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  1. Grapelander

    Phenylalanine/Tyrosine Ratio: Estimating the Presence of an Inflammatory Disease and the Catabolic State

    Information on the Phenylalanine/Tyrosine Ratio. More information to make an informed decision in your amino acid choices. I took much phenylalanine (w/ Gotu Kola) when I was younger (17 to 30 years old.). As I got older I switched to Tyrosine. I tried taking phenylalanine last year and it felt...
  2. Hans

    Milk: pro-dopamine or pro-serotonin?

    View: https://youtu.be/WfTj7ugSaEc What's your experience with milk (if you digest it well)? I always feel good after some milk. Great stuff imo!
  3. H

    Effects Of Excess Dietary Tyrosine On Cholesterol

    Effects of excess dietary tyrosine on cholesterol, bile acid metabolism and mixed-function oxidase system in rats. - PubMed - NCBI Effects of excess dietary tyrosine on cholesterol, bile acid metabolism and mixed-function oxidase system in rats. Nagaoka S1, Miyazaki H, Oda H, Aoyama Y, Yoshida...
  4. J

    Association Of Potassium Caproyl Tyrosine, L-phenylalanine And Taurine And Use Thereof To Prevent An

    Patent WO2013179098A1 - Association of potassium caproyl tyrosine, l-phenylalanine and taurine and use thereof to prevent and slow down white hair A topical application with a few familiar amino acids: In this one, the gelatin prevented those amino acids from reaching the level required for...
  5. natedawggh

    Tyrosine Converts To Thyroid?

    I've been wanting to get off my thyroid meds. I saw at the vitamin store that all the thyroid support products contain Tyrosine. There's a lot of posts on here about how tyrosine is involved in dopamine, but I haven't seen much in the way of thyroid. Wikipedia says tyrosine is converted into T3...
  6. DaveFoster


    Glycine for sleep, taurine for relaxation, and lysine for anxiety relief; these are all viable options. What about l-tyrosine for stimulation? It increases dopamine; so much so that the military used it to promote wakefulness. Has anyone tried supplementing l-tyrosine for energy? Are there...
  7. Hugh Johnson

    L-tyrosine Administration Increases Acetylcholinesterase Activity In Rats

    Abstract Tyrosinemia is a rare genetic disease caused by mutations on genes that codify enzymes responsible for tyrosine metabolism. Considering that tyrosinemics patients usually present symptoms associated with central nervous system alterations that ranges from slight decreases in...