vaccine passport

  1. J

    POOLS CLOSED ONTARIO. Now I can't swim

    Forget gyms and pools, I can't even go to the library to return my books.
  2. SOMO

    Post photo of your Cov-19 vax passport? Can paypal/Cash app you a contribution

    To those of you that got vax, I'd appreciate seeing the documentation the doctor/hospital gave you. I've yet to see it and my curiosity is becoming too much to bare. Please upload a .bmp or high-def .jpg or .png. If you don't feel comfortable revealing your name or something (you can redact...
  3. Sitaruîm

    Macron Threatens to Make the Covid Jab Mandatory for Everyone

  4. D

    Dr. Bhakdi's letter to EMA regarding gene-based vaccinations

    Article with Bhakdi's video and, I think, an important tie-in to the UK petition against vaccine passports: Doctors & Scientists Write to European Medicines Agency Warning of COVID-19 Vaccine Dangers This is the best article about the letter. Actually it's the only article. And Bhakdi of course...
  5. Giraffe

    Appeal Against A World Government Beyond All Control

    APPEAL FOR THE CHURCH AND THE WORLD to Catholics and all people of good will A group of cardinals bishops and intellectuals has started an appeal which has been translated into seven languages. They warn that this fear-mongering has the "sole aim of permanently imposing unacceptable forms of...