1. fever257

    Huge step in gallbladder function w/ TUDCA - now what?

    Hey everyone, So I think I'll consider this an update to my last major post: Please Help: Endotoxin Overload & Post-parasite Gut Disaster . In this post, I described my persistent and near-debilitating gut issues. I long suspected the issue was rooted in some kind of dysbiosis / SIBO issue. I...
  2. haidut

    More Dietary Salt Increases Urea Synthesis And Energy Requirements

    The salt recommendations mentioned by Peat in some of his articles have been the source of much controversy. He has given accounts of people with various conditions recovering when they increased their salt intake to 1-2 tablespoons daily. I also posted studies showing that when sodium intake is...
  3. haidut

    Ammonia May Be The Direct Cause Of Ulcers In The Stomach

    The official cause of stomach ulcers is of course still H. pylori infection but up until now the exact mechanism through which the bacteria damages the mucosa was not known. It seems that the bacteria is really good at breaking down urea into ammonia and CO2 and it is the ammonia which does the...
  4. Giraffe

    Uses Of Urea - KMUD, 2015-02-20

    I had parts of interviews transcribed and now started to complete them with bits and pieces from the Search engine transcripts. Thanks again, @co2islife ! So here we go: Uses of Urea - KMUD, 2015-02-20 transcribed by L-I-G-H-T and Giraffe HD - Andrew Murray RP - Ray Peat HD: ... this...
  5. lindsay

    Urea - both cream and oral supplements

    Hi there! I've been catching up on RP's interviews after having been away for awhile and I'm really interested in this topic of Urea for many reasons. Number one, I have had eczema since I was a child and have managed it on my face with natural petroleum jelly, but there are areas on my arms...
  6. Dan Wich

    KMUD: 6-19-15 Continuing Research On Urea

  7. Dan Wich

    KMUD: 2-20-15 Uses Of Urea