1. shine

    Topical testosterone on neck/throat for deeper voice?

    Hey, do you guys think putting testosterone base solution directly on the throat would over time make the voice deeper? Do you think you could leverage more beneficial effects in a voice deepening context if directly applied there instead of anywhere else? Do you think it could be detrimental to...
  2. Tarmander

    The Powerful Effect Of A Relaxed, Deep Voice

    As someone who uses their voice in both work and my hobbies (podcasting), I am always amazed at how significant a deeper resonate voice is to success. With a strong deep voice, people listen closer, respect you more, want to hear what you have to say, believe you more often, laugh more at...
  3. W

    Depth Of Voice (and Hormones)

    [Sex hormones and depth of voice in the male (author's transl)]. [Article in German] Meuser W, Nieschlag. Abstract Correlations between sex hormone levels and the male depth of voice were investigated in 102 singers. As compared to tenor singers higher testosterone and lower oestradiol plasma...
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