vitamin b1

  1. charlie

    Vitamin B1 Could Reverse Early-stage Kidney Disease In Diabetes Patients

    "The team has discovered taking high oral doses of thiamine can dramatically decrease the excretion of albumin and reverse early stage kidney disease in type 2 diabetes patients. In a paper published online in the journal Diabetologia, the team show 300 mg of thiamine taken orally each day for...
  2. L

    Is Parenteral Thiamin A Super Antibiotic? (2018) Dear Editor, Thiamin deficiency could cause high fever and injecting thiamin is likely to eradicate microbial infections as observed in cases in a Chinese labor camp. After exhausting arduous labor, a laborer aged 26 became severely ill...
  3. meatbag

    Be Careful When Buying Thiamine Supplements

    I just realized that the thiamine I had been buying for over a year was thiamine mononitrate. I thought I was buying the HCL form, but that was not the case. Hopefully this saves someone from making my mistake.
  4. zarrin77

    Thiamine HCL May Increase Muscle Mass

    Interesting study with chickens where Thiamine HCL (at reasonable dosages) increased muscle mass more than clenbuterol. (chickens have been known to be insensitive to beta-agonists though, so that part makes sense.) Breast muscle weight increased while total body weight went slightly down.
  5. haidut

    Study Links Stroke To Vitamin B1 Deficiency

    The study was observational but I am inclined to see a causative role of the deficiency for stroke. My inclination stems from the thousands of intervention studies with vitamin B1 to treat a host of neurological issues including accelerating recovery from stroke. In addition, chronic alcoholics...
  6. haidut

    The Anti-cancer Chemical DCA May Treat Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)

    Over the last 2 years, I posted a few studies on the stress-induced origins of CFS as well as some of details about the pathology such as downregulated activity of the enzyme PDH. That enzyme is crucial for proper glucose metabolism and is downregulated in many other conditions, especially...
  7. haidut

    Thiamine Treats Cancer In Humans, Its Deficiency May Cause Cancer

    Some time ago, I posted a study by Otto Warburg himself showing that thiamine deficiency immediately activates the "cancer metabolism". Deficiency Of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) Can Cause The Cancer Metabolism More recent studies have found that majority of cancer patients have thiamine deficiency...
  8. haidut

    More Than One Third Of Men And Almost Half Of Women Are Energy Deficient

    I wanted to note from the start that this is NOT about calories, this is about ENERGY deficiency as a result of bad metabolism. So, while not the same as hypothyroidism, this study shows just how sick the general population is (if we assume that energetic deficiency is behind all diseases). Now...
  9. Travis

    Bizarre Thiamine Reaction Mechanism From An Obscure 1970 PhD Thesis

    The orthodox reaction model (Brezlow) is shown below from Wikipedia. Coenzyme A can be seen taking the acetyl group from the thiamine complex. Notable is that there is no opening of the thiazole ring in the Breslow mechanism. However, A.J. Knell has some things to say about this mechanism...
  10. JohnBonham

    Orange Juice And Thiamine Deficiency

    I had a Thiamine deficiency. A simple supplement gave me back my ability to break down alcohol without intense facial flushing and feeling like I have the flu. It's phenomenal. My question is, since high-carb dies increase the need for Thiamine, would drinking orange juice cause a thiamine...
  11. Amazoniac

    Thiamine: One Of The Main Limiting Factors For Proper Carbohydrate Metabolism "The relationship of vitamin B1 to carbohydrate metabolism was one of the earliest functions of a vitamin to be observed. The problem has been more or less continuously investigated up to the present time and the majority of the evidence indicates...
  12. Zpol

    Allithiamine, Benfotiamine, Or Thiamine Recommendation

    I've been taking benfotiamine for peripheral neuropathy. Regular thiamine didn't work. I don't know what Allithiamine is. Anyone know if Allithiamine is even better that benfotiamine? And anyone know where to get clean products of either of the two above? Also, if using Allithiamine or...
  13. haidut

    Changes In Thiamine Levels May Be The First Sign Of Type I Diabetes

    The study is focusing on the fashionable topic of "microbiome analysis", which is most likely a fad that won't lead to any breakthrough cures. However, the important finding of the study is that changes of vitamin B1 (thiamine) levels are involved in the pathogenesis of diabetes. Sudden drop in...
  14. thegiantess

    Anyone Does Super High Doses Of B1?

    Just curious if anyone has dosed super high with thiamine (for any reason)... I was looking at a few posts around here and thought I might experiment. I know @haidut mentioned he takes 1500mg (holy crap that's a lot!) before drinking. Anyone else experimented? What was the result?
  15. P

    Do Not Forget To Give Thiamine To Your Septic Shock Patient!

    Do not forget to give thiamine to your septic shock patient! Thiamine was the first B vitamin to be identified and is also referred to as vitamin B1. It is a water-soluble vitamin that is an indispensable constituent of cellular metabolism (1). A lack of this vitamin can, therefore, be...
  16. haidut

    Deficiency Of Vitamin B1 (thiamine) Can Cause The Cancer Metabolism

    Peat has written extensively on the metabolic phenotype of tumor cells - i.e. the so-called Warburg effect and its reversal. The official theory is that mutations cause the cell to turn into a tumor and there is no reversing it. I posted a few studies on vitamin B1 (thiamine) and its similarity...
  17. haidut

    Vitamin B1 (thiamine) And Testosterone Can Cure Liver Cirrhosis

    These studies should be quite embarrassing for the organ transplant industry, especially given the other published studies showing saturated fat and caffeine also being capable of reversing even advanced liver fibrosis. [ON 2 CASES OF ASCITES DUE TO HEPATIC CIRRHOSIS IN SUBJECTS OPERATED ON BY...
  18. Dan Wich

    Vitamin B1 For PMS Symptom Relief

    The effects of vitamin B1 on ameliorating of mental symptoms of the premenstrual syndrome (h/t Flávio, full text here) Dosage / regimen:
  19. Amazoniac

    Magnesium Deficiency, A Brief Review

    Beliebers, This review was written in a weird manner because I guess the guy had more freedom than what we would expect from a researcher in a published review. Nevertheless, I’m sharing because it has some interesting points that can direct people here to look for those subjects in more depth...
  20. haidut

    Positive Impact Of Vitamin B3 On CVD Is Not Due To Lowering Cholesterol

    Comparisons with treatment with niacin to raise HDL and lower LDL has been considered the gold-standard for all new statin drugs. However, it has been shown that both niacin and niacinamide have the same protective effects on cardiovascular disease (CVD) despite the fact that niacinamide has...