1. T

    Prenatal ultrasound much worse than X-rays

    Essentially every expectant mother in developed countries undergoes these procedures without thinking anything of it. Just the name ultrasound makes one think of whales singing in the pristine sea. Turns out it's a form of non-ionizing radiation at a specific frequency the wave pressures of...
  2. Flash

    Pancreatitis — Possibly Caused By Viral Infection?

    I’m had a bad flu and then developed symptoms of Pancreatitis which I am now diagnosed. Has anyone had success in reversing pancreatitis? Would the approach be the same if it started from a viral infection?
  3. Scott Andrew

    Ultrasound Therapy Device?

    Anybody have a good source for a personal Ultrasound Therapy Device? I have a minor bone bruise that I want to give one a shot on.