1. Sapien

    Ray peat wrong about casein having less inflamitory amino acids than whey?

    I often heard peat say that casein is lower in the inflammatory amino acids (methionine, cysteine, tryptophan) than whey, and I was curious to know how much of a difference there was. After some searching, I kept finding (looked at 5+ analysis) that they actually have very similar amounts of...
  2. Limon9

    Cognitive Benefits Of Caloric Restriction Are Due To Reduced Tryptophan/Serotonin/mTOR Signalling

    It seems that consuming pure egg white will indeed make you stupid enough to consume pure egg white. Key Points - Calorie restriction improves mental test performance in mice. - Adding tryptophan into calorie-restricted diet abolished memory benefits. - Giving C.R. mice the serotonergic drug...
  3. K

    Kill Toxoplasmosis for good

    Identification of compounds that suppress Toxoplasma gondii tachyzoites and bradyzoites Drug treatment for toxoplasmosis is problematic, because current drugs cannot eradicate latent infection with Toxoplasma gondii and can cause bone marrow toxicity...
  4. haidut

    Blocking serotonin may treat leukemia and other blood cancers

    Yet another cancer is revealed to be metabolic of origin and potentially treatable with cheap and widely available anti-serotonin chemicals (e.g. Benadryl, cyproheptadine, the ergot derivatives, etc). Conversely, the study raises serious questions in regards to whether the explosion in blood...
  5. A

    !COVID-19 or Tryptophan Syndrome

    SARS-CoV-2, a new virus, which has been causing the catastrophic pandemic in the world in 2020, triggers numerous physiologic changes in humans, with potentially fatal evolution due to COVID-19. COVID-19 can trigger immunoparalysis with deep and silent immunosuppression and a state of tolerance...
  6. S

    Beef protein powder amino acids profile

    I know from a peat standpoint, protein powder is something to be avoided, however, I need to add more protein to my diet. I found a beef protein powder that looks less worse than other protein powders to me. The names of amino acids in Portuguese are very similar to those in English, so I won't...
  7. Hans

    Milk: pro-dopamine or pro-serotonin?

    View: What's your experience with milk (if you digest it well)? I always feel good after some milk. Great stuff imo!
  8. Epistrophy

    Egg White Chips

    Just wanted to get comments on people about this company Quevos that makes chips from egg whites. Saw them on shark tank and they claim it is superior protein and healthier snack. Here is there website Shark Tank Intro Pack I believe they are into keto cause one of the owners said he got Type 1...
  9. P

    David Sinclair On Extending Lifespan

    David Sinclair talking about how to extend lifespan. I've seen him making the rounds on the interview circuit (Joe Rogan, Google Talks, etc.) over the past year or so. It looks like he's been getting quite a bit of attention. 9:19 - "Well the clock of aging is due to the loss of information...
  10. Re.Generate

    This Seems Weird! - Tryptophan Apparently Increases Fat Loss?

    Hey there all, Names Harry - First-time thread-er but long time reader...god I enjoy this stuff and would have been posting much much earlier were it not for my two mad kiddies! - little spare time to put it mildly! Anyway - for now - I have been doing a lot of reading lately on Tryptophan and...
  11. M

    The Dark Side Of Serotonin Exposed By Haidut In 70 Studies

    Below is the commentary of @haidut on 70 studies regarding serotonin. The links lead to the thread where haidut often provides some direct quotes from the study (and of course the links to the actual studies). I hope that with providing this as a whole it aids in learning in effective way about...
  12. P

    Low Carb Diet,FFAs, High Free Tryptophan, Serotonin ,fatigue

    Also the question of "does a high fat meal increase free fatty acid levels?" The answer is yes!it does. Low-Carbohydrate-High-Fat Diet: Can it Help Exercise Performance? Low-carbohydrate-high-fat (LCHF) diets have been used as a means of weight loss and control of symptoms in several...
  13. P

    High Carb Meal If Not Accompanied By Protein , Can Increase Serotonin

    Of curse it is after a fasting state. Carbohydrate ingestion and brain serotonin synthesis: relevance to a putative control loop for regulating carbohydrate ingestion, and effects of as... - PubMed - NCBI The ingestion of a meal of carbohydrates by fasting rats rapidly increases brain...
  14. P

    Antidepressant-like Effect Of Creatine In Mice Involves Dopaminergic Activation

    Antidepressant-like effect of creatine in mice involves dopaminergic activation. - PubMed - NCBI Abstract Creatine has been shown to play a significant role in health and disease. However, studies concerning its effect on mood are scarce. This study investigated the effect of creatine (p.o.)...
  15. Gl;itch.e

    New Cancer Drug Targets Tryptophan

    New cancer drug 'could be a blockbuster' - National - NZ Herald News "The new drug homes in on the over-expression by cancer cells of an enzyme called IDO1 that they use to evade attack by the immune system. IDO1 breaks down an amino acid called tryptophan, causing a deficiency which cripples...
  16. haidut

    Tryptophan Is Toxic To Brain; Taurine Reverses Toxic Effects

    Ray has written on the negative effects of tryptophan, cysteine and methionine to the overall health and especially the nervous system of an organism. These studies show that tryptophan is toxic even in physiological levels (1mM) and the effect is especially pronounced in the brain. The negative...
  17. P

    Ideal Tryptophan Intake Per Day?

    how much is upper limit? in peat's diet
  18. haidut

    Aspirin Inhibits Tryptophan Absorption From The Intestine

    Peat has written about the benefits of tryptophan restriction for overall health and metabolism. Unfortunately, there are few reliable methods of reducing tryptophan absorption and most people have to resort to simply limiting consumption of foods high in tryptophan. It would be nice if there...
  19. P

    Reducing Intake Of Tryptophan,phenylalanine,tyrosine To Decrease Serotonin

    Acute tryptophan/phenylalanine/tyrosine depletion may be a suitable new method for rapidly decreasing serotonin and catecholamine transmission simultaneously.
  20. haidut

    Abnormal tryptophan metabolism implicated in breast cancer

    The kynurenine pathway of tryptophan metabolism is implicated in other diseases such as HIV, MS, Lupus, etc. ... 121014.php
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