1. C

    Heart Disease "Found In 100% Of Kids By Age 10." We All Have Heart Disease? (Video)

    Youtuber Dr. Gregor is a vegan activist and targets high cholesterol as the major factor in vascular disease. His 10 year old video has no breaking news but includes studies worth being aware of imo. Heart Disease Starts In Childhood View:
  2. Apple

    Cause of death of Dr Ellsworth Wareham ?

    What was cause of death of Dr Ellsworth Wareham (104 yo) ? He was vegan and cardiac surgeon, He stated that vegans' arteries were always cleaner and smoother. He retired at the age of 95. "If your cholesterol is under 150, your chances of getting a heart attack are very low", he said his own...
  3. C

    Low Fat Diet Guru John McDougall Eats "800 Calories Of Fat" Daily (Video)

    This video is just a few days old. His diet is now high fat. View: Dr. McDougall is famous for recommending a "starch based," vegan diet of beans, potatoes, peas, corn, greens etc. to everyone unconditionally for around 40 years. The Mcdougall diet is...
  4. C

    Have Filters Changed The Game? Who Looks Good? What now?

    Can you trust your eyes anymore on who's doing things right? I would look for long term vegans, fruitarians, keto etc. to see how they're holding up in their video interviews. Photos have been useless for decades but videos still told the truth until recently. I've noticed a lot of older...
  5. DenizkaRedizka

    19 year old male: insomnia, water retention, depression and suicidal thoughts (blood work, labs included)

    I used google translate, there may be errors in the text. The blood serum analysis is attached below (magnesium is high because I forgot not to take magnesium supplements before testing). Introduction I have been following the forum for about 1 year, but have not found a solution for myself. 19...
  6. haidut

    Eating vegetables does nothing to protect against heart disease

    The bad news for vegans keep piling on. Yesterday, I posted about meat-eating extending lifespan, unlike eating vegetables. In corroboration of the latter, the study below now claims that eating vegetables does nothing good for the heart. Now, I don't endorse completely shunning vegetables...
  7. haidut

    Eating meat extends human life expectancy

    Another study challenging the vegan dogma relentlessly promoted by mainstream media under the aegis of World Economic Forum (WEF) members and other similarly microcephalic goons. As the study says, other studies that found benefits in eating vegan diets have failed to account for the so-called...
  8. orangeUglad

    "PLANT BASED" being pushed like I've never seen!!!

    Working in a health food store I have noticed the "plant based" foods being pushed like never before. I noticed yesterday we now carry almost nothing in the frozen foods that doesn't say "plant based". I read the ingredients of these items and they are replacing meat and dairy with soy and cheap...
  9. Drareg

    Pfizer and Lab Grown meat

    The inspiration for lab grown meat comes from Pfizers left over vaccine slurry, considering many of the neo-meat companies were floated on the stock market it explains the hype, the pump is soon to become a dump. Once again big corporate is looking for public tax payer investment to save the...
  10. haidut

    Compared to meat eaters, vegans / vegetarian / pescatarians have higher risk of fractures

    The study just hit major news outlets and is generating a lot of "controversy". Why putting that word in quotes? Because, as I mentioned in several other posts, that word has become a euphemism for "embarrassing truth" that mainstream medicine (and often society at large) will do just about...
  11. lvysaur

    Aryanism, veganism, blood type, empathy and the Indo-European lie.

    His claim: Aryans were European farmers, invaded by Steppe pastoralists ("Turanians") who killed their men and mixed with their women. So far this is very standard. The mixed offspring inherited their mother's tongue, AKA the Indoeuropean (IE) languages, and then one branch expanded to Iran and...
  12. Tristan Loscha

    Prevalence And Psychopathology Of Vegetarians And Vegans – Results From A Survey In Germany

    Sci Rep. 2020; 10: 6840. Published online 2020 Apr 22. doi: 10.1038/s41598-020-63910-y PMCID: PMC7176641 PMID: 32321977 Prevalence and psychopathology of vegetarians and vegans – Results from a representative survey in Germany Georgios Paslakis,1,2 Candice Richardson,1 Mariel Nöhre,3 Elmar...
  13. C

    Impossible Milk Is Incoming

    Impossible Foods Is Now Developing a Plant-Based Alternative to Cow's Milk
  14. mayweatherking

    Vegetarians Look So Young

    Vegans/vegetarians/whatever, so many look so young. What do you think? while a peat diet looks to be optimal for hormones, why do vegans look so good? ringo starr is 80...... yes he is actually 80 jared leto is 48.... adrien grenier is 43.... all these pics are recent, in the last 2...
  15. Tristan Loscha


    BMC Pediatr. 2012; 12: 85. Published online 2012 Jun 24. doi: 10.1186/1471-2431-12-85 PMCID: PMC3407531 PMID: 22726312 Severe vitamin B12 deficiency in an exclusively breastfed 5-month-old Italian infant born to a mother receiving multivitamin supplementation during pregnancy Sophie Guez,1...
  16. haidut

    Vegans And Vegetarians Have A Higher Risk Of Stroke

    A good reminder that vegetables are not as benign, let alone as healthy, as your board-certified, PhD-boasting, marathon-running corporate nutritionist would have you believe. In fact, this is not the first study to seriously question the "eat mostly plants" mantra. Several other very large and...
  17. johnwester130

    Why Does The Vegan And Raw Vegan Community Eat "sprouts" ?

    Apparently they are the most nutritious thing in the world. I am referring to alfalfa sprouts, sunflower seed sprouts, bean sprouts etc.
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