1. Peatful

    David Hogg is more or less “dangerous” than Greta Thurberg?

    David has never been mentioned on this forum But He is relevant I know our forum user base has changed a bit recently But If anyone has anything of interest to say here Please jump in If not Simply consider this a PSA
  2. miquelangeles

    Are you ready for brain transparency?

  3. Brandin

    Highly recommend everyone watch this.

    Iman Gadzhi a youtuber who focuses mostly on how to run businesses and stuff like related topics recently published a 3 part series about the great reset. It is probably the best and most comprehensive explanation yet (that is easily digested). Ofcourse there are other threads on the internet...
  4. Zellig Pliskin

    Peaty store-bought snack?

    Hey guys I found this at my local supermarket. Seems to have been approved by expert dieticians as a super healthy, eco friendly source of protein. It’s a bit gooey and hard to chew but I managed to wash it down with a few gulps of chocolate Soylent. Have any of you tried this and if so do you...
  5. RealNeat

    Only 25 days left in US diesel supply, is this the "Green" culling they've been dreaming of?

    How are you preparing for what may come and what do you make of it? https://www.bloomberg.com/news/videos/2022-10-21/three-reasons-there-s-a-diesel-shortage-in-the-us https://www.newsweek.com/us-only-has-just-days-diesel-left-before-supply-runs-out-1754851...
  6. Peatful

    Thread for WEF Davos 2022 Annual Meeting. May 22-26.

    I heard they are trying to speed up Agenda 2030 or Agenda 30. To release the Global Pandemic Treaty? Any speculation welcome. Any news regarding the UN and the WEF teaming up is welcome. News dump here. Especially those on bitchute, Twitter etc
  7. Drareg

    Macron controlled by big corporate

    This is a scandal happening in France right now, the big corporate media in other nations cover it like its not a big deal, any legit democracy would be alarmed by this. It highlights what we all know about the ruling class davos types, they are fascists looking to take control in the name of...
  8. haidut

    Britain being forced to go cashless 'against its will'

    Back in 2020 I posted an article arguing that the "pandemic" had killed cash. It was an obvious propaganda piece by a mainstream publication, pushing the "Great Reset" agenda. https://raypeatforum.com/community/threads/the-pandemic-has-killed-cash.36627/ Now, that the elite is realizing the...
  9. JamesGatz

    The Elite's Endgame - Piecing together the puzzle and their final solution - Your future as a cyborg slave

    The following are all excerpts from Human Augmentation: the Dawn of a New Paradigm - A strategic implications project posted by the UK's Military of Defense in partnership with Germany's Bundeswehr office of defense planning This is a public document that aligns with much of Schwaab's Fourth...
  10. Drareg

    Jeffrey Epstein and Noam Chomsky

    Chomsky who has been pro authoritarian covid narratives like starving people etc has been pictured with Jeffrey epsteins butler in Paris outside Jeffreys home, Chomsky was also connected to John brockmans edge fund, it seems brockmans edge funs is turning out to be an Epstein run paedo club...
  11. Drareg

    Feds Jerome Powell personal trading during blackout

    If you thought the central bankers couldn't be more corrupt..... Once again the MSM wont cover it, its hilarious, this system is the axiom of everyones life, everyone is struggling for money outside the ruling class and their managers, its incredible that most people don't get it, it shows you...
  12. Drareg

    RFK and Jeffrey Epstein links

    It seems clear that RFK has links to Epstein and Maxwell, its easy to claim the media are framing him, its possible but its clear he has links around this crew, his brother was in a relationship with Maxwell. I know this doesn't implicate them fully, the reason I'm starting this thread is to...
  13. JamesGatz

    The End of the World is fast approaching - The Great Reset - What is the back-up plan ?

    Georgia Guidestone Inscription 1: Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature. - the world population clock at 8 billion divided by 500 million - that means 15 out of every 16 people will have to go if this plan is successful The Question becomes: What is the...
  14. Mauritio

    EU to Stage Large-Scale Cyberattack Simulation on Supply Chains- This Week

    First the simulated cyber attack on banks by IMF, now this. I know some believe it's all not going to happen. But in my opinion this means we're getting closer to the very thing that they're simulating (planning?). And it seems Russia might have to play the bad guy this time. "European...
  15. Mauritio

    The digital currency thread

    This shall be a thread to summarize new developments in the implementation of worldwide digital currencies. Here's a good video to start understanding why the powers that be would want that : View: https://youtu.be/2ss_1vKQjF0 So far I know about digital counterparts for the: - Euro...
  16. Drareg

    2019 Bank Bailout

    A good article highlighting the fed bailing out wall street in 2019 before covid started, once the WHO declared a pandemic they ramped up the bailout and framed it as covid stimulus. This is the reason for covid lockdowns and hysteria in general, on top of this they amplified George Floyd to...
  17. Drareg

    UK Government report admits there are 23.5 Million people in England who have NOT had a single dose of a Covid-19 Vaccine

    The population of England is around 56 million, just to clarify for those who are not from the UK, this isn’t the UK population which is 67 million. So 23.5 million people not vaccinated, lols! They will blame the lower social classes and lack of education but the reality will show a lot of...
  18. Drareg

    Israel and the coming cyber attack on banks

    @Mauritio first posted this link in another thread, let’s start a thread here because it looks like this is how they will justify another market collapse and bailout, possibly a new financial system with CBDC’s , I bet the the 300 trillion in debt will effected by the hack attack also, as in not...
  19. Drareg

    Ghislaine Maxwell Reddit account

    Ghislaine Maxwell seems to have been a daily user of Reddit for 14 years until she was arrested, she was obsessively posting about legalizing paedophilia, consider what is happening today with wokism and how it’s framed by the philosophy of michael Focault who wrote extensively about why sex...
  20. A

    Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of the digital ‘vaccine’ passports and what they are really about

    Irish independent investor Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of the digital ‘vaccine’ passports and what they are really about 34 Minute Video Melissa Cuimmei We just watched this video and Melissa laid the groundwork out from a financial/digital perspective to where this current crazy...
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