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  1. NBGAF69

    Questions for Username @olive- What Happened to Him?

    I have a lot of questions and ideas I'd like to bounce off of @olive but I haven't seen him post in quite some time. Would anyone happen to know how I might get in touch with him? He seemed to have a very interesting point of view that I think went mostly unnoticed here. Anyways, any help would...
  2. brightside

    Reasonable DIY Transdermal Testosterone

    Testosterone supplementation or complete replacement is a finnicky endeavor. Despite the capabilities of modern technology, the common solutions (injections) are invasive, toxic, and not maximally effective. Unfortunately, no route of administration can be maximally effective, without side...
  3. Hans

    Gonadorelin vs HCG: which is best for TRT?

  4. Hans

    Oral testosterone: How’s the best way to take it?

  5. Hans

    How to become fertile on TRT

  6. Hans

    Toxic DHT: can DHT ever be too high from scrotal T?

  7. A

    My hair grew back on TRT

    After a month on TRT I noticed that new hair have started to grow on my scalp. I’m now 2 months in and it still regrowing new hair. My dosage is 250mg testosterone cypionate every week. What could the reason behind this be? Before TRT my LH and FSH was elevated. Could the reduction of LH have...
  8. haidut

    Low testosterone detrimental, TRT beneficial for men with COVID-19

    Within a month of the pandemic start back in early 2020, doctors were already noticing a gender-specific trend in COVID-19 cases. Namely, pre-menopausal women fared much better in terms of COVID-19 disease course compared to post-menopausal women and (adult) men. The ever-corrupt Big Pharma was...
  9. A

    What’s wrong with testosterone reference ranges?

    https://www.mdapp.co/free-and-bioavailable-testosterone-calculator-544/ Looking at the chart for 20-30 years old. The reference range for bioavaible T is 83-257ng/dL, for free T it’s 5.25-20.7ng/dL. Translated that means a man in his twenties with a total testosterone of only 187 ng/dL (6.5...
  10. Gûs80

    Could aromatase inhibitors be useful in autoimmune diseases?

    Dr Ray Peat mentions in some articles that the cause of autoimmune diseases is high estrogen. Considering this, has anyone seen benefits from using a pharmaceutical aromatase inhibitor? I have a positive ANA marker for Lupus/Sjogren's, and even though it's low, I have several of the symptoms of...
  11. E

    Supplements/compounds to add to TRT

    I’m on TRT at a medium dose, probably sit between 600-700ngdl and a free in top quarter fo the range. Anyone know any good supplements/compounds that could add additional benefit to my TRT. I’m looking for androgenic, mental and libido like benefits. I’m not interested in increasing my dose as...
  12. haidut

    Metabolic-friendly doctors/physicians, doing remote consultations

    There is a forum member, who is a doctor (MD), and seems open to accepting new patients too (including remote). If he is who I think he is, I have interacted with him over email for the last ~2 years and he is a great guy...
  13. J

    Alphagels 10% DHT gel?

    Has anyone heard of or used alphagels? Apparently a T and dht gel online source. A few of the bros from reddit linked me to their profile for 10% dht gel. Inboxed them and seems legit but wanted some reviews before placing an order. Thanks.
  14. Hans

    Why TRT isn't working for you and what to do about it

    Although there might be a variety of reasons, this one should be part of the foundation to optimize any TRT protocol. https://men-elite.com/2021/12/06/why-trt-isnt-working-for-you/
  15. Hans

    One of the best TRT alternatives (natural potent stack)

    Going on TRT can be a challenging decision. How long are you going to be on? How are you going to get off? Do you want to get off? What about fertility, risks, success rate, etc? I'm not trying to say TRT shouldn't be an option, but want to give an alternative. Fixing hypogonadism naturally is...
  16. S

    TRT Beard Experiences

    Does anyone have experience with this? I saw someone claim his beard "didn't fill in until" he reached 1500mg (a month?)