1. M

    Has Anyone Successfully Raised/Improved Thyroid Naturally?

    Would like to hear some stories from anyone here that naturally lowered their TSH & improved T3 & T4 What were some of your techniques or supplementation regime that you incorporated to do so
  2. M

    Is Less Thyroid More Effective?

    Based on previous dosing using NP thyroid. (T4+T3) being on 2 grains to 1.5 to 1 grain. Does it make sense that the lower dose (1grain) allowed for a better tolerance? And better functioning thyroid? it seems like it never makes you feel “ balanced” throughout the day. Taking a thyroid in...
  3. Mauritio

    Photobiomodulation and the influence of light on thyroid status

    Photobiomodulation/Photoperiodism and the influence of light on thyroid status Here is a collection of studies showing how the amount of light we receive every day infleunces our body's metabolism. Our bodies anticipate the season by amount of light we get and changes the metabolism...
  4. M

    Proven Ways To Get Out Of Hypothyroid State

    Besides supplementing NDT or glandulars OR any supplement…does anyone have any advice or techniques that got them out of a hypothyroid state? Tsh around 3 with no true autoimmune condition. No antibodies no hashi or graves. Either through food or lifestyle changes I’d prefer to hear! Cheers...
  5. M

    How long for thyroid to return to normal function

    After using NDT or synthetic t4 t3 for 3+ months. How long does it take for your TSH & thyroid function to return to equilibrium? After stopping do you encounter uncomfortable symptoms? Is it temporary?
  6. profwormbog

    High Transferrin, A, DHEA-S recent labs - need advice

    I am 47, male, BMI 23. Diet is mostly eggs, milk, honey, meat, OJ, fruit, coffee. Plenty of salt with meals. White mashed potatoes and white rice are my starches (with butter or coconut oil). I don't eat liver due to taste/smell intolerance. Highly allergic to shellfish. Decided to get an...
  7. Mr Joe

    Confusion about NDT and T4

    Broda Barnes cured several diseases by using "grains" so I suppose he was using NDT. I don't remember him focusing on T3 only. In the protocol to heal hypothyroidism, thyroid might be needed for years in some cases. My question is : How come Broda Barnes never really cared about rt3 ? Why some...
  8. C

    Why Would A Man Lose All Visible Underarm Hair?

    Even teenage girls have pigmented underarm hair so I'm not sure how this happens to a male. I had also lost all visible forearm hair even though I had normal brown forearm hair prior to puberty then no longer visible after about 20 years (just fine unpigmented vellus hair). Unfortunately the...
  9. Hans

    The easiest way to optimize DHT (thyroid optimization)

  10. haidut

    The "burning mouth" syndrome may be due to vitamin deficiencies, hypothyroidism

    Just a quick post since I get a lot of emails about this issue, and apparently the rates have increased a lot since the pandemic began. According to the study below, this symptoms can be caused by insulin resistance, vitamin D/B6/B1 or zinc deficiencies, or hypothyroidism (high TSH). Looking at...
  11. Sefton10

    Efficacy of Ginger Supplementation in Relieving Persistent Hypothyroid Symptoms in Patients with Controlled Primary Hypothyroidism

    Ginger led to significant improvements in the mean scores of the weight gain, cold intolerance, constipation, dry skin, appetite, memory loss, concentration disturbance, and feeling giddy or dizzy domains (P < 0.001). Ginger supplementation also led to a significant decrease in body weight...
  12. teds

    Reverse T3

    Hello all, back to thyroid then shall we?? ? okay- so I’ve managed to take my TSH from: 1.98 (jan) to 0.12 (august) I’ve been taking Tyromax, slowly increasing over this period. My temps were increasing initially but now they appear to have stalled.. and even gone backwards. In this time I...
  13. Soren

    32 years old high cholesterol High TSH advice

    My cousin who has been overweight for a while but recently has lost a good amount of weight cycling went to the doctor to have a few tests came back with the following; Total Cholesterol 245 Triglycerides 160 HDL 34 LDL 181 TSH: 6.89 uIU/mL T4...
  14. haidut

    Protein and saturated fats beneficial, PUFA detrimental for thyroid

    A good new study, which again confirms that saturated fat is anything but detrimental to our health. Most of the studies until now demonstrating improved thyroid function from saturated fat used coconut oil, and that has led to attacks from mainstream medicine that this pro-thyroid and healthy...
  15. U

    Is TSH supposed to be higher or lower during pregnancy?

    I have heard according to Peat that tsh should be less than 1. Tsh was 2.3 at 13 weeks pregnant and was 1.8 while not pregnant.
  16. P

    Chronically elevated TSH but normal FT3 and FT4, despite Peating for years - ideas?

    Intro Have been Peating since April 2018. Prior, I used to eat a lot of meat, relatively little carbs (50-100g a day), and a higher amount of fats as well as plenty of vegetables/salads. Fruit intake was limited and dairy intake was very restricted. After starting Peating, dairy intake has...
  17. M

    Help With T3, T4 And Weird Lab Results

    Hello everyone, I have been following this forum for a while. Two years ago, I had blood exams done and my TSH resulted to be 4.27 but my primary care physician refused to treat me with supplementary T3 and T4, because according to the lab the normal range for TSH...
  18. ecstatichamster

    Cortisol Lowers TSH - Can Make Hypo Thyroid Person Seem "normal"

    Thyrotropin Levels during Hydrocortisone Infusions That Mimic Fasting-Induced Cortisol Elevations: A Clinical Research Center Study 1 Both short term fasting and administration of high doses of glucocorticoids lead to marked suppression of serum TSH levels in healthy subjects. However, it is...
  19. haidut

    Virtually All Patients With Depression Are Hypothyroid

    It does not get much better than what this study found. More than 2/3 of mildly depressed patients and basically all moderately and severely depressed ones has low T3 levels. TSH was elevated in almost 55% of the patients. As the study says, this widespread prevalence of sub-clinical...
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