1. haidut

    Inhibiting dopamine breakdown reverses obesity WITHOUT caloric restriction

    Yet another study showing that the dogma we have been fed for decades - eat less and move more - is little more than a fraudulent lie. Recent studies have already demonstrated that chronic caloric restriction changes body composition for the worse - i.e. despite the weight loss, most of that...
  2. A

    Vitamin B5 May Help Weight Loss by Turning on Brown Fat

    https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35575231 Abstract Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is the primary site of adaptive thermogenesis, which is involved in energy expenditure and has received much attention in the field of obesity treatment. By screening a small-molecule compound library of drugs approved...
  3. M

    Aspirin to double weight loss.

    I have been taking 5 aspirins in the morning and 2 aspirins every 2 hours with vitamin C 1 gram for 5 days so far. I went from 228 to 223. Lost a pound a day. I'm on a 500-1000 calorie deficit to accomplish this. It's like dnp but with less side effects and it's lighter then caffeine is on...
  4. haidut

    Uncoupling metabolism/OXPHOS may treat inflammatory conditions

    In several of his articles and interviews, Peat mentioned that one of the reliable signs/symptoms of low metabolism is the presence of low-grade chronic inflammation. Basically, the cell is stuck into a constant (and futile) repair process as it cannot complete it properly after discovering the...
  5. LadyRae

    Niclosamide for fat loss/ uncoupling

    Does anyone have any experience utilizing Niclosamide for fat loss via mitochondrial uncoupling? It is purported to have a similar action to DNP without the risks.... Thanks!
  6. Mauritio

    Uncoupling increases T3

    It has long been shown that T3 increases uncoupling ,but this study shows that it also works vice versa : Uncoupling (through BAT activation) increases deiodinase type 2 ,which catalyzes T4 toT3 conversion . This should create a positive feedback loop. If you uncouple your metabolism with...
  7. Hans

    Is aspirin harmful to the mitochondria? (a discussion of the research)

    Another great concern that people might have about aspirin is its effect on the mitochondria (the first 1 I covered was aspirin and intestinal bleeding). There is some research indicating that it might be harmful, and the last thing we would want to do is harm our mitochondria. But what's the...
  8. haidut

    Simple Heating Of Tumor Often Leads To A Rapid And Complete Cure

    As many readers of my blog know, one of the primary signs/symptoms in cancer patients is the frequent occurrence of fevers. The official position of mainstream medicine is that the cause of these fevers is unknown but may have to do with the so-called "tumor lysis syndrome". Regardless, the...
  9. Mauritio

    Anxiety / Mental Illness Caused By Mitochondria

    Role of mitochondrial uncoupling protein-2 (UCP2) in higher brain functions, neuronal plasticity and network oscillation This is another study along the lines of what @haidut has been posting here for the last years: mental Illnesses are a metabolic problem, start in the mitochondria and (what...
  10. Mauritio

    Uncoupling Increases Life Span And Generates More Mitochondria

    Dont know if this study has been posted before ,one way or another it is worth a read! Uncoupling protein-2 and the potential link between metabolism and longevity. The discovery of novel uncoupling proteins (UCP2 and UCP3) over 10 years ago heralded a new era of research in mitochondrial...
  11. haidut

    High Metabolism And/Or Progesterone Can Regrow Amputated Limbs

    Another great example of "synchronicity" (Synchronicity - Wikipedia) happened today. Two separate but related studies, with similar organisms, popped up today in my mailbox. One of them (at UCDavis) shows that the redox status in favor of oxidation, and thus high reactive oxygen species (ROS)...
  12. haidut

    Lanosterol - Liquid Lanosterol For Lab/R&D

    I guess most people on the forum who have heard of lanosterol know it in the context of treating cataracts. Lanosterol - Wikipedia There is a company out there who used to sell lanosterol as eye drops and it is insanely expensive - $100 for a meager 10mg lanosterol. Anyways, lanosterol is...
  13. P

    A Creatine-driven Substrate Cycle Enhances Energy Expenditure And Thermogenesis In Beige Fat

    A creatine-driven substrate cycle enhances energy expenditure and thermogenesis in beige fat. - PubMed - NCBI Thermogenic brown and beige adipose tissues dissipate chemical energy as heat, and their thermogenic activities can combat obesity and diabetes. Herein the functional adaptations to...
  14. E

    Uncoupling Mice Brain Mitochondria Extends Lifespan

    This study seems puzzling in light of what RP claims is one of the best indicators of general health. I'm trying to figure out how this study doesn't contradict RP but have not found an explanation yet. Anyone else? Cool mice live longer : Nature News
  15. haidut

    Blood Sugar Is Controlled Mostly By The Brain, Not Pancreas

    Ray wrote in one of his articles that pancreatic insulin is responsible for no more than 20% of glycemic control. While he mentioned potassium as the major factor, he also said that it is the brain that ultimately controls the levels of sugar in the blood. This study from Yale seems to confirm...
  16. haidut

    Lauric Acid Induces Liver Mitochondrial Uncoupling

    This is probably one of the main reasons for the protective effects of coconut oil on liver health in conditions like NAFLD and cirrhosis. In fact, there are studies on PubMed showing complete reversal of cirrhosis with daily intake of about 75g of MCT such as the ones found in coconut oil, even...
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