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  1. Peatful

    Conspiracy or Fact? Purple LED Streetlights coming to a town near you.

    Have you seen them? Do you know why? What are they for? I posted about this over a year ago. We had them here in a large US southern city. They are now all out in our suburbs. Everywhere. Who out there has seen these? What are they doing with them? What function will they serve? Put...
  2. techmo

    I need get vac to proceed my career, what can i do to avoid "side effects"?

    i need to move to another country to get a decent job but i don't get any vac as Peat said, given the number of harmful effects it has been causing, they should have already been removed from circulation or at least not required a health passport. i'm very afraid about the effects, my family is...
  3. B

    Ivermectin - Truth & Totalitarianism | Calling out the lie

    Censorship of Senate testimony of Harvard and Yale-educated physicians by YouTube at the behest of government agencies should not be tolerated in a democratic society. When the WHO and CDC degenerate into captured agencies that no longer serve the medical interests of the people, something...