1. F

    Covid vaccine causing varicoceles? Varicocele success story + What to do if you got vaccinated

    Over quarantine, I got the original 2 shots and a booster. I already made a thread on that, and a thread on varicoceles actually, lol. But now I'm thinking that the latter was misguided. Going back to school, I knew that once I started sitting in chairs again, my varicocele would come back, and...
  2. F

    Varicocele Treatment

    Hey guys, first time poster here. So I'm 17 and I've had a varicocele for a while(6+ months) and when I quit jerking off it remissed a lot, not sure why, but I have memories before I knew what it was where I would nut and my left ballsack would just pulse over and over again for 15 minutes...
  3. M

    Sexual Dysfunction

    I'm still a young man (32), but I find sex to be exhausting, painful and generally health-deranging. It is of course also pleasurable, but more often than not I'm finding that the pain outweighs the pleasure, and I seem to be more inclined towards a near-celibate life. Am I completely alone...
  4. M

    The Varicocele: Elevated Serotonin And Infertility (1980)

    In trying to get a better understanding of varicocele, I somehow missed this study from 1980 which specifically implicates elevated serotonin in both varicocele and impaired fertility (albeit this was observed in canines, not humans). I was surprised and pleased to find the following bold...
  5. S

    Methylene Blue And Varicocele

    So I’m curious about the mechanisms that could cause this Even just one drop of oxidal seems to make my varicocele worse? Confused what could cause this at such a small dosage. Mentally I feel sharp and don’t have really any signs of serotonin syndrome
  6. Lee Simeon

    Varicocele, Ouch

    Hey, has anybody treated their varicocele naturally and have otherwise noticed any progress with it? Have been peating for almost 4 years now. I have tried many supplements such as K2, Vit E, Magnesium, Defibron and Oxidal directly. Any help appreciated.
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