vitamin b5

  1. cs3000

    Cerebral vitamin B5 deficiency (pantothenic acid) as a potentially reversible cause of neurodegeneration and dementia in Alzheimers HD PD [myelin] b5 plays a role in helping age related cognitive decline , used for myelin aka. the sheath around nerves that enables electrical signals to travel well , along with cellular ATP from oxidative phosphorylation Vitamin B5 (d-pantothenic...
  2. Giraffe

    Pantothenic Acid Helped With Gut Troubles

    I had a phase where I could not tolerate any solid food. Since then I had for months repeatedly digestive issues often including abdominal pains, lower back pains, nausea, headaches. The list of safe foods had become very short, and minor insults caused unusual trouble. Lack of pantothenic acid...
  3. David PS

    Pantothenic Acid For Acne Vulgaris And Other Patented Uses

    I noticed that Lit-Hung Leung had patented (now expired) methods of treating acne vulgaris. One method includes administering to a patient suffering from acne vulgaris a combination of pharmaceutical agents consisting essentially of: (1) approximately 2 to 10 grams pantothenic acid; (2)...
  4. P

    Biotin , B5 Competition/antagonizing Seems Not To Be Relevant?

    it is on peripheral blood mononuclear cells, so i dont know how much it applies to whole body biotin status. Human peripheral blood mononuclear cells: ; Inhibition of biotin transport by reversible competition with pantothenic acid is quantitatively minor. - PubMed - NCBI A transporter...
  5. B

    Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) - Acne, Hormones And Safe Dosage

    Im currently on Vitamin B5 (2x 500mg daily of calcium pantothenate) to reduce acne as it is in medical literature described. Despite it is claimed as an safe supplement (see below) it is known in acne boards all over the web that it can induce hairloss in high doses. Therefore Im wondering what...
  6. B

    B5 And ED

    Anyone know anything about B5-Pantothenic Acid and erectile dysfunction? Experience with B5?
  7. P

    Can The Wound Healing Process Be Improved By Vitamin Supplementation? Experimental Study On Humans

    Can the wound healing process be improved by vitamin supplementation? Experimental study on humans. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract The improvement of the wound healing process in humans by vitamin supplements is still controversial because of the lack of a clearly demonstrated correlation with the...
  8. Bluebell

    B5 Helped With My Mental Fuzziness

    So I'd been taking various supplements (eating peaty too), and doing quite well. Had a break over the weekend from supplements, then this morning I felt OK but mentally fuzzy and finding it difficult to get work done. I decided to add back the supplements I was taking one by one, giving each an...