water structure

  1. DeadCatBounce

    Distilled Water Remineralization Ideas ? Magnesium Bicarbonate , Copper, Boron etc. ?

    I drink about a liter of clean water per day besides the OJ and Milk. Bought a water distiller in order to minimize the plastic and flouride as much as possible. But the water taste terrible without any minerals in it, like it is burnt in a way. Really weird. Did the Magnesium Bicarb and now...
  2. Grapelander

    Vibrational Therapy Resource Page: Homeopathy, Flower & Gem Elixirs, Light, Color, Sound and Energy Healing (Please post books, resources & studies)

    article: New research suggests water remembers what has been dissolved in it, even after dilution beyond the point where no molecule of the original substances could remain. Dr. Mae-Wan Ho reports August 25, 2003 For more than a century, practitioners of homeopathy have used highly diluted...
  3. LLight

    Water Structure, Osmolytes And Cancer

    Hello, Please find below the summary of a theory about cancer which I find quite interesting :blush: Unmasking the secrets of cancer: water type A non-structured promotes carcinogenesis and water type B structured restores the physiology and cellular bioenergetics transforming cancerous cells...