vascular calcification

  1. haidut

    Vitamin K reduces vascular stiffness, blood pressure in humans

    The topic of vitamin K and blood pressure has been coming up for years among followers of Peat. He mentioned several cases, of which he had first-hand knowledge, where people managed to significantly and rapidly reduce their blood pressure by taking large doses of vitamin K. A number of...
  2. Mauritio

    Carbonic anhydrase II as a biomarker for vascular calcification

    "Several other synthetic estrogenic substances, ethynylestradiol, lindane, PCBs, cause eggshell thinning, partly by altering carbonic anhydrase activity (Holm, et al, 2006). Estrogen and serotonin activate carbonic anhydrase in some tissues, progesterone tends to inhibit it." -Ray Peat Peat has...
  3. A

    Niclosamide, a salicylic acid derivative, may treat vascular calcification Vascular calcification is a cardiovascular disorder with no therapeutic options. We recently reported that o-octanoyltransferase (CROT) suppression can inhibit vascular calcification in vivo and in vitro through amelioration of...
  4. fever257

    My Experience With CO2 - My Routine, Knowledge, And Questions

    Hey everyone, Just wanna preface this by saying please bare with me as I do have a few questions. so in Danny's weblogs, Ray has said that moving to a high elevation (which has high CO2 air content) is the best thing that one can do for their health. We know the CO2 automatically raises the...
  5. haidut

    Cortisol And Aldosterone Cause Vascular Calcification

    In one of his newsletter circa 2015, Ray wrote about the role of aldosterone in heart failure, heart attacks, shock, and edema. He conjectured that aldosterone antagonists would one day be recognized as therapeutic for these conditions. Almost all types of heart disease start with vascular...
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