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  1. Peatful

    March 1st: US Freedom Convoy in DC

    View: https://twitter.com/SteveDeaceShow/status/1496460496299560961?s=20&t=U7T9eRM5m7F3fB9n1CfjsQ Not sure if posted elsewhere on the forum. First I heard of this. Im very interested to see what becomes of this effort. For those active on bitchute, Odyssey, Twitter etc. Please post here for...
  2. Inaut

    Being Forced To Wear Masks. Yes No Maybe So

    Just curious to see what everybody thinks about accepting authoritarian measures related to this covid hoohaa. Where I live, masks have become mandatory in all public places.... I have a problem with wearing a mask as it shows that I support this agenda(my opinion for all those who believe...