vitamin b12

  1. haidut

    Hypothyroidism, deficiency of calcium, vitamin D/B12 may cause hair graying

    Yet another study/article that reports a link between bioenergetics and hair color. Premature graying has been one of the fastest-growing "epidemics" over the last 20 years in developed countries. While a connection with stress has been suggested by numerous studies, mainstream medicine has...
  2. Recoen

    Elliot Overton On TTFD And Methylation

    Get extreme anxiety or depression from TTFD supplementation? You should read on: Did you know that TTFD uses up SAM-e, and therefore can be taxing on methylation? I recently had a male client who explained that TTFD therapy initially produced great increases in mental clarity, energy, and...
  3. Amazoniac

    Swore By Their Favorite Plush Toy: Supplemental Gelatin Might Require Extra Vitamin B12

    ..and can exacerbate a deficiency, especially in large amounts. Toxicity of Glycine for Vitamin B12-Deficient Chicks.† <- Crosses like this are scary. "Twenty-eight day-old White Leghorn chicks which had been fed the vito B12-deficient diet shown in Table I from the day of hatching were used...
  4. haidut

    Vitamins B2 And B12 Protect Against GI Cancer

    Even though this is officially considered an epidemiological study, it was a lot more controlled than that. The patients were given vitamin supplementation and compliance was enforced as much as possible. So, you can call this an open label trial. And given that the population studied was one...
  5. Pointless

    The Effect Of B12 Deprivation On The Enzymes Of Fatty Acid Synthesis rats The Effect of Vitamin B12 Deprivation on the Enzymes of Fatty Acid Synthesis
  6. D

    B12 - Which Is The Good Stuff ?

    So there's always various 'ingredients' to vitamins. I've to ask for B12 what is it that will absorb into the body well. Cyanocobalamin Or Methylcobalamin ? Why is one better than the other ? Thanks Dobster
  7. Hugh Johnson

    Hydroxocobalamin, A Nitric Oxide Scavenger, In The Prophylaxis Of Migraine: An Open, Pilot Study

    Abstract Drugs which directly counteract nitric oxide (NO), such as endothelial receptor blockers, NO-synthase inhibitors, and NO-scavengers, may be effective in the acute treatment of migraine, but are also likely to be effective in migraine prophylaxis. In the underlying pilot study the...
  8. natedawggh

    CLAMS HAVE 1401% DRV of Vitamin B12!!!

    Has anyone seen this? Oysters are big for Dr. Peat, and they do have 400% of the DRV B12, but 1400%! That's crazy. (A nutrition chart pops up to the right of the search results, sourced USDA) ... tion+clams
  9. R

    The Right Kind Of B12-interesting Article

    The Rigth Kind of B12 is Imporant for Deficiency Posted on December 20, 2009 by Josh & Jeanne Rubin in Digestion Disease Support Supplements Once someone has overcome all of the hurdles to get appropriate testing and is told that they have vitamin B12 deficiency, there is still a problem to...
  10. natedawggh

    B12 Deficiency And Hypothyroidism

    I'm posting this because I don't think I've seen much information about it that sounded imperative. B12 is mentioned a lot for energy, but I've been Peating for over a year and I am just learning that one of the most serious complications of hypothyroidism is a B12 deficiency...
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