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  1. 3

    Tyromix vs cynoplus // idealabs thyroid testimonials and results

    hi. unfortunately i cannot get cynomel and cynoplus in my country are the idealabs thyroid supps (tyromix and tyromax) viable alternatives? in a call Ray had with a user on this forum (Heartbroken - Dr. Peat has passed) the user mentioned owning idealabs thyroid and Ray suggested using a...
  2. Vileplume

    NDT and T3 cause bloating, cynoplus doesn’t—why?

    I believe I am hypothyroid, because I have a chronically low body temperature, and many of the hypothyroid symptoms Dr. Broda Barnes identified—constipation, early hair loss, poor memory, sluggish thinking. I can take 2 grains of cynoplus (4:1 T4:T3) with no issue. However, it doesn’t raise my...
  3. teds

    Is T4 important?

    Apart from coverting to T3, is there another reason why we need T4? I was taking Tyromax and wasn’t getting the temps needed- I tried for about 8 months and eventually my reverse T3 just started getting higher and higher. So, I’ve switched to T3 solo- oral temps regaularly at 37 but armpit stays...
  4. teds

    Reverse T3

    Hello all, back to thyroid then shall we?? ? okay- so I’ve managed to take my TSH from: 1.98 (jan) to 0.12 (august) I’ve been taking Tyromax, slowly increasing over this period. My temps were increasing initially but now they appear to have stalled.. and even gone backwards. In this time I...
  5. koreus

    Waking up early with painful morning wood

    I usually go to bed between 11pm and 12am and sleep 8 - 9 hours but lately I have been waking up at 5 or 6am with extreme morning wood. It's actually a little painful and causes me to wake up. I usually fall back asleep within 10 to 15 minutes but the remaining sleep is not restful and I need...
  6. K

    Problem With Tyromax

    I've gone through 7 bottles of tyromax and am quite satisfied with the results. The problem i have is that each bottle has only lasted 60 days, not 90 days as stated on label. This is dosing 7 drops per day. After shaking, as advised on the label, a good amount is left in the cap, which then...