doing RP diet, but having fruits instead of pure sugars like honey/brown sugar etc. I hear polyunsaturated fat is the issue here as burning fat leads to more PUFA in the blood. But can the harmful effects of PUFA be negated by...
  16. haidut

    Topical Caffeine For Weight Loss

    This study shows that adding caffeine to an herbal extract used for weight loss resulted in increasing its fat loss efficacy by more than 100%. The herbal extract was used topically as a 2% solution and caffeine was added in the same concentration as adjuvant. After 32 days there was significant...
  17. T

    Weight loss + raising metabolism = you'll need more food?

    Simple metabolism question. If you raise it eating orange juice or whatever, you'll need more food. So if you have a high metabolism but can't afford more food (financially or because you don't like eating much) what happens if you eat less? To raise it you need to eat more sugar so you'll...
  18. haidut

    Lowering Prolactin May Lead To Weight Loss

    The study focuses on cabergoline (a prolactin lowering drug with dopaminergic qualities), however the abstract discusses positive results with other anti-prolactin drugs like bromocriptine. In light of the recent study showing serotonin inhibition treating obesity, this is yet another...
  19. W

    Fruitarian Diet For Weightloss?

    What are your thoughts on doing an all fruit diet for weight loss? I'm pretty sure Peat has said he doesn't totally oppose all fruit diets and that they may even be optimal in some situations. Clearly it works for some of those 801010 fans. What about all fruit with just a bit of protein from...
  20. natedawggh

    The Iron Elimination Paradox & Weight Loss

    I've been reading about Hepcidin, a pro hormone discovered recently in 2000. It is the hormone that regulates Iron absorption and elimination in the body. There is a lot of evidence via Ray Peat that most degenerative conditions involve excess iron, either directly or indirectly. Hepcidin is...