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united kingdom

  1. Giraffe

    ACCESS Consortium (Vaccine Approval) -- No Safety Data? No Problem!

    No Safety Data? No Problem!
  2. F

    Red Light Recommendations (England)

    Hi everyone, I'm about to go back to uni in England after having spent summer at home where there's plenty of sun. I am wondering if anyone can help me out with red light set ups that I could purchase there since we barely get any sun.
  3. R

    Anyone have pepcid? (famotidine)

    Looking to buy this, if you have any tablets no longer needed then please PM me.
  4. Fletcher

    Thorne Vit. K2 In The UK

    Does anyone have a good source for Thorne 30ml vitamin K2 in the UK? Amazon.co.uk's variable pricing is a nightmare, fluctuating between £35 and £75 for the exact same product.
  5. J

    Bromocriptine/ Parlodel - Where To Buy?

    Having read the works of Dr Peat and been to numerous endocrine specialists, I believe I need to begin taking Bromocriptine. I have low libido, low testosterone and have been diagnosed with a Pitituary Adenoma. I am diagnosed Hypothyroid, low T4/T3, with hypogonadism. I live in the UK, how can...
  6. A

    UK Apple Juices

    Regarding Mittir's posts about apple juice, I just found a brand called Duskin's which is sold in Budgens in glass bottles. They say they don't sell to supermarkets though so it may be a local London thing. They do various, single variety juices - they do 35 different varieties. And taste...
  7. chris

    UK people - salt

    I am yet to find a good salt in any supermarket, what salt do people from the UK buy? Thanks.
  8. D

    Which Vitamin E Products Don't Contain Soy Oil?

    Lately I've been researching the various Vit.E supplements over here in the stores, most of them are made with sunflower,saffloer,soy or wheatgerm oil which I all don't want. There's one brand which I bought the last couple of times that's based on olive oil,but it's also a very expensive brand...
  9. K

    Supplement List UK

    Supplement List UK Hi All, I wanted to put a list together that is the same as the other list but UK specific. I believe there are a few of us from the UK now and many of the supplements would not get to us. Supplements: Vitamin A Calcium Vitamin E http://www.vitaminsuk.com/index.php?mai...