1. IPlayDart

    Why YOU Need To Grow Up

    Nothing is more dangerous to our society than men who never grow up. Men who are still at home at 25 and spend more time in Fortnite than in their future, than in their skills, than in their work. Nothing good comes from men who don't grow up. You sit on your phone and watch one stupid YT...
  2. unsubscribed

    Bock Saga - The Oldest Story

  3. Peatful

    So two years in: How are you doing?

    The history of the world changed two years ago in March of 2020. I mean, things were always “bad”, but hidden. Secrets. Evil secrets. How have things changed for you? And, more importantly, how are you doing with this change? How do you view the future? Do you have a plan? Here is this from...
  4. haidut

    Canadian PM Just Confirmed The "Great Reset" Is Not A Conspiracy

    I know the readers here have suspected this for a long time and we have plenty of links posted on the forum about the "Great Reset" agenda from WEF. However, until now, there was not much in terms of official acknowledgment from world leaders that this agenda is about to be adopted/implemented...
  5. Geronimo

    How To Convince People They're Wrong

    I made the mistake of going into the comment section of a YouTube video hating on "conspiracy theorists" today. The people were incredibly hostile, ignorant and angry at me beyond belief. Nobody would listen to or read any of the factual information presented to them. None of them had any info...
  6. haidut

    New Science Blooms After Star Researchers Die

    As the article aptly quotes Max Planck, the running joke in physics for the last 100+ years has always been that science advances "one funeral at a time". However, up until the study below came out this informal statement/knowledge was viewed as little more than the gripe of cynical...
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