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  1. YawnSleepsarian

    Post COVID Societal Repercussions of Mass Infertility

    I feel horrible about all the masses of people who have been perpetually poisoned as a result of all this. Thank God I was able to make it through without being vaccinated but I now have to live through the rest of my life watching ~70 percent of the population become severely chronically ill...
  2. haidut

    Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine inhibits OXPHOS, may cause/promote aggressive cancer

    Another "shocking" study about COVID-19 vaccines. Spoiler alert - the claims that they cause cancer may very well be true and the mechanism of action may be metabolic. The study below demonstrated that within 4 days of cell exposure to the Pfizer vaccine solution (containing mRNA), there was a...
  3. haidut

    CDC refuses to release COVID-19 info because the public may "misinterpret" it

    The CDC has now surpassed its buddies over at the CIA and refuses to release even public, non-classified pandemic data covering mortality, gender, age, vaccination status, co-morbidities, etc. Why mentioning the CIA? Well, some years ago the CIA refused to release declassified information on the...
  4. TheCedar1

    If i took the vaccine in october and have no adverse effects, am i safe?

    I took the vaccine in October 2021, If you read my other post about this, I took aspirin before and after, the only symptom i got was a bad headache the day after vaccination but nothing more afterwards. Since October til now, i haven't had any adverse effects on me, I had omicron for a while in...
  5. RealNeat

    Treat the symptoms not the cause?

    We often hear the opposite in the natural health realm, "treat the cause! Don't chase symptoms!" What's curious is that in TCM and Ayurveda, two of many ancient lifestyle and health practices, the root cause isn't necessarily discussed. What's addressed are doshas or temperaments or humors and...
  6. Grapelander

    Winter Case Rates Highest in GM Humans - Public Health Scotland COVID-19 Winter Statistical Report

    Video: DATA REVEALS HIGHER COVID RATE IN THE VACCINATED Article: Latest Health Data From Scotland Mirrors the UK – Unvaccinated Have Lower Covid-19 Case, Hospitalization, AND DEATH RATES ;
  7. mrchibbs

    Quebec to impose a ''significant'' charge on unvaccinated

    Here we are. I'll be forced to pay a ''significant'' amount because I'm unvaccinated. I still won't budge but Quebec is officially the worst place on earth.
  8. K

    Unvaccinated Quebecers will have to pay a 'health contribution,' Legault says

    Scary stuff going down here in Canada: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/unvaccinated-health-contribution-quebec-1.6311054
  9. haidut

    WSJ: Omicron Makes Biden’s Vaccine Mandates Obsolete

    I did not expect to see mainstream media publish such openly anti-mandate piece, especially with Luc Motagnier as one of the authors, but there it is. Maybe momentum is indeed building up for this to madness to stop, or at least get delayed somewhat before a new "crisis" is manufactured...
  10. haidut

    Unprecedented mortality jump in 18-64 age group, NOT due to COVID-19

    Stunning headline, and it may be end up being the straw that breaks the (pandemic) camel's back. I can't wait to see the mental acrobatics MSM will spin in order to explain this, when in the words of the people running the (insurance) numbers on the pandemic, this drastic jump in mortality is...
  11. S

    Feeling really depressed before and after COVID vaccine (Pfizer)

    Hi, i was coerced into taking the COVID vaccine, without it i would be left to starve. I took the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine and days before taking it I was already feeling very depressed, and now that I've had it, it's even worse. I am taking aspirin (500mg everyday), methylene blue...
  12. lvysaur

    Why the vaccine shedding is worse, even according to mainstream science

    A traditional virus has many epitopes, or areas of potential attack for your immune system. Here is an abstract coronavirus with theoretical proteins/epitopes Everybody is different, so everybody will form antibodies to different proteins on the virus. No two immune responses will be...
  13. A

    Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of the digital ‘vaccine’ passports and what they are really about

    Irish independent investor Melissa Cuimmei discusses the implications of the digital ‘vaccine’ passports and what they are really about 34 Minute Video Melissa Cuimmei We just watched this video and Melissa laid the groundwork out from a financial/digital perspective to where this current crazy...
  14. Drareg

    FDA Asks Federal Judge to Grant it Until the Year 2076 to Fully Release Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Data

    Wonderful humanitarians at the FDA and Pfizer would like to refrain from showing their corrupt and fraudulent vaccine studies until 2076, looking to hit the generational amnesia spot here. @haidut The new FDA guy straight to work ticking boxes. Beautiful people, I have more trust in crackheads...
  15. Drareg

    Johnson & Johnson Is in Bankruptcy Court Even Though It’s Not Bankrupt

    Trust the science and big pharma with a vaccine even if their baby powder caused ovarian cancer, J&J are such a trustworthy company that they have decided to declare bankruptcy so 38,000 women can’t get the maximum payout with lawsuits. How do people square the use of their vaccine with their...
  16. K

    Living with a vaxxed person

    Hey everyone. A member of my household is getting vaccinated on Monday. I’ve done all I can to try to discourage them, to no avail. Now, I’m redirecting my energy to myself: is shedding a thing, and am I at risk? If so, is there anything I can do or take to protect myself? I’m not sure if Peat...
  17. Drareg

    Bill Gates Funds the UK’s Medicine & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency

    Gates is a psychopath, many civil servants and journalists must not be aware because this is an absolute scandal. All you need is one politician to sign off on these things regardless of what advisors say, this system needs to change. Gates funds the regulatory agency in the UK that approved...
  18. Drareg

    Super-immunity to COVID or super propaganda

    Experts from the Rockefeller university say you can be super immune to covid if you take a vaccine, it’s basically infantile propaganda for a society that is full of infantile adults, the superhero movie lovers. If you get a booster the article suggests you could get a superhuman response! 14...
  19. 'peataphysique

    American Pravda: Waging Biological Warfare

  20. S

    Post scientific studies showing immunity in those previously had Covid-19

    I am starting this thread as a way to gather scientific studies showing that those who previously had Covid-19 have immunity. In the world of vaccine mandates, it might be helpful to have in hand, at least for those employers that are a bit open minded...